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Many attend for all of these reasons. Les États-Unis, pays d'origine, accueillent le plus grand nombre de conventions, des plus petites aux plus grandes. Ces événements sont généralement filmés et photographiés en partie par les participants et on peut les retrouver sur les réseaux sociaux dédiés, et sur les sites d'hébergement de vidéos. Originating in California, United States, during the mid-1980s, there are now over 40 annual furry conventionsworldwide, mostly i… [28] In an article about furries, Vanity Fair described some hotel guests as "stunned", with some calling convention-goers "freaks", "blatant homosexuals", and various derogatory terms. FurryCons.com is a site dedicated to listing all furry conventions around the world. As the local community grows, these groups may put on events which attract dealer attention or significant fan activity and which become recognized as fully-fledged conventions. The first exclusive furry convention since 1989, ConFurence was cancelled after holding its 15th edition in 2003. Wikinews has News related to this article: Most fans would have to take a vacation from work or study to attend an event held during the work week. Originating in California, United States, during the mid-1980s, there are now over 40 annual furry conventions worldwide, mostly in North America and Europe.

Ils peuvent venir de loin y compris de l'étranger et même d'autres continents[16]. En 2018, la plus grande convention se tient aux États-Unis avec 11 000 participants. One public misconception, popularized by the CSI episode "Fur and Loathing", is that furry conventions are places for people to dress up as animals and perform sexual acts with each other. De 2003 à 2007 FranFurrence[40] "[29], CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (, Timeline of furry conventions with attendance numbers, Anthropomorphic Fandom Convention Information Sheet, "Midwest FurFest usurps Anthrocon's record and becomes the world's largest furry convention", "Midwest FurFest 2019 Metrics—Thanks to all our attendees for making this possible — We couldn't have done it without you!

À Épinal l'association Lorrainefurs organise des rencontres régulièrement depuis des années. On peut trouver des vidéos (Furcadia FurryMUCK Inherit the Earth Skyrates), des émissions, des podcasts, des chansons, des articles de presse, etc., en relation avec les conventions furry et le monde des furries en général, la plupart du temps en anglais[26],[27]. [1], Furry conventions sometimes start out as furmeets, where groups of local fans meet at a regular location, often on a scheduled basis. [16][17] Organizers may also donate from the convention's own funds. Erotic art is typically allowed if kept separate from other pieces, and shown only to adult attendees; a few conventions are rated strictly PG-13. Located on the same grounds in Los Angeles as the Los Angeles County Fairplex, Califur has had many musical attendees at the convention from Los Angeles radio station KROQ's lineup for Weenie Roast which happens at the same time of year. Founded in 2013 and first held in 2014 at the Ramada Minneapolis Airport Hotel. En septembre 2018, à Rennes se tient pour la première fois le « Furennes » par exemple. [13] Artists may also trade art between each other using sketchbooks. On retrouve généralement un espace dédié au revendeurs d'articles en relations avec le monde furry, le « dealer's den » (la « tanière des revendeurs ») et aussi des articles souvenirs de la convention en question. Others come for the programming, or to meet friends or other furry fans in general. Les revenus permettant de payer tous les coûts sont généralement tirés de la vente de billets aux participants. These conventions provide a place for fans to meet, exchange ideas, transact business and engage in entertainment and recreation centered on this concept. The convention will often provide space for stand-up comedy routines by entertainers like Uncle Kage and 2, filk music, many kinds of gaming, and roleplaying sessions, as well as numerous puppeteering and performing arts events. Hotels have few business travelers during the weekend, making it much easier to reserve a block of rooms and secure space for programming at a reduced price. Outre les « suiters » des personnes peu ou pas costumées fréquentent les conventions furry. [8] Attendance at furry conventions has been growing, with the number of conventions, total attendance of all conventions and maximum size of a single convention all doubling over the period 2000–2006. Adam Riggs, «Critter Costuming: Making Mascots and Fabricating Fursuits», Ibexa Press, 1 septembre 2004. [6] Others may wear accessories such as ears or a tail, particularly outside the main convention area. Les billets peuvent coûter de quelques dizaines d'euros pour un ticket simple d'une journée à plusieurs centaines pour une participation à toute la durée de la convention en tant que sponsor. [10][11] A unifying theme is common for larger events. [22] Underage attendees are usually given a distinctive badge to allow staff and dealers to restrict access to mature content. En Allemagne il y a aussi L'EAST qui se tiens a Suhl [38] et la Furvester depuis 2017 à Stuttgart[39]. En France, les conventions furry ne sont pas nombreuses mais la demande est en pleine expansion et le pays possède aujourd'hui deux conventions majeures. Certains participants peuvent décider de donner une aide financières et devenir sponsors de l'évènement. Des soirées en costumes en musique, comme en boite de nuit, peuvent également se dérouler dans les hôtels ayant ce genre de lieu à disposition[9]. On peut trouver un espace réservé pour les artistes et créateurs de costumes, et de dessins, l'« artists alley » (l'« allée des artistes »). Particulièrement les plus grosses, qui attirent énormément de participants comme la Midwest Furfest, où les furries sont minoritaires[21]. Un costume de furry est une pièce unique fabriquée par des artisans, sur mesure pour le suiter, et au vu du prix qui dépasse généralement plusieurs milliers d'euros[17], tout le monde ne peut pas forcément en avoir une. Suivant les pays, et la popularité de ce genre de manifestation, certaines personnes considèrent les furries comme « dérangés », tandis que d'autres trouvent cela un peu bizarre, ou surprenant mais amusant, ou bien encore que ça n'a rien de choquant ni dérangeant. À Lille se tient « Furlille »[44]. Over time, these parties split off into conventions of their own, starting with ConFurence 0 in 1989. Saturday is typically the busiest day, as most fans must return home on Sunday. [21] They may also be displayed prominently in convention publications. Sur le continents américains des conventions ont également lieu (les références pour chasque pays sont données en exemple et ne sont pas exhaustives) au Canada, Brésil, Mexique[30]. [15] Nearly all will wear one or more custom convention badges featuring a depiction of their anthropomorphic persona, some with attached ribbons providing an indicator of social status, such as a notice of affiliation, or sponsorship of the convention. C'est un énorme travail de préparation, d'organisation, de mise en place, d'accompagnement, et désinstallation. Certaines conventions sont majoritairement fréquentées par des « non furry ». [9], Convention programming includes presentations, panels, workshops and tutorials on anthropomorphic culture, from literature, fiction and art to science, technology and spirituality. Les pays nordiques et anglo-saxons sont plus habitués et ouverts à ces rassemblements.

