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The country is an Islamic Republic and has a Supreme Leader, President, and Vice President. [75], Iran's earmarked government spending for the year starting in March 2014 at $75 billion, calculated on an open-market exchange rate, with an overall/"total" budget ceiling estimated at about $265 billion. The country had no functioning political parties until the Executives of Construction Party formed in 1994 to run for the fifth parliamentary elections, mainly out of executive body of the government close to the then-president Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani.

Six of the council members are appointed by the Supreme Leader, while the remaining six are nominated by the judiciary and then approved by the parliament. Revenues from taxes have been projected at 458 trillion Rials ($37 billion), which shows a 10% increase year-on-year. the amount of transparency in elections in Iran,[20] and who is to be fired and reinstated in the Presidential cabinet. The new national budget has forecast a 40% drop in oil revenues compared to the previous year's projected figure. Iran's Government . The Revolutionary Guard has an estimated 125,000 troops, plus control over the Basij militia, which has members in every town in Iran. [citation needed] Poverty rose in absolute terms by nearly 45% during the first 6 years since Iraqi invasion on Iran started[8] and per capita income has yet to reach pre-revolutionary levels when Iraqi invasion ended in 1988.[9][10]. The Supreme Leader also appoints the Head of the Judiciary, who selects the Chief Supreme Court Justice and the Chief Public Prosecutor. 9,500 billion.3) The government budget does not include state revenues and expenses derived from state owned commercial enterprises. The government also is seeking higher sums for development, research, and health projects. [34][35][36], Setad, another organization worth more than $95 billion, has been described as "secretive" and "little known". The president is elected directly by the people of Iran for a four-year term. The Expediency Council acts as final arbiter in any dispute. The Iranian state is the biggest player in the economy, and the annual budget strongly influences the outlook of local industries and the stock market. "According to World Bank figures, which take 1974 as 100, per capita GDP went from a high of 115 in 1976 to a low of 60 in 1988, the year war with Iraq ended ..." (Keddie. In 1979, the Pahlavi Dynasty was overthrown in a revolution, leading to the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran, with the leader of the Revolution becoming the supreme leader of the new republic.

See also Subsidy reform plan. (The other six are appointed by the Supreme Leader.).,,,,, Iran has a regular army, air force, and navy, plus the Revolutionary Guard Corps (or Sepah), which is in charge of internal security. The Assembly of Experts is responsible for appointing the Supreme Leader and supervising his performance.

The Supreme Leader is Commander-in-Chief of the military and appoints all top commanders. How does this government function? Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, Learn how and when to remove this template message, diplomatic relations with Iran by the United States, highest ranking political and religious authority, Iranian Assembly of Experts election, 2016, Management and Planning Organization of Iran, macro-economic and monetary policies of the government of Iran, Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Acquisition of capital assets/development expenditures, Repayment of external debts and obligations, revenues from the sale of crude oil and gas, International Rankings of Iran in Politics, "The World Factbook - Central Intelligence Agency", IRAN: POLITICS, THE MILITARY AND GULF SECURITY, "Huge cost of Iranian brain drain By Frances Harrison", "Iran's Khamenei hits out at Rafsanjani in rare public rebuke", "Khamenei says Iran must go green - Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East", "Exclusive: Iran pursues ballistic missile work, complicating nuclear talks", "IranWire - Asking for a Miracle: Khamenei's Economic Plan", "PressTV-'Economic issues, Iran's foremost problem, "Iran: Executive, legislative branch officials endorse privatization plan", "Khamenei slams Rouhani as Iran's regime adopted UN education agenda", "Leader outlines elections guidelines, calls for transparency", "BBC NEWS - Middle East - Iranian vice-president 'sacked, "Rafsanjani breaks taboo over selection of Iran's next supreme leader", "Everything you need to know about Iran's Assembly of Experts election", "Iranian Government Constitution, English Text", "PressTV-Iranian MPs approve budget bill outline", "Mostazafan and Janbazan (Oppressed and Disabled Veterans) Foundation (MJF)", "Khamenei controls massive financial empire built on property seizures, (part 1)", Mehr News Agency: Iran eyes $250 billion annual revenue in 5 years, "Iran's 'Frozen' Assets: Exaggeration on Both Sides of the Debate", "Ten Million Iranians Under 'Absolute Poverty Line, Iran to test investor confidence with debt issue, "IMF: Iran accord to lift Mideast economy", "Iran: Concluding Statement of an IMF Staff Visit", Iran's external debts cut by $10b, hit $7.2b: Central Bank Chief, "The Memorandum of The Foreign Trade Regime of The Islamic Republic of Iran", "Islamic Republic of Iran: 2009 Article IV Consultation—Staff Report; Staff Supplement; Public Information Notice on the Executive Board Discussion; and Statement by the Executive Director for Iran", "Ahmadi-Nejad unveils expansionary Iran budget", PBS - Iran Primer: The Oil and Gas Industry, "Iran Parliament Cut Budget 2.25% Before Approval, Donya Reports", "Global Legal Monitor: Iran: Criticism of Newly Proposed Budget - Global Legal Monitor - Law Library of Congress - Library of Congress", "Iran parliament approves reduced sanction-hit budget - Yahoo! The politics of Iran take place in a framework that officially combines elements of theocracy and presidential democracy.

