exterior house trim terminology

Tessera. A short length of studding that takes the place of a full-length wall stud above doors and windows in wood-framed construction. Most rakes are made from tight-grained, knot-free lumber that can be painted or stained. Also called the flange, this is the strip with holes for fastening the siding to the structure. A vertical or horizontal divider between individual panes of glass within a window; not to be confused with a mullion. Soffits also guard your attic from pesky invaders like birds, bats and squirrels. Frieze boards were left exposed partly for structural reasons and partly for decoration. Today, synthetics are the most popular soffit materials. Exterior casing trims the exterior of windows and doors. A veneer is a single thickness. These were painted to suit the home’s color scheme, and most were light shades to enhance light reflection. Base shoe. It makes it much easier to make sure the architect understands exactly what you are looking for, meaning you'll get what you want. A horizontal scrolled termination to the handrail of a stair. That includes the fascia, frieze, rakes, soffits and boxends. Profile.

This is the term used in the industry to describe the … Covered porch soffits have hundreds of visible square feet. It may be used to form a rabbet for screens, a storm sash or a combination door, Cased Opening: An interior opening without a door but finished with jambs and casing, Casing: Trim used around door and window openings.

A horizontal board or timber that lies across the rafters at right angles, parallel to the peak of the roof, to support the roofing material and increase the structural strength of the roof itself. Add in leaves and debris that clog gutters, and you’ll have a massive strain on your fascia. Finding the right kind of trim is essential to completing any kind of remodeling project around the house. Illustration by Harry Campbell. Panels of siding or trim may have weep holes to allow water to drain off. Dentil molding is a series of evenly spaced blocks that look a bit like teeth. An exterior trim board that defines the outer edge of a roof overhang at the eaves and gable ends, its wide face aligned with the plane of the walls. Scuttle.

A masonry cornerstone, sometimes carved or otherwise ornamented.

Exterior trim details tie your home’s form and function together.Your roof and siding work as a system. Instead, they make these transitions into statements by building out boxends and highlighting them with trim and paint. An exterior trim board parallel to and just below the fascia, secured directly to the exterior wall.

An indentation at the base of a cupboard that permits the user to stand close to the work surface without striking his or her toes against the vertical surface. A vertical divider between the lights of a window; not to be confused with a muntin. They sit under your eaves and protect the underside of your lower roof from rain and wind. Headers are trim boards above doors/windows that are both decorative and built for supporting the weight above it.

What makes historic residential communities so interesting is their wide range of architectural styles.

It allows a nail to be driven without damaging the vinyl, and allows for expansion and contraction. Interior casing trims the interior perimeters of windows and doors, Caulk: Waterproofing sealant for cracks and joints around window and doorframes, Chair Rail: Interior moulding applied on the wall about a third of the way up from the floor, paralleling any base or crown moulding, and encircling the room. Soffit. When making a 90-degree turn with siding, the “inside corner” is a trim piece that connects the courses. Frieze boards are horizontal trim members you see at the top of your siding right where it meets the eave or soffit line. The joining of these two strips is the lock. Toe space. This is a decorative feature that covers the top of the siding where it connects to the soffit. [Click any image t… Apr 15, 2013 - Are you looking for the perfect domain name for your website? This unit of measurement refers to the number of feet that must be covered with siding, or the area, of the job being planned.

Frieze boards sit flush against your wall but jut out enough for your siding to tuck under.

Rakes can also be pronounced and finish the end of a gable overhang. Fresh flowing air helps control the humidity that builds in your attic, which can cause mold.

But in exterior trim terms, a rake refers to an inclined trim piece angling up along the roof gables or exposed peaks. A dingy drinking establishment frequented by the broken-hearted. This is the aesthetically pleasing way to join two panels. The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly.

Crowns provide a regal look to frieze boards with their pronounced curved lines. Because we have found the the page top sketch (US Commerce Department Phelan 1931 cited at REFERENCES) published in several forms with and without a consistent key to the numbered house parts or even consistent numbers, we have made up our own glossary list keyed to that sketch - below.Phelan's 1931 drawing is shown here. Also a small aperture at the base of a retaining wall, window frame, etc., to allow accumulated moisture to drain off. In some instances, metal that’s prefinished in any number of stock colors covers the rakes. It’s “freeze” just like what happens to water in the winter. Your roof and siding functionally shield you from driving rain and scorching sun.

NOT recommended. It is used behind siding and trim pieces to protect the backerboard. Below we listed all the common terms associated with the various parts of a house exterior. These joints are made in a mill used to join short lengths together to make long lengths, Flat Stock: Boards with either 3 or 4 finished sides for use in shelving, window ledges, base or casing, Frame: All parts that enclose the window sash or door; vertical members are called side jamb, the top horizontal piece is called the head jamb and the bottom horizontal piece is called the sill, Full Rounds: Rod-shaped millwork used as closet poles, curtain rods and/or towel bars, Jamb: A vertical perimeter frame of a window or door.

Modern gutters use factory-finished metal coils.

Grid/Grille – Thin inner window trim that visually divide glass.

Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a230afaa47dc24140e98b30474f7f2c4" );document.getElementById("d7ace206e0").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); If you would like a siding expert to answer your question for free, please join our forum and then post a topic. This is the triangular area formed by the cornice to the ridge. This short and clear reference piece will help you understand various exterior trim terms. They often require compound miter cuts which are tough to do, especially when working with several different materials. They use the same terminology to describe their exterior trim components. These strips will receive the nails from the new siding. Every house has them and they serve both practical and decorative functions. No one seems to know where the term “rake” originated.


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