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I always felt that I had a greater purpose and was meant to create something BIG. Are you looking to grow and develop as a person? It’s time to address the voice in your head who says “you’re not good enough,” shift your mindset and feel empowered to achieve everything you’re capable of. I finally wasn't using my experience or techniques with an external result in mind. She is an actress, known for Chronicle (2012), The Following (2013) and Brothers & Sisters (2006). Leben und Karriere. So, I became well-adept at dimming my light so I could fit in, which had serious physical and emotional consequences. Every event in your life (even the ones you don’t love) are a result of your UES (Unique Energetic Signature.) SO, WHY DIDN'T THE MANIFESTATIONS MAKE ME HAPPY? Do you want to tap into your power to create ANYTHING you want to have the juiciest life ever? I know it sound, Being a lightworker can be a thankless job sometim, This error message is only visible to WordPress admins. I looked around and realized that everything that I’d once wanted, I now had.

It was during my time in business school at Stanford that I began to wake up. I, walked out with life changing experiences, which is something I can’t imagine finding anywhere else but with Anna. I called off my wedding, I experienced an ego death, and released everything in my life that was no longer serving me. Growing up, my parents, society, and the media gave me plenty of examples of what “success” could look like. So many starseeds are living from their heart, and yes, that is the portal, but they get bottlenecked at the throat. I aligned my thoughts, words, actions, and enter being with this goal and started vibrating with it.

Whatever you want to achieve in your life, love, wellness, business, confidence, soul purpose, or all of the above, I’m here to be your wing-woman. I am living in alignment with my purpose and my mission and feel as though I have made the transition into 5D. My inner circle membership portal where you will remember who you really are and activate your powers. Shifting my mindset and overcoming my limiting beliefs changed the game for me. All you have to do is make the conscious commitment to Yourself that you will optimize for happiness. I equip you with the tools, techniques, and strategies thousands of light workers have used to discover who they really are, live their dharma, and step into an abundant life of love, health, wealth, and happiness. MANIFEST THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS WITH ONE-ON-ONE COACHING. Error: API requests are being delayed. © 2020 Anna Wood | Level up you life with Anna Wood I lived with crippling anxiety, OCD, bullying, and lugged around 65 extra pounds. Competing in four Summer Olympics, she won two bronze medals in the K-2 500 m, earning them in 1988 with the Netherlands and 1996 with Australia.. Wood also won eight medals at the ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships with three golds … Needless to say this didn’t always make me the most popular kid on the playground.

My true self. As an entrepreneur of over 15 years, I know what it’s like to walk in your shoes – overwhelm can set in, shake your confidence and prevent you from loving yourself. Thank goddess, I remembered. The best college (UC Berkeley), the best job, (Google) the best business school (Stanford). Anna’s coaching style is deep and firm, where she’ll help you push your boundaries and do so with endless love. YOU are the powerful one. I felt like I was from another planet, (Pleadian star family, I was missing you!) I believed the more I achieved, the closer I was to happiness and I maintained this as my vibration. My gift is helping you unlock the powers lying dormant inside of you.

In fact, my parents began referring to me as “The Old Soul” and “The Buddha Baby” when I was only a toddler. You attract that which you are the vibration of and your outer reality is a direct mirror reflection of your inner reality. I’m Anna Wood, your loving coach and your guide, but YOU, love being, are the powerful one.

I’m Anna Wood, your loving coach and your guide, but YOU, love being, are the powerful one. I’d accomplished every giant goal I’d ever set my mind to. I love you, Love Beam! I had an early obsession with personal development, which meant I always ask the tough questions, like, Who am I, really?, What’s my purpose?, and of course, the biggy, What’s the meaning of life? Receive free inspirational magic and vibrational tools to activate your powers and frequency delivered from my heart straight to your inbox.

Hi, I'm Anna Marie Wood. Anna Wood, Actress: Chronicle.

Each time we met, I knew I would get one (or many) steps closer to what I wanted most in life.

Anna Wood Fit. VIBRATION + MANIFESTATION + ANCIENT INNER WISDOM, RECLAIM YOUR INNATE POWER TO RECEIVE ANYTHING YOU WANT. Claim your birthright now! I am here as your fellow high-achiever AND personal Mindset Coach to guide you towards the life you have always dreamt of – a life that is free from self-doubt, internal judgement and overwhelm. Growing up, just about every aspect of my life revolved around seeking this big-ness. My calling, my job is to guide us down the path of surrender, healing, self knowledge, truth, and evolution.


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