Members are directly elected every four years, but again the Guardian Council vets all candidates. The Islamic Republic was installed after a referendum following the revolution’s victory, whereby citizens were asked to vote for or against the Republic, with 98.2% voting in favor.

[62] 4) The government budget does not account for subsidies paid to state owned commercial enterprise. [82] In February 2014, Parliament approved a total budget bill worth 7,930 trillion rials ($319 billion at the official exchange rate). This amendment allows the government to issue debt based instruments and the use of forex reserves in an attempt to clear its debt to the private sector, including contractors, banks and insurers.[92]. While the political system is secular in nature, it has been described as authoritarian in the later years of the Imperial State. For other political parties see List of political parties in Iran.

[21][22], The Supreme Leader is appointed and supervised by the Assembly of Experts. April 1, 1979 - The country is renamed the Islamic Republic of Iran. At the apex of Iran's government stands the Supreme Leader.

[93] Iranian reformists, such as Mohammad-Ali Abtahi have considered this to be the core legal obstacle for the reform movement in Iran.[94][95][96][97][98]. The draft budget estimates oil exports at about 1.1 million barrels per day (bpd). Dr. Kallie Szczepanski is a history teacher specializing in Asian history and culture. The government even provides financial assistance. p. 1", "Iran's president: Nuclear deal has helped economy", "Iran's next year budget bill sees economic growth at 3%, inflation at 21%", "Irandaily - No. In addition, there are representatives elected from appointed organizations (usually under the Supreme Leader's control) to "protect the state's Islamic character".[2].

The Iranian government is opposed by several militias, including the Mojahedin-e-Khalq, the People's Fedayeen, and the Kurdish Democratic Party. [40], As of 2010, oil income accounts for 80% of Iran's foreign currency revenues and 60% of the nation's overall budget. Out of this amount, 410 trillion Rials is allocated for direct cash handouts to those eligible who have registered and for social funds.

His powers extend to issuing decrees and making final decisions on the economy, environment, foreign policy, education, national planning of population growth,[12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19] Iran - Iran - Government and society: Iran is a unitary Islamic republic with one legislative house. The judiciary also selects six of the twelve members of the Guardian Council, who then must be approved by the Majlis.

Iran is a republic in which the president, parliament (Majles) and judicial system share powers reserved to the national government, according to its Constitution.

[4] Famous biblical figures purported to be buried in Iran include Esther, Daniel, Cyrus the Great, Darius the Great, and St. Thaddaeus. The country’s 1979 constitution put into place a mixed system of government, in which the executive, parliament, and judiciary are overseen by several bodies dominated by the clergy.

Facts about Iran’s history. [72] According to Apicorp, Iran needs oil to average $127 a barrel in 2012 for its fiscal budget to break even. [86], Proposed government budget is 9.52-quadrillion Iranian rials (about 262 billion US dollars). In addition, the Majlis has the authority to impeach the president or cabinet members. As head of state, he has broad powers, including command of the armed forces, appointment of the head of the judiciary and of half of the Guardian Council's members, and confirmation of presidential election results. [76][77][78][79] The budget bill permits the government to use more than $35 billion in foreign finance.

The 2015 budget is not expected to bring much growth for many of the domestic industries. Other items (earmarked expenditures, foreign-exchange losses, coverage of liabilities of letters of credit, and net lending) accounted for the remainder. [46], According to the head of the Department of Statistics of Iran, if the rules of budgeting were observed in this structure, the government could save at least 30 to 35 percent on its expenses.

9. [3] After the election of Mohammad Khatami in 1997, more parties started to work, mostly of the reformist movement and opposed by hard-liners. Unlike the Supreme Leader and the Guardian Council, the Assembly of Experts is directly elected by the people of Iran. [58] 6) For "Total Government Budget" (including state owned commercial companies), see Statistical Center of Iran. [24][25], The Guardian Council is an appointed and constitutionally mandated 12-member council with considerable power. [51], In 2013, Iran's external debts stood at $7.2 billion compared with $17.3 billion in 2012.

What Is the Difference Between Iran and Iraq?

28% will come from taxes and the remaining, This page was last edited on 13 October 2020, at 08:45. [23] Also, all directly-elected members after the vetting process by the Guardian Council still have to be approved by the Supreme Leader.

Due to its intricate set of checks and balances, the Iranian government can get bogged down in times of crisis. [68] The funding for running the government has been decreased by 5.6 percent and the government's tax revenues have been envisaged to rise by 20 percent. 4671 - Front page. Although the exact number of Basij is unknown, it is probably between 400,000 and several million. That is to say, for example, that a single politician could be elected in 2005, 2009, not in 2013, but then again in 2017. Iran’s history is that of being one of the world’s oldest continuous civilizations.

[30] Overall, an estimated 50 percent of Iran's GDP was exempt from taxes in FY 2004.


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