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"[103] Tom Rowlands of the Chemical Brothers has cited Electronic Sound as an influence. [52], Writing on Julian Cope's website Head Heritage, The Seth Man, views the artwork as an apt depiction of the whimsical nature of the album and its colourful and experimental tones. (114), Human (14,450), Impacts [27], According to the album's liner notes, "No Time or Space" was recorded "in California in November 1968 with the assistance of Bernie Krause". (26), New Age

(4,394), Office and Classroom Forbidden Planet: Six Electronic Tonalities, Dudley Jeczalik Langan Reboot Art Of Noise's In Visible Silence, Electronic Sound Covers Collection Volume.01, Electronic Sound Covers Collection Volume.02, Electronic Sound Presents 12 Original Tracks By John Foxx, Electronic Sound Presents A Krautrock Sampler, Splash Momentum / The Waltz Of The Fatman, Academic (Mark Reeder's Akademixxx) / Mauerstadt (RIAS Mix), My Name Is Ruin (Meat Beat Manifesto Alternative Mix), Made In Sheffield: Thirteen Lo-Fi Gems For The Ultracore, Experimental / Avant-garde / Ambient / Noise / Minimal Wave. The front cover shows Krause operating the Moog console, while the back depicts Derek Taylor's office at Apple and the pressures afflicting the company at the time.

"[73], Writing in Fusion magazine, Loyd Grossman pondered whether the album would have been released if not for the Beatles owning Zapple. And when you consider that synthesizers were only capable of playing one note at a time and sounds could not be stored or recalled with the push of a button, the achievement becomes even more remarkable.

According to Williams, the album conveys "the joy of a boy with a new toy" and "sounds like what you might get if you taped a contact microphone to the stomach of a digestively challenged robot". (56), Specialty (11,984), Amusement and Games (3,597), Foley (1,360), Science Fiction (Sci-Fi) [59][nb 4] Electronic Sound was sullied further after Krause wrote to Rolling Stone magazine complaining of Harrison's appropriation of his demonstration piece and saying that he was "frankly hurt and a bit disillusioned by the whole thing". US and Canadian LP pressings incorrectly switched the order of the recordings but did not switch the titles. Here, as a key step in the progression of Harrison the solo artist, it sounds audacious in its primitiveness ..."[88], Electronic Sound was one of the first electronic music albums made by a rock musician. [43] In Dhani's description, the green man on the front is Krause, who is controlling the Moog and ensuring that sound emanates from the right of the device, in the manner of a meat grinder. Out of context, Electronic Sound would sound maudlin, even dull. (2,364), Old West [32][66] This mistake caused many listeners to confuse the two pieces. Free Electric Sound Effects made available for personal non-commercial projects.

Ward added: "The textures presented are rather mundane, there is no use of dynamics for effect, and the works don't show any cohesiveness to speak of. Electronic Sound covers contemporary electronic music and culture with a side order of art and technology. (468), World (68,096), Folk "No Time or Space" comprises an edit of a Moog demonstration given there by Bernie Krause, an American synthesizer exponent and Moog salesman.

De winkel voor al je groot elektro en kleine huishoudtoestellen, multimedia, smartphones, tablets, notebooks, TV... Bij Electro Depot, vind je alle elektro het hele jaar door aan de allerlaagste prijs.

(4), Cartoon and Comic [85][nb 5], In a 2014 review for Uncut, Richard Williams said that just as the Beatles' fan-club Christmas records were inspired by the Goons, Harrison's inspiration for Electronic Sound appears to have been "another BBC institution of their formative years: the Radiophonic Workshop". The main difference between the CD reissue and the original LP is that the identities of the two works apparently have been reversed; "Under the Mersey Wall" is really "No Time or Space" and vice-versa. Accordingly, Krause is given "assistance" credit for the latter piece instead of the former, which is significant because "No Time or Space" is the masterpiece of the record.

(199), Crowd

Om het u in deze zware periode wat te verlichten bezorgen wij in overleg. Collection of electronic sounds to download.

Electric Sounds. I'm looking at it, and I saw it has filters, envelope generator – what the hell is all this stuff? (35,849), Ring Tones From nurse call, location, intercom, and synchronized clock systems, to repairing and installing professional sound and video equipment, we do it all. (5,490), Whooshes and Transitions (13,862), Appliances It started in 2013 as a digital-only publication and began print publication in July 2016. All of our electronic sound effects are available for free in .WAV and .MP3 formats. Although a guitarist and, from 1966, an aspiring sitarist under Indian musician Ravi Shankar, George Harrison turned to keyboard instruments as a tool for songwriting in 1967.

[62] As one of the first measures initiated by Allen Klein, the new manager of Apple Corps, the Zapple label was shut down shortly after the album's release. (2,417), Cartoons and Comic Effects (766), Dubstep (10,886), Interiors - $24.99 This is an *all-new-bank* for the ES2 sampler/groovebox, and it … (237), Wedding (9,751), Latin (12,193), Multimedia The categories (with prices in the British, Harrison later used portions of white noise from "No Time or Space" in "I Remember Jeep", a track included on the. He says that Harrison's fascination with the Moog typified the interest the new instrument received from top rock musicians at the time, and he adds: "Luckily for us he decided to release it (with a great cover painting by a small child) … While my Synth gently beeps. [28] The title was a phrase Harrison had adopted when discussing the aim of Transcendental Meditation in a September 1967 interview for the BBC Radio 1 show Scene and Heard. The bass line had been milked through the Moog machine and, lo and high, we behold electronic music …"[39] The inside sleeve included a quotation attributed to "Arthur Wax": "There are a lot of people around, making a lot of noise; here's some more. Echter nemen we alle maatregelen van het RIVM in acht. [91][92] With Harrison, Lennon and Paul McCartney each playing the instrument, the band incorporated white noise and other Moog sound effects,[93] together with melodic elements played via a ribbon controller. (4,973), Crowd Sounds [8][9] Described by producer George Martin as the most dedicated of the Beatles in finding and creating new sounds for the band's studio recordings,[10] Harrison became intrigued by the potential of the Moog synthesizer while in Los Angeles in late 1968. [14] Once installed at EMI Studios in August 1969, where Mike Vickers of the band Manfred Mann assisted in setting up the system, Harrison's Moog proved to be an important addition to the Beatles' final recording project. In early 1969, Harrison and Taylor were said to be writing a musical based on the chaotic goings-on at Apple. Description: Old electric phone ringer, phone ring. (5,570), Electronic [11][12] He was introduced to the instrument by Bernie Krause, who, along with his Beaver & Krause partner Paul Beaver, was the Moog company's sales representative for the US West Coast.

"[41], The cover of Electronic Sound was painted by Harrison himself. (7,120), Emergency [75] The writer said that Harrison's work was superior because, unlike the Carlos LP, "it never tries to reproduce sounds produced originally by humans. The reverse is a scene from Derek Taylor's office at Apple, with the words "Grapple with it" painted above and below a white sofa. The 2014 reissue includes essays by Kevin Howlett and electronica musician Tom Rowlands, along with Dhani Harrison's explanation of his father's artwork. [65], On the original United States and Canada pressings of Electronic Sound, the order of the recordings was accidentally switched, although the titles were not.

(18,472), Human (4,385), Exteriors (6,146), Doors Electronisounds - Royalty free sounds and loops! (41,107), Experimental and Misc (12), Nature and Weather Genres: Sound Effects , Electronics. Electronic Sound is the second studio album by English rock musician George Harrison.


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