gracepoint vs broadchurch
Gracepoint did improve on a few items from Broadchurch. Hugh Laurie did for House, Martin Freeman did for Fargo and their accents were impeccable. As I watched the Broadchurch interviews with Olivia Colman and David together it became clear to me that they were friendly, and there was a great deal of respect between them, but they were never pals. “Broadchurch,” then, is a marvel of execution, a common tale told uncommonly well. : A Note on Reviews and Reactions, Cheating on Doctor Who: Color Theory in Breaking Bad, Doctors and Companions: From the Tardis through the Studio Door, From the Fall of Eleven to Now: All About the Doctor, On with the Show: Seasons and Episodes of Doctor Who, Together at Last: Matt Smith & David Tennant in the 50th. No Comments, 17 September 2020 6:15 AM | If you’re interested in what we thought about Gracepoint‘s pilot when it first aired, check it out here. Interviews with leading film and TV creators about their process and craft. But, under full disclosure, I admit that I saw Broadchurch first. Maybe we were just sucked in by the Scottish lilt, but a character who was brusque but amusingly eccentric comes across here as a callous bore. This wasn’t the case here. Both are capable of tremendous work (Gunn won two well-deserved Emmys for “Breaking Bad,” and Peña’s performance in “End of Watch” is one of my favorite bits of screen acting in recent memory), but neither manages to transcend the artificiality of the writing. So. Even revivals of plays are not carbon copies, nor do they try to be. As with nearly everything in “Broadchurch,” their relationship is built from stock material, only to transform, over time, into something far more complicatedly alive. Or, in David’s case, bad luck. It was amazing and I loved seeing a bit of Skyler’s fire. However the two series deviate on some key points. Its paint-by-numbers imitation of “Broadchurch” only heightens the sense that the original’s brilliance emerged from the particular magic of its constituent parts, from its deeply sympathetic portrait of the place where it happened to be. There wasn’t a trace of it on the show. The stress of Hamlet must have got to him, but it never seemed to. But if you take an actor for whom words are paramount, and have him speak in a growly monotone…it isn’t exactly going to help your show. Kendrick Sampson, who played Chloe’s boyfriend, could act circles around his UK doppelganger and should have been used more. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Michael Peña steps in as the boy’s father, Mark Solano, and Anna Gunn is given the unenviable task of reprising Olivia Colman’s role as Ellie Miller. Was it that he didn’t keep it all day during shooting? First, I appreciate the people around him were supportive. I think that to let go of preconceptions and really learn it from the ground up would have been an incredible slog when he was already coping with a rigorous shooting schedule. ( Log Out /  Oh, I would have watched it, but not expected much. A few more hours in, and all viewers may start thinking this American adaptation of the British hit simply isn't good enough — whether they've seen Broadchurch or not. Considering Gracepoint has the same writer and same star as the original, you may wonder what could go wrong. It was like a stereotype of an idea, existing in a single dimension. He uses his body, but it’s really the way he handles his lines that sets him apart: David Tennant can do magical things with the spoken word. Inspector Alec Hardy (David Tennant), that propels the narrative toward its shattering conclusion. And this is completely at odds with how he is as an actor, because he is all about words. Indeed, if you’re a fan of “Broadchurch,” “Gracepoint” is practically poisonous. By the end of the eight-episode arc I felt as if I could draw the fictional town on a map, pockmarked with personal histories from the top of the High Street to the edge of the cliffs, and it’s this understanding that where we live is tightly woven into who we are that lends “Broadchurch” its haunting intimacy. Even the cliffs are less dramatic. And it’s dealt with in a quick couple questions before moving on. Nolte and Weaver play their roles so broadly, you wonder why anyone would let a child get within 100 feet of them, and Pena seems to be overcompensating by going completely expressionless. I guess that’s the trap of a already trod drama: you can’t adapt to strengths and weaknesses of your cast as you can with original material. The coach(s) may have tried to get too fancy; instead of giving David a neutral American dialect which might have been easier–at least it would have sounded more like what he heard from his cast mates–they tried for some weird east coast variant. That maybe you can be fine at some accents and stumble with others; and it just happens that this particular one is a problem for him. She was one of the only sour cast notes in Broadchurch, one scene she kept glancing down inexplicably at the counter she was behind. There was little nuance to Emmett, few moments that showed you that there was something underneath. “Broadchurch” treats the placid surface of village life like an itch, scratching and scratching until it bleeds. “Gracepoint” premieres Thursday at 9pm on FOX. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. When Broadchurch premiered on ITV in 2013, it was such a smash hit that it took only a year before the show (and its star) were brought across the pond for an American remake.I never watched either at the time, but I was on Tumblr enough to know two things: Broadchurch was amazing and Gracepoint was not. Change ), Spoilers! Copyright © 2020 Penske Business Media, LLC. And then there was Laura Fraser, who showed up on Breaking Bad. The best scene with Anna’s Ellie was coaxing her son into talking in the hotel bathroom, which did not occur in Broadchurch at all. I’m also glad that American talk show hosts were hospitable and polite with their willingness to call his accent good. Standing on its own, Gracepoint (Fox, Thursday, 9 ET/PT: * * out of four) is too slow, too disconnected from its supposed California setting, and too indifferently — and in some cases, badly — cast.


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