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I just brought that up for me to check that out.

Well, I still do want to sell millions of copies of this book, and I still do want to have a great relationship with those people. You say that personality tests like Myers-Briggs and DISC and Enneagram are not only unscientific, they are harmful, which to me goes against the mainstream media. That’s I think why I love your book, The Miracle Morning and about affirmation, visualization, journaling, because it’s like, you think about who your future self is and then you put yourself in the frame of mind where you’re moving in that direction and then you can take action, intentional action, rather than being subconscious, on autopilot where you’re just operating.

Well, tell the story that you opened the book with about how a personality test almost ruined your life, prevented your marriage. Now, was this early on when you guys were first dating?

Hal was unanimously agreed to be the best speaker we’ve ever had. He pointed out that most products and courses are “too much.” Too much time, too overwhelming, and by the time you get to the finish line, you forget what you’ve learned. I mean, people who are advancing in their life, they don’t require the past to dictate their chosen future. Number three, invest in your future self.

A lot of research from Ellen Langer at Harvard, she studies mindfulness and what she’s found is that if someone has assumed a label about themselves, whether it’s depressed, whether it’s introvert, whether it’s anything, they tend to believe that the label is always true about themselves. I could be wrong. Yeah, it can be broad. And what’s weird is I don’t understand it because I never once felt sorry for myself over the cancer. The personality is not viewed that way. Hal Elrod: Yeah, and I’ll say for anybody listening, to me, the word faith and hope are kind of synonymous, having faith that you can create something or hope you can create something. So, like, if someone tells you you’re bad at math or if you fail a test and it sucks or if you fail a speech, whatever it is, and you have a negative experience, then often we create meaning in those events and those meanings impact our identity, and they limit our potential in the future.

You got your blues who are heart-centered, just relationship-based people, whites which are introspective, passive, aloof, more introverted, and then you’ve got your yellows, which are very extroverted people, center of the party type people. In my opinion, it’s just not that useful to overly define your present self.

Is there a way to use them within a certain context? Dr. Benjamin Hardy: I would recommend a better person personality test.
One of the things you actually said and you’re actually quoted in this book, Hal, in my chapter on the truth of personality, Hal Elrod is quoted but when you broke down that you should choose one major goal that shifted my thinking a lot. It fits in types and categories.

When you start telling people who you want to be, you’re not overly defining who you currently are. Dr. Benjamin Hardy: Good. Dr. Benjamin Hardy: Yeah. “So my subscriber rate dropped during the final two days, but the result was 10,000 people, from all sources, going to the sales page on my site.” The outcomes—at 36 hours left, sales jumped from $5,000 to $25,000. Hal Elrod: Dr. Benjamin Hardy, how goes it my friend? That’s what she got.

Dr. Benjamin Hardy: Book is anywhere and everywhere. Hal Elrod: Beautiful, brother. It does create a false sense of consistency and certainty. And I was felt super prepared, and I actually completely blundered the talk and it was really embarrassing. And so, when her parents found out that I was a white they kind of were like, “Okay.

Dr. Benjamin Hardy: Yeah. And I think people are looking for themselves, rather than choosing a freely chosen task or a freely chosen future selves and actively becoming that, they’re passive and then they take passive measures, like having a personality test give them their identity. Well, hey, goal achievers, thank you for tuning in. And I would be interested, maybe less so in your past, Hal, and maybe more what’s going on, and we don’t need to go into this on the episode but like with your anxiety and in your depression, and I’ve faced those in many cases. I mean, you can deepen your belief, your faith in what you’ve got.

“Wow, this is terrible,” they offered. Context always determines the meaning of the content. But this course was set up to be pain free and to keep people accountable through simple spreadsheets and weekly lessons that require no more than 10 minutes at a time. It’s almost like being public but if that’s who you really want to be, at some point or another, you’ve got to stop hiding it.
I am co-creator of Content University, which helps entrepreneurs and executives learn to write and to tell their stories better, and how to use their strong thought leadership content to advance their companies. She recommended we talked about one of them. That means that you haven’t addressed it and chosen to move on. It could be beyond this life. You go, “Nobody knows what I’m going through.” One conversation you go, “Oh my gosh, that’s it. It’s more a freely-chosen task. She was married to a guy who was also a red. It’s already been made in a prior better condition. The whole thing was fast but we got serious fast but this was like when we were considering engagement. As the three considered the poorly performing page, the situation was suddenly obvious.

I’m not as smart,” whatever their identity is worth less than, how would you advise somebody to step into a bigger, better, more beneficial identity for them?

So, why are personality tests like Myers-Briggs and Enneagram, and all those, why do you say that they’re unscientific and harmful? Thank YOU for paying it forward! And so, I then sent Joe a message and said, “Joe, it sucked but honestly, it was the best meeting I’ve ever been to and not that the meeting sucked but my experience of it, at least in that moment sucked.

And the only way to deal with it is that you have to actually face it, handle it, deal with it, and choose a new meaning for it but that that’s a courageous and developmental process but you have to ultimately become better with your emotions to move forward as a human being. Usually, it’s just because you didn’t get the emotional help and support that you needed through the process.

By the way, Lauren, at least at the time, it was assumed that she was a red according to color code.

Hal Elrod: I don’t need to watch it.

His name is Hal Hirschfeld. The book you can get it Amazon in Kindle, etcetera. Hal Elrod: So, let’s do this. And if I learn from it, it’s going to be the best thing for my future. Hearing them, learning them does nothing for you. Your current self is different from who you were in the past and your future self is going to be different than your present self. Please call me Ben. There were numerous learning experiences, miscues and re-do’s that occurred in the seven days of the launch that commenced on January 2 during which Hardy learned his biggest marketing lessons to date. Of course, failure was also part of this past year. And I’m like, “Wow, that’s interesting.” My younger brother is in a treatment facility for addiction and stuff and I’m like, “That’s interesting. It’s really about actively and deliberately going through a process that produces a specific result. Benjamin Hardy.

I’m extending the deadline for 48 more hours” ploy. We don’t want you to marry some abusive guy but you can find a good red like we don’t want you to marry some passive, aloof guy who won’t achieve goals like we need you to marry a real man, Lauren. And I cannot wait to talk to you all next week. And I was able to get his perspectives, realize it wasn’t as bad as I thought, and that there’s still plenty of things we can do, and ultimately, I then had to choose the meaning. My major problem with these tests is what they do to people’s identity, and identity and personality are two totally different things, identity being enormously more important. And then also like, well, when you put your ideal future on paper and you go, “I’m going to do that,” all of a sudden, you’re generated hope. I need to write the book that Ben Hardy wanted to write but it was in talking about why I was stuck that I was able to clarify why I was stuck, and that I was viewing the situation the wrong way. I even sent Joe a message and just told him honestly, “Joe, I don’t know if I’m going to be in the group anymore, man, like that was a bad experience for me. Hal Elrod: Is it because it gives people a sense of certainty like, “Oh, that’s who I am,” right?


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