faith no more angel dust

Titus: Why can't a duffer like me catch a fish? Gus: People often don't know what they're talking about. And yet we learn that in the net there were "great fishes" numbering precisely "a hundred and fifty three." They were such good friends that they kidded around. Eddy: No, not here here, I mean, *here*. But a trout stream is only a trout stream when it's flowing between its own banks. I wasn't miserable anymore: I wasn't anything at all. if anybody grew wise enough to grasp the real immutable laws of nature, nature'd only rear back and strike 'em dead before they got anybody to understand them” Put some under a microscope and you get a close-up look at some writhing micro cooties. ― Thabiti M. Anyabwile, quote from What Is a Healthy Church Member? submissions from our visitors and will select the quotes we feel are most appealing to

Even though Gus is his maker. They were friends. Mustn’t it have happened thus: upon hauling the net to shore, the disciples squatted down by that immense, writhing fish pile and started tossing them into a second pile, painstakingly counting “one, two, three, four, five, six, seven…” all the way up to an hundred and fifty and three, while the newly risen Lord of Creation, the Sustainer of their beings, He who died for them and for Whom they would gladly die, stood waiting, ignored, till the heap of fish was quantified. This is why puberty happens. I feel it too.”, “The thing I found offensive, the thing I hated about Mohican-mountain-makers, gill-netters, poachers, whalehunters, strip-miners, herbicide-spewers, dam-erectors, nuclear-reactor-builders, or anyone who lusted after flesh, meat, mineral, tree, pelt, and dollar—including, first and foremost, myself—was the smug ingratitude, the attitude that assumed the world and its creatures owed us everything we could catch, shoot, tear out, alter, plunder, devour… and we owed the world nothing in return.”, “This is, it seems to me, one of the most remarkable statistics ever computed. “There was an old Taoist who lived in a village in ancient China, named Master Hu. That's what a Friend is for.” Alone. Try to catch it in a bucket and you get a bucket of water. There's just nothing like the feel of a trout dancing through the river, making your pole pulse like a heart in your hands. Just as oblivious to a controller of our destiny?

The only thing that came to my mind was, goodbye. interesting, well written and has potential to enhance the reader’s life. This section contains 406 words (approx.

It was a fat green pencil with the school’s name and district number stenciled on it. We thoughtfully gather quotes from our favorite books, both classic and current, and Even though Gus controls his destiny. But some have it in cities - like the Artful Dodger, picking his way through a crowd of London pockets; like Mother Teresa in the Calcutta slums.

. ― Lawrence M. Krauss, quote from The Physics of Star Trek. and so what? Hu loved God and God loved Hu, and whatever God did was fine with Hu, and whatever Hu did was fine with God. They said, "Poor Master Hu has gone crazy."


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