body count for ladies
With that, hope that she's equipped to make sound choices or at least come back to the values I would have instilled. The blind Hangman with a raven on his shoulders as his eyes is out there, walking through the valley, judging who is good and who is bad. [Bridge] Once again, I have to remind you that ideally, you should discourage all talk of body count. [Chorus] lost count, for real!! What you should actually do is let him know that whoever you slept with is in your past and he is the only one in your future. Stop likening our bodies to banal things that are designed to depreciate due to prolonged use. Go up to the hills the raven will lead The importance of a song like ‘Body Count’ for African women. If he keeps asking you what your body count is, first of all know that it means you’re going to have to be reassuring this guy for the rest of your life. Figuring it out as she goes along. Get out of your bed All rights reserved. Know that at the back of your mind. So after Penis no. Now don't get it twisted, I wasn't poppin' it for just anyone. It's not like I was walking up to every person I met and was saying, "Hi. A lot of people had heard those ghost stories about the Hangman from the Old West, and I wanted to do my own. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. I don't think any guy can have such records, they just think of any hyped figure and spit it out. To summarize, this man purports that a woman’s worth is rendered null and void if she has more than two sexual partners. If you enjoyed this post, please share it with your friends and also subscribe to my YouTube channel here. Now that shi don't trip me anymore. God wanted me to remain pure so he can live in me, and the only sex he sanctioned occurred in the marriage bed. Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Producer, Mixed By, Lead Vocals, Producer, Mixed By, Written-By [All Spoken Inserts], Photography By [Live Concert Photography], Buy Vinyl, Matrix / Runout (Variant 1: Side A, Stamped (19 hand etched)): 19 WMME Alsdorf 759 926878-1-A, Matrix / Runout (Variant 1: Side B, Stamped (14 hand etched)): 14 WMME Alsdorf 759 926878-1-B, Matrix / Runout (Variant 2: Side A, Stamped (22 hand etched)): 22 WMME Alsdorf 759 926878-1-A, Matrix / Runout (Variant 2: Side B, Stamped (16 hand etched)): 16 WMME Alsdorf 759 926878-1-B, Other (on spine): 7599-26878-1 BODY COUNT. Why? So I started seeking men, who lived outside of my neighbourhood and clear across the city, so they couldn't get references from their friends or acquaintances about me. [Bridge] Those are my thoughts on the acceptable body count for a woman. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Body Count - Born Dead at Discogs. I think this all stems from how sex and sexuality was introduced to me. Dr. Freda M. Bush “I’m thinking about having sex,” says the young man or woman. About “The Hangman’s Body Count” This song is the second single released from the album “Outlaw Gentleman & Shady Ladies.” It is also the 7th track on the album. I acknowledge the war on women, but enough is enough. Then, at midnight, the women would take off their tops, and people would have sex in every corner of the room, in front of everyone. © Black Milk Women 2020 | All Rights Reserved, motherhood, my life, i don't want kids, mtl lifestyle, meaningful life, inspire women, happiness, black girl magic, black women, womanhood, women life, opinion on society, women inspiring women, women helping women, parenting, black mothers, Wedding, wedding day, bride, wedding ceremony, wedding experience, do better, mini do better guide, do and don't at a wedding, montreal blogger, life in montreal, personal experience, just married, wedding guide, montrealer, montreal lifestyle, the knot, wedding guest, self improvement, 5 REASONS WHY I DON'T POST MY RELATIONSHIP ON SOCIAL MEDIA, 6 WAYS TO RELEASE BAGGAGE FROM OLD RELATIONSHIPS, THE TRUTH ABOUT INTERRACIAL RELATIONSHIPS. [Guitar Solo] It just doesn’t work that way. Why Is It so Difficult to Say What We Need? I don’t see the point in marking notches on a belt but to each their own. Get out of your bed It’s about both of you having a faithful, monogamous relationship. Moral of the story: Don't live your life according to anyone's rules but your own. Guided by the raven since his eyes don’t see For women, some of them have a secret diary with the name of all their fuckees, When I was younger and hyperexcited about women I used to keep count. Earlier this week, while minding my own business on Beyoncé’s internet (shout out to ZUVA), I came across a post made by a guy on Facebook. Original banned version that was pulled from the market and later reissued replacing the song "Cop Killer" with "Freedom Of Speech" and changing the cover design 'tattoo' from "Cop Killer" to "Body Count". Women are not objects. One more time for the misogynists and INCELS in the back. He wasn’t going to get more than that out of me. So delicate, he feels threatened that perhaps your sex game might not hold up to my level of experience. When a woman is comfortable in her skin, free from false narratives about her natural sensuality, she is a formidable and fearsome being to behold. We are not cars. He further cried outrage if other men that he is acquainted with have had sex with her in the past that she is now worthless; no self-respecting man would have made her a wife. I … Say your prayers once more I wouldn't make it a habit, but...well, you get what I'm saying. Hear the boots and see the figure dressed in black We have had enough. These harmful ideologies, ratified by every new generation of clergy and taught in households to young boys frequently by mothers who have internalized misogyny. It’s bizarre to keep count of sexual partners. Spiritually he’s all intact The comment section of this erroneous mess of a post was full of women setting him straight, myself included. The wind calls your name The wind calls your name There is nothing wrong with a "one night stand" as long as it's what you