big brother: best shows ever s01e01
His only coping mechanism was playing his bass guitar. Padma: Good evening. It all comes down to this... which Houseguest did you choose to win BBOTT: Jason, Kryssie or Morgan? I can assure you she’ll get Pratyush off the block just cause I’ll tell her to. King: Well, if you’re down for it, so am I. Jared: I know. Despite this, she does her best to “keep it light” and make everyone around her happy and laughing (when appropriate). 0 of 0 people found this review helpful. Cass: You know, I was left wondering where the hell Kalani was this whole time. Houseguest SoupThe Houseguests must sit in a bath tub filled with water. Jazz: What? In the end, Tameka takes home the Power of Veto. Cass: Thanks, you’re pretty fun too. You shouldn’t trust me. Cass: I am furious! King: So, I gotta be honest. Pratyush: I have decided to use the power of veto on myself today. Usually take care of the plants, look at the water. Big targets like you and me have to work together. Tommy: Would you be willing to do something against them soon? He is going into this game as a nice person and will leave the game the way he arrived. Cass reunites the houseguests for the Veto Ceremony. Esme, can I be honest with you? Get her without giving her a chance to fight back. Padma will ask a question, with the answer being one of the previously evicted Houseguests. I just enjoy realizing that, step by step, I’m slowly becoming friends with most of the people in this house just by socializing. Chris: Would you mind if I sat a little bit closer like this? You’re the one who has been pretending to be this nice singer persona from the get go, asshole! We’re gonna be like, The Secret Squadron. Danielle: I swear, guys. I just looked for the closest dumb women and that was it. King: This kid is beginning to become trouble. Jesus Christ! Genevieve: Hi, my name is Genevieve Friege, aka Her Majesty, Claudette. She’s going along with them. Esme: I just know it for a fact that these guys are planning on backdooring me. I’m pissed at Tommy for going around telling people something that did not concern him and put my game in jeopardy. Danielle: Oh my God, Cass, you’re so fun to be around. Each round they are required to estimate the amount of a certain candy-related item. Genevieve: Ugh, it’s good to be in this house. I’m all in for an unpredictable alliance like this! Danielle: Have you thought of the fact that if Pratyush was to remain on the block, he would probably go home? About him: Worked as a contract killer since 19. King: You know, chaos is my middle name. Danielle: I disagree, I think she’s a huge shield for all of us and we should be looking for the ones escaping by the sidelines right now. She is extremely Liberal and strongly believes in speaking up against injustices. Apparently this all started because of something Chris told Danielle. However, there’s no way in hell I’m going with this plan as of now. Hahaha. But this is not a vote against you, but for you. (2016– ). If Pratyush and Esme do vote for Cass, we’re sending her home on accident. Tommy: So, what did you call us here for? Jared: Honestly I couldn’t be any happier. Jazz: Can you freaking believe it?! King: I don’t know, you just have a very strong aura. Fashion. Danielle: Oh, so much. Jared: The girl-boy ratio here right now is very dangerous. Chris: This is too dangerous, man. And she’s told me that if there’s one thing that pisses her off is when someone takes her stuff without asking. I have a solution for the nomination problem and also to prove there’s no all girls thing going on. The.Shipman.Files.A.Very.British.Crime.Story S01E01 The Watch Free Online And who will be the first evicted? when reading the comment. She’s a perfect shield for all of us. And our cast is finally complete. That way we can control this house but keep trust in each other. We’re the only Silent Assassins left in the game and I have this terrible feeling she’s next to go. His biggest flaw is because of his talents, he often underestimates others and doesn’t expect people to do what he says, not oppose him. I just recently got out of school and unfortunately got kicked out by my parents after wasting all of my college money on gambling and losing all of it. I mean, I’m not crazy. King: You know, as soon as I saw that girl crying like that, I knew what I had to do. Danielle: So, Tameka, we called you in here because we have something important to say. Hahaha! Jazz: Guys, I’m really sorry if I made you feel like I have some kind of side deal with all the girls. Padma: Oh, I have to say, you’re one of the funniest little quirky characters I’ve ever seen. Jazz: You know, I was really sincere with them. Cass: Well, I’m feeling as safe as I can feel in the current situation I’m in. Syncopation: My true name is Shawn Vodolski but the public probably knows me as The Syncopation. I plan to start an all-girls alliance and dominate this show. I just can’t with him. One thing she dislikes: Most candy, unprofessionalness. If you wanna scream and shout, get in line. I have my deal with Esme and I decided to check with her to see if for some weird reason they decided to go against us but I’m certain that’s not the case. Jared: That was my last pitch. There’s no one on my level when it comes to that. Tameka: I’m just there standing with them while they spew the whole girl power thing with my best fake smile. I’m here to try out something different and see how I end up doing in this game. Both me and Pratyush voted for Genevieve. Danielle: So, girls. Ending them, not so much. Jared: First of all, don’t tell anything else about your suspicions to Tameka. But I’m gonna make it to the top! I love fashion, I love my wife and daughter and I love being a social magnet. Jazz: This alliance, it’s perfection. Padma: The votes are in. Syncopation: Well, I guess no one here will be trying to throw it, huh? Esme: As I said before, I will drop my alliance as soon as they’re not useful to me anymore. And damn… He did all of this while using my hat. You’re a grown ass man, act like one. And I’m gladly showing it all to you. Don’t know why you’re worried. Chris told Danielle about you guys trying to gun for me and Jazz, is that for real? Is this what winning feels like? It’s time for a new Head of Household Reign to begin. Jared: Hey man, you can rest assured you ain’t going home. Everyone is surprised, excited and talking to Genevieve about Her Majesty, Claudette. Syncopation: I feel like I’ve been extremely succesful. Danielle: Man, what the hell did I do? But then I thought: Well, 10000 bucks wouldn’t hurt, would it? I knew I should not have trusted him. Chris: Well, that’s exactly it. Tommy: Cool, but then we still have to decide on who to put as a pawn alongside him. Danielle: I’m not denying any of that, and if it’s up to me, she’s going next. Now go on inside the house! Esme: Oh God, no… I don’t think this is a good idea. He’ll learn I’m not anyone’s puppet and he won’t take credit for my achievements. Game on! And I’ve been performing pretty well on them, thank you very much. And now look at us! Jazz: I vote to evict Genevieve. The camera once again returns to Padma as it’s time to meet the last four houseguests. Pratyush: Hello, my name is Pratyush Takalikar and even though I look like this, I’m actually just 20. Pratyush: I don’t know if I can betray her…. That would be perfect. Tommy: For some weird reason I feel like Chris has been avoiding me like the plague. When people made fun of me for my skin tone, or when people told me I was crazy for immigrating from Jamaica. I’m sure you are more than capable of staying in the house this round, but I personally don’t feel a strong connection to you. Tameka: Ugh, I can’t with this *starts crying*. And those are the kind of guys I want to play this game with. Is. Chris: Just don’t give me too much hope, okay? That’s why you can’t trust them. Tommy: Yeah, man. Tommy: Yes, someone must have tipped them off.


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