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The hiker who stops Ewan McGregor during his escape is Timothy Olyphant, in only his second film role. It is a good movie. For example, do you really think a single bullet to the stomach is enough to instantly kill a man? As she takes aim with a pistol, Elliot's nerves fail; his move results in a minor head wound. I am holding a smaller size, while the larger extender is mounted on the bike (my finger is touching it). All we have to go on is the film itself and our ability to interpret what we see. Cheers. Update: The definitive answer here is that Shane is not alive, nor is he dead. @Robert – I think it’s worth pointing out that when I say homo-erotic, I don’t mean that the characters are gay or that the situations are sexual in any way. (oh oh.. I also found martial arts that were modified for crutch users to be AMAZING. Celine easily slips free but decides to stick around. Empowering you to live a life … Become a Less Ordinary VIP and receive my free weekly newsletter full of inspiration. Solar Eclipse We all enjoyed the solar eclipse from our front porch. Psalm 145:18 Some numbers and ideas are hard to fathom. I have already stated and defended my opinion, and despite my attempts to not have to repeat myself, it’s all I ever do anymore. Really? You have two sweaty, shirtless guys (one of whom is a ‘gun slinger’) swinging their axes around, and beating a piece of wood. It is my opinion that Shane died since we have the inclusion of the graveyard. I'll do my best. If you watch Pale Rider there is NO indication that Clint/Shane dies at the end of that movie either. Would you like to tackle any of them before the year is out? As a result of this, I felt a new sense of confidence to share the parts of me I would normally lock away. When? As for the expression on the child’s face, well… I think you’re giving that 8 year old boy a little too much credit as an actor, just notice his deliberate sprint across the deck as shane rides around the corner and the awkward stiff arm dangle (or lack thereof). We will empower you to increase your awareness, self worth and confidence. No one plans, or expects, to have a child with a disability. Pulp Fiction and Lock Stock used this tactic beautifully as well. Remember the best gift that you can give anyone, including yourself is time. I absolutely could be wrong, and through debate we all gain a greater understanding of the film. To their disappointment, Robert appears willing to let Celine go in exchange for the money before O'Reilly stops his getaway. No one has managed yet, and I’m sorry, Shawn, but neither have you. I think that’s pushin’ the symbolism a bit much, but what do I know? O'Reilly and Jackson, listening, dance for joy... until Robert says that he's never written a poem in his life. Yes, Robert, you really make a good point. I’ve always enjoyed the film, not only because it’s a good movie, but because it spurs heated debate about the end of the film. To know when people like your submissions, answer your questions, reply to you, etc., please, When Robert finds Celine after she has been kidnapped by. But – and this is important – my personal opinion is that Shane is dead. Gawd. Although Shane’s next line is, “I’m alright, Joey,” I don’t think you can really say for sure that he is. - Fahad, Pakistan Today's post is different from usual. These are often people who have been in…. His hand being up on the reins may have just been a mistake that was left in. Enter your email address to subscribe to A Life Less Ordinary and receive notifications of new posts by email.


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