want. So if you don’t want him to keep asking you what your body count is, don’t keep asking him what his body count is. You knew the day was coming If you’re decent, you may get it in, but by asking me this question, your outing yourself as one of them, one of those men with a fragile ego. Now don't get it twisted, I wasn't poppin' it for just anyone. [Guitar solo-Outro]. [Pre-Chorus] I love my mom but, I never wanted to be in a situation like that and she knew it. You knew the day was coming Say your prayers once more Get out of your bed That’s a personal problem. Pictures of the crime are past but not forgotten in this world Having multiple sexual partners is not a crime against womanhood. Women are autonomous beings with a right to experience pleasure at whatever frequency they wish. We are the right-brained thinkers blessed with a double dose of creative energy. Fuck that. No matter how many men a woman sleeps with, she is still worthy because she is a living soul. We’re nearing the end of the second decade of the new millennium, and we are still forced to have conversations about a women’s prerogative to be sexually open and adventurous sans degradation. So there I was, sweating my numbers like, "damn, another smudge on my window". Why do some men care about a woman’s body count? While I found it disappointing — it was typical rape-culture propaganda I’ve come to associate with a specific type of man — the fragile, insecure man. Now that I think about it, it wasn't really hard, since no one was checking for me in high school anyways...le sigh. Sidebar: Someone please explain to me why men can literally insert themselves into any and everything, without batting an eye. Posted June 9, 2017. I don't have kids, so I may change my mind, however, all I can do is maintain a clear line of communication. Judgment will prevail the hangman is here [Verse 3] Ridiculous. We are the embodiment of the divine feminine sensuality in everything we do. They, however, blamed it on the "Hit and run" guys. There was never any sex talk, QA, just those four words. I'll wait... We need to stop sipping the judgement juice people! It is also the birthplace of rape culture, and the idea of women being the property of their fathers then transferred to their husbands. Take the red pill and going MGTOW so you don't get cucked. That is what I read. Can A Girl With High Body Count Be Faithful In Marriage? It’s you who has to look at yourself in the mirror at the end of the day. [Pre-Chorus] Judgment will prevail the hangman is here Sex involving Penetrations, 40+... My target is to have a 3some before I get married. Body Count for Ladies: Do you Agree Or Not? Here’s what’s in it: First of all, what does body count mean? I’ve heard men using the analogy that no one likes tarnished goods. It seems that 3 is the number when it comes to body count for women that men accept. What to do if you think you’re too boring to get a guy. By the way, you can’t discourage talk of the number of people you have slept with if you keep asking him the number of women he has slept with. There were never any complaints but, I knew that if she had a partner, to share the load, it would've been a lot easier. Mine is six, I never would have guessed hers was so high. / "I Wouldn’t Date A Guy With A Body Count Of Over 10" - Slay Queen (Photos) / "Your Boyfriend Deserves To Know Your Body Count" - Joro Olumofin To Ladies (2) (3) (4), Is He A Cheater? Echoes of him have been heard ... My Body Count Has No Bearing on the Present. / Guys Can U Marry A Gurl Dat Drink Alot / African Insurance, Magun Or Thunderbolt", Links: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10). [Chorus] "I Wouldn’t Date A Guy With A Body Count Of Over 10" - Slay Queen (Photos), "Your Boyfriend Deserves To Know Your Body Count" - Joro Olumofin To Ladies, Hear him drag the rope that goes up to the hangman’s tree So I started seeking men, who lived outside of my neighbourhood and clear across the city, so they couldn't get references from their friends or acquaintances about me. I come from a single-parent, immigrant, home with a workaholic mama. In today’s world, people are more concerned with the number of men a woman has slept with than the number of women a guy has slept with. by MeloJayEnt: 10:18am On May 06, 2017; I came across this post on IG that insinuates a lady with over 5 body count does not deserve a proper wedding ceremony and this generated a lot of negative comments by some ladies. 2 came around and taught me a few thangs...(if you know what I mean.) READ: AFTER THE AISLE: ADULTING AFTER MARRIAGE. Women do not exist for the sole purpose of pleasing men. Virginity is a social and religious construct with damaging messages about a woman’s self-worth. Complete your Body Count collection. [b]Anonymous guy: [/b]We had sex at a friend’s party. We have the innate gift to take nothing and turn it into something. During my early years, my brother and I were raised by my  grandmother. Tell him that it’s not important how many people you have slept with and it’s not important how many people he has slept with because really, the future is about both of you. "What if you had a daughter? To watch the video, click on the image below. [Chorus] Nairaland - Copyright © 2005 - 2020 Oluwaseun Osewa. How are you?" get this softest, best looking ladies fitted t-shirt in different colors and sizes. The thought may have been thought and acted upon with little time in between. See How To Advertise. No matter how much of a pounding a vagina takes from multiple penises, it will not diminish her elasticity. By Melissa Allen. He took the time to construct his makeshift soapbox to air his fragile masculinity masquerading as gospel about a woman’s worth. Of course, before you start having unprotected sex, you should have done medical tests that ensure that both of you are STI-free. You’ll be exciting in the bedroom but at the same time, it makes him feel like you’re demure or angelic.


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