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The film featured two Clouzot regulars: Pierre Larquey as M. Drain and Noël Roquevert as M. Herboux. Unable to stand his mistreatment any longer, Nicole devises a plan to get rid of Michel forever. Han kaller Clouzot for den franske Hitchcock, og de var faktisk begge interessert i boken Diabolique er bygget på. Nivå 1 (uten spoilers) Et ektepar driver en kostskole, hun som lærerinne og han som rektor. Are their minds playing tricks on them? Ne leur racontez pas ce que vous avez vu. Although Christina officially owns it - she bringing it into their marriage as part of her dowry - Michel effectively makes all the decisions, partly because he wants to show everyone involved that he is in control as the man, and as Christina is a frail woman with a delicate constitution, the primary problem being a weak heart. The two women then drown him in a bathtub and, driving back to the school, dump his body in the neglected swimming pool. Dette intervjuet på 16 minutter er meget energisk. With a few required modifications and a few hiccups along the way, the latter largely due to Christina often losing her nerve, they are able to carry out the plan successfully... or so they believe. Nicole becomes worried and leaves the school. Strangely, the boy says it was Michel who punished him. ("Don't be DIABOLICAL! Merci pour eux. [3] The film also received the 1954 Louis Delluc Prize. Parents Guide, Michael Brooke . Et lik er funnet i Seinen. Diabolique (Criterion nr. Find out about all the goofs from Diabolique (1996) on IMDb. Les diaboliques (French pronunciation: ​[le djaboˈlik], released as Diabolique in the United States and variously translated as The Devils or The Fiends)[2] is a 1955 French psychological horror thriller film directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot, starring Simone Signoret, Véra Clouzot, Paul Meurisse and Charles Vanel. Simone Signoret ble kjent med Vera og Henri-Georges Clouzot under The Wages of Fear, hvor hennes mann Yves Montand hadde hovedrollen. Han er en psykopatisk konemishandler som helt åpenlyst har en annen lærerinne som elskerinne. Dette er en skikkelig filmentusiast som sitter på mye spennende informasjon. Tydeligst er scenen hvor kameraet er plassert bak de to, mot Christina, i en perfekt komposisjon som viser hvem som står mot hvem. [23], Originally the film was to be called Les Veuves (‘The widows’) but this was deemed unmarketable. Robert Bresson og Jean Renoir var eksperimentelle og ble derfor godtatt. "[35] Time Out commented that the film "makes for a great piece of Guignol misanthropy" where "everyone is in the end a victim, and their actions operate like snares setting traps that leave them grasping for survival. "[29] The National Board of Review named it among the best foreign films of 1955,[30] and called it "a genuine thriller—a shocking, satisfying chunk of Grand Guignol psychological suspense. Videre får vi eksempler på hvor dårlig han behandler sin kone, før dette blir glassklart etablert i middagsscenen i spisesalen. [4] He did it by opening the film with a quote from the preface to d’Aurevilly's work: "A portrait is always moral when it is tragic and shows the horror of the things it represents. New video introduction by Serge Bromberg, codirector of Henri-Georges Clouzot’s “Inferno”: Intervjuet med Bromberg er på 15 minutter. Nicole sees in the paper that the police have found the corpse. Using a threatened divorce to lure Michel to Nicole's apartment building in Niort, a town several hundred kilometers away, Christina sedates him. På slutten vises en advarsel om at ingen får komme inn i kinosalen etter at filmen har begynt. ... Spoilers. I'm not the only one to follow that path. Taglines Clouzot read it through the night and optioned the rights in the morning. Og flere utgis hver måned. It is then revealed that Michel and Nicole have set up Christina from the beginning, with Michel acting as dead to scare Christina to death. Luring him away from the school to Nocole's cheap lodging house, they induce him to drink some doctored whiskey - and drown him in a bath. Rather than antagonism, the two women are shown to have a somewhat close relationship, primarily based on their apparent mutual hatred of Michel, who is physically and emotionally abusive to both, as well as unkind to the children. Clouzot spent five weeks shooting at this location. De to kvinnene innleder et samarbeid for å ta livet av ham…. I Diabolique hadde han for eksempel en mann inne i kassen som kvinnene løfter på. Altså litt over en tredjedel av filmen. Alibiet deres er sikret ved at de omgås ekteparet i etasjen over og lager nok støy til at de blir irriterte, og smertelig klar over at de to kvinnene var der hele natten. In a French provincial town, Michel Delassalle, a sadistic headmaster of a school belonging to his wife Christina, a fragile young woman with a weak heart, carries on an affair with Nicole Horner, a strong, forceful teacher who has been his mistress from the day she arrived. Vi forstår heller ikke hva som foregår når dressen hans blir levert på døren og budet sier Michel selv har ønsket den levert. [21], The filming began on August 18, 1954 and finished on November 30 the same year. Det viser seg at det er disse to som er de djevelske, ikke Christina og Nicole som vi har trodd i nesten hele filmen. The latter discovered a decrepit chateau in L'Etang-la-Ville between Saint-Cloud and the Bois-du-Boulogne. Husk at Criterions Blu-ray filmer er region A låst, så du trenger en sonefri Blu-ray spiller. Clouzot also auditioned 300 children and selected 35. [44], This article is about the 1955 film. They then dispose of his body in the school murky and algae-filled swimming pool. Among them were Jean-Philippe Smet (the future Johnny Hallyday), Patrick Dewaere's brother Yves-Marie Maurin, and Georges Poujouly, who previously received acclaim in René Clément's Forbidden Games. PLUS: A booklet featuring an essay by film critic Terrence Rafferty: Godt essay om Clouzots karriere og spesielt om denne filmen. The synopsis below may give away important plot points. Han er en psykopatisk konemishandler som helt åpenlyst har en annen lærerinne som elskerinne. Litt senere inndrar han ferien til en elev pga skribling på en vegg. Clouzot er en meget krevende regissør. [4] This movie helped inspire Hitchcock's Psycho. Lyden besørges av et 5.1 DTS HD system med Onkyo TX-NR3010 surroundforsterker og Proson høytalere. The rest was filmed at Saint-Maurice Studios southeast of Paris which took additional nine weeks. De drar til Nicoles leilighet i en annen by og lokker Michel dit ved at Christina ringer ham og sier hun vil skilles. There she finds Michel's corpse submerged in the bathtub, which is full of water. Ønsker du å forhøre deg om mulighetene for å opprette en blogg under Montages? Ved å drive Christina til sin død av hjerteatakk, vil Michel bli sittende med skolen og pengene hennes. It is based on the novel She Who Was No More (Celle qui n'était plus) by Pierre Boileau and Thomas Narcejac. Clouzot also followed the convention that the culprits should be exposed by the detective in the end (another departure from the novel where the authors let them get away. Da bildet ikke er av de aller skarpeste, gjengis det lite filmkorn. The wife and mistress of a loathed school principal plan to murder him with what they believe is the perfect alibi. Rather than antagonism, the two women are shown to have a somewhat close relationship, primarily based on their apparent mutual hatred of Michel, who is physically and emotionally abusive to both.


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