Since being cancelled in 2019 the convention is officially on hiatus. Les fonds récoltés peuvent être importants et se compter en millier, voir dizaines de millier d'euros[14].

Founded in 2004, Califur is the furry convention successor to the first furry convention Confurence held in 1989. In total, furry conventions raised over US$50,000 for charity in 2006,[5] with Further Confusion and Anthrocon raising over US$60,000 throughout their history.[16][18]. Il y a plusieurs types de participants dans les conventions. Furry conventions are usually run and staffed by volunteers,[24] though venues may require certain activities to be contracted out. Le mouvement furry est défini comme l'intérêt pour les animaux imaginaires ou …

Sponsors often receive additional items such as T-shirts, pins or ribbons, as well as faster registration badge pick-up and on-site meals (some conventions provide a con suite with basic refreshments for all members). Furry conventions are organized gatherings of furries. Transportation costs are often lower for weekend travelers. Chairman Darrel L. Exline said he couldn't continue to organize the event, as it took too much time, money, and energy and resulted in lost friendships.

Ceux là portent généralement autour du coup un badge avec leur nom et image de « fursona » (personnage dans le monde des furries)[19],[20]. Other conventions spring up in the wake of discontinued events; for example, Califur was founded in 2004 following the final ConFurence in 2003, in order to keep a furry convention in the Los Angeles Basin. Most furry conventions take place over a weekend, with events scheduled between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon.

The largest events may require up to a hundred volunteers, not including gofers. They are distinct from other fandom conventions including comic book conventions, anime conventions, science fiction conventions, gaming conventions, horror conventions and multigenre conventions. La plupart des conventions ont un site internet, sont actives sur les réseaux sociaux, et possède un forum de discussion. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. [3] It had a self-reported 2019 attendance of 11,019. Par exemple, l'Eurofurence se tient à Berlin depuis plusieurs années, dans le plus grand complexe hôtelier et de convention d'Europe, l'ESTREL, qui possède plus de 1000 chambres. Certains y voient une connotation sexuelle qui n'a pas lieu d'être en réalité[47],[28]. There will often be a Dealers Den where art and comic book distributors and other merchants can sell their wares for a fee, and an Artists' Alley where individual artists are given space for no fee or a token fee, usually on the condition that they sell only their own work. These conventions provide a place for fans to meet, exchange ideas, transact business and engage in entertainment and recreation centered on this concept. In 2014, a, VancouFur has been Vancouver's furry convention since 2012. A furry convention (also furry con or fur con) is a formal gathering of members of the furry fandom — people who are interested in the concept of fictional non-human animal characters with human characteristics. [5] Attendees often dress up and wear artistic name badges for identification, though the majority do not bring fursuits. Une convention furry est un événement social rassemblant des membres de la communauté furry. Furry Weekend Atlanta has united furries from around the world for nine years. Il arrive que des allusions soient faites dans des films et des téléfilms, mais il semble qu'elles soient reductrices et caricaturales[28].

[1][2] The largest furry convention as of 2017 is Midwest FurFest which is held each year in suburban Chicago, Illinois. The use of glowsticks and illuminated poi are popular once the lights are dimmed.


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