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He even jokes: “Where’s the gun at?”. He goes around with a GoPro on his head and gives people what they deserve. When I was a little boy, my dad told me to jack him off.” I believe he is fat on purpose, because it increases how pathetic he is. Footage from Keemstar’s Drama Alert video shows exactly what happened. Anyone have a backup? What Boogie understands is that you can hack that mechanism, and use it to get things from people. Latest PKN, Kyle said "someone should kill this person(Frank)" , verbatim, and then repeated it a few times. After Frank Hassle’s YouTube channel was banned, he blamed Boogie for it, and Boogie claimed he began hassling and stalking him. People who do not live in the Anglosphere have never witnessed a creature with this kind of mass. After Hassle tweeted a photo of him in Arkansas at Boogie, the pair appeared on Keemstar’s Drama Alert show (via StoryFire), with Boogie threatening to shoot and kill Hassle if Hassle arrived at Boogie’s home. Kiryu Coco banned: Why was the popular VTuber suspended from Hololive? Boogie2988 FIRES A GUN after Frank Hassle shows up at his home. In a dramatic turn of events, Frank Hassle did what he had told he will and showed up at Boogie2988’s house. Boogie2988 also shared that he has handed over the footage to the police and it is now up to them to decide what happens next. He has recently been involved in a campaign to bring a reckoning to YouTuber Boogie2988. Frank Hassle was also a popular YouTuber, however he has currently been deplatformed after his YouTuber channel was banned earlier this month. The report mentioned that Frank Hassle was the man behind a now closed Reddit channel which was a place for organised and planned harassment of YouTubers and other content creators. Let me tell you about what he does: he uses being pathetic as a way to manipulate people. We examine the events that lead up to all of this and why you should not engage with online trolls. However, his comments and several controversial moments resulted in fans turning against him. While video footage of this moment hasn’t yet surfaced, audio of the incident appears to indicate that Boogie fired a “warning shot” into the air. #DramaAlert Dude have your doctor adjust your adderall dose. So Frank started at Boogie, posting about him, calling him a pussy, and such. Just pull the trigger?". Frank hasn’t uploaded his video yet, but he uploaded this clip. This guys a fucking loser for harassing boogie I really wish and hope someone caps this wanna be alpha, low t, POS. Boogie2988 and Frank Hassle have become rivals following Hassle’s YouTube ban earlier in September. How and why was this started by Epic games? In other news, Kiryu Coco banned: Why was the popular VTuber suspended from Hololive? This is really the best event on the internet in years. However, as Hassle did not enter the home, and as Boogie encouraged Hassle to visit during the interview with Keemstar, it’s uncertain if charges will be brought against him for firing the gun. Why are you insulting a veteran? Frank Hassle is the funniest person currently alive. YouTubers Boogie2988 and Frank Hassle are in a feud that has escalated to extreme measures – here’s the full drama explained. Boogie2988 and Frank Hassle have become rivals following Hassle’s YouTube ban earlier in September. Keemstar, who is popular for his Drama Alert channel has gained permission from both Boogie and Frank Hassle to post all the details. Despite the criminal investigation, Boogie encouraged followers to continue to post memes of the confrontation. What a degenerate piece of trash. Frank Hassle is a weapon of ultimate justice, who sweeps up villainy like a whirlwind. He has recently been involved in a campaign to bring a reckoning to YouTuber Boogie2988. The shooting is being investigated by the police, and shooting a gun in the air like that is no joke. Boogie asks him to leave and fires a “warning shot” before Hassle eventually leaves the property. YouTuber Boogie2988 has had his share of controversies including passing racist comments and other provoking statements. He kept saying, “I will fucking end you, I will use castle doctrine and fucking end you.”. After @Boogie2988 fired a warning shot “@FrankHassleYT just laughed at him” Ladies and Gentlemen, we are reaching levels of dropped dogs not thought humanly possible. Hassle then leaves the property. (That clip has the word “nigger” edited out. This makes the other person incapable of being aggressive with him, or really even being able to do anything other than be nice to him, to pat him on the head. Frank Hassle later arrived at Boogie’s home, with the incident recorded by both parties. Frank doesn’t feel bad for Boogie.

Footage of the incident has now widely circulated online, with the pair reportedly being under investigation by police. Then Frank took a picture in his front yard. boogie2988/YouTube Motherboard reported that police in Fayetteville, Arkansas are investigating a shooting that occurred at the home of YouTuber Boogie2988. I’ve been a fan of Frank’s for a long time.


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