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You can watch, though. Maybe these two will leave you alone now. Gunsmoke! From the Old Time Radio Researcher’s Group. Can't you play good enough? All right, you can turn around now. I never done much. Draw your audience's attention and get them hooked on to find out more.

Gunsmoke - Listen to Gunsmoke on Deezer. Matt Dillon, US M... + Libby Segar, an old widow, refuses to leave her land for the railroad right of way. What the Whisky Drummer Heard (James Nusser)(reused script), Twelfth Night (Helen Kleeb)(reused script), Mavis McCloud (Barbara Eiler)(reused script), How to Die for Nothing (May 4th broadcast preempted)(reused script), Cows and Cribs (Anne Morrison)(reused script), Mr and Mrs Amber (Virginia Gregg)(reused script), The Coward (Joseph Kearns)(reused script), Ben Tolliver's Stud (Les Crutchfield)(reused script), Letter of the Law (Vic Perrin)(reused script), The Constable (Barlett Robinson)(reused script), The Reed Survives (Lynn Allen)(reused script), Twelfth Night (December 22 broadcast pre-empted) (Virginia Gregg)(reused script), Crowbait Bob (Nov 4th broadcast preempted), Kitty Caught (James Nusser)(reused script), The Brothers (different story than 52-09-06), Bloody Hands (Long Branch)(reused script), Beeker's Barn (Joseph Kearns)(reused script), What the Whisky Drummer Heard (Edgar Barrier), Brush at Elkader (James Westerfield)(reused script), The Blacksmith (Barney Phillips)(reused script). (boots scrape on gravel) I oughta cut an ear off each one of you, but I can't do that, so I'll do the next best thing. (amused) Yea, maybe you're right at that. (pause) There he .is now. Marshal. Now, what in the world is that fellow? Yea, they are. Well, that's what he told me." I'll bring him over there as soon as I find him. Go on..tell him, now. We wasn't gonna hang him! With Tyler and Short, there? I sure hate to see poor Pendle hang, for killing these two buzzards, Matt. We was gonna scare him, and then run him off. And who you gonna hang?

Looka-yonder, Mister Dillon, across the plaza, there. I heard Marshal Dillon ride outta town this morning. [GUITAR SOLO OF OLD-TIME BALLAD, with occasional sounds of yes!

Well, if you're from Texas, how come you fought in the Union Army? Well, which has the bigger ears...him?or his mule? Real dead. They just came in with Pendle. (footsteps) Well, I'm all through here., First Show: Jun 26, 1952

Maybe some bear'll fatten him up a little. Well, maybe he'll find another one somewhere (music under..) Anyway, they sure liked to hear him play in this town. Doc. When the girl is returned to ... + Doc Holliday has come to Dodge to kill Big Jack Finley. Time he gets back, it'll be all over.

(ditto, except lower pitched voice than Tyler) Yea, Pendle, here...he's kinda scrawny, hisself. I'm busy pourin' drinks, and I don't pay no mind to who's here and who ain't, (pause) I couldn't rightly say a' all. For several hours, at least. I'm gonna show you a hangin'. We'll let the hotel worry about 'em. Chester and I had just come out of Delmonico's and were walkin' up front street... Outdoors, horses & buggy, etc. Only JPG, GIF and PNG file types are allowed.

It sure did. Well, it coulda been most anything/ knowin' him.

The voices of all characters in the cast were created by Gary Williams and Charley Peltier. (small laugh) He shore is a peculiar little fella. It was set in Dodge City, Kansas in the 1870’s. Part o... + Matt Dillon and Chester apprehend three people, a father and his young son and daughter, involved ... + Two Texas cowboys drag Chester behind a horse for fun, almost killing him. The radio show first aired on April 26, 1952 and ran until June 18, 1961 on the CBS radio network.Read Less, Tacetