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Another reason to blind carbon copy someone is to keep them in the loop of a conversation without letting the other recipients (the “to” and “cc” fields) know. We deliver an online platform to hospitals, healthcare and support service providers so they can provide care to and connect with the community and support people in their homes. Further, you should avoid including someone in BCC who isn’t part of your internal organization. The BCC option is best for protecting others’ privacy and discretion, or for moving them off the thread when they no longer need to receive replies. James, a copy editor, knows all too well the problems that can arise when too many people are messaged. So, how do you reduce the inbox overload without getting frustrated and spending all day... Posted on October 13, 2020 by Amber Fogel in Business. In business, this can be used to tattle on someone by blind carbon copying your superiors on an email thread. One concern stressed by those who email me is the unfortunate situation of having an email conversation with one party who then takes the liberty to Cc: others on their reply. Featured image via Eny Setiyowati / For example: I highly recommended not using BCC at work. The CC field does them same thing in a message as the BCC; the CC’d person is on the email but isn’t expected to respond – but it is done in an open honest way. It's a matter of common courtesy to let the recipient know about this by including the names of the people who'll receive copies. When you send a written communication, either as an email or a traditional printed letter or memo, you may sometimes want or need to send a copy to someone else. Cc: After the Fact? Let’s say you’re having ongoing difficulties with a colleague or a third-party vendor. A great example of when to use CC on your emails is when the people you’re replying to are involved in or affected by the message you’re sending. Harness the power of Divi with any WordPress theme. Supports the delivery of supports for agencies that support individuals with a disability under NDIS. At the same time, you should ensure that your username and password are secure to minimize the risk of being hacked. When should you BCC, CC, or Reply-All, anyway? Level 4 150 Albert Road Keep your communication simple and only respond to the people who are directly involved. In our business we recently started using a new software provider and I’m responsible for the client work on this platform. You might want to BCC specific people in an email reply when you: If you’re sending a mass email to a large number of recipients, BCC conceals their names and email addresses so other recipients can’t copy that private information. Today I’m talking about what To, CC and BCC actually mean and best practice when using them. If you're going to send an email out to a couple hundred people, chances are you should be using it (well, in many cases you should rethink sending it in the first place). Well if you are being CC’d into everything unnecessarily then it is time to make a change! With employees being constantly bombarded by emails, the whopping 13 hours seem like a lot of wasted time. Then, you can CC the people who were present. used in MMOs when you stop mobs from attacking you. firstly, what is To, CC and BCC anyway? When should you do it? Get a FREE Header and Footer for Divi’s Virtual Assistant Layout Pack, Download a FREE Global Presets Style Guide for Divi’s Candy Shop Layout Pack, Want to protect the privacy of your recipients or avoid displaying a long recipient list, Want to move someone off the main email thread, such as in an, Need to discreetly loop your manager in on potentially problematic email communications, BCC when you need to be discreet or protect the privacy and personal information of recipients, CC only the individuals who need to receive your reply, Reply-All only when everyone in the email thread needs to see your response. Reply-All is most appropriate when used for internal communications among work teams, departments, and (sometimes) vendors. There is nothing disreputable about cc. A better idea may be to bring it up with them at a daily/weekly meeting or sending them a direct email saying, “Bill, can you please read this section of the report” or simply copying and pasting the information they need to read and sending it to them directly. Try Out The Drag & Drop Page Builder for FREE! – Jon Hanna Sep 19 '17 at 11:01. I am not advocating for its use, I merely offered that some people already use this meaning. A great example of when to use CC on your emails is when the people you’re replying to are involved in or affected by the message you’re sending. If you’re dealing with problems within your work team, for example, you probably shouldn’t BCC your manager, team leader, or colleagues without notifying them first and getting their permission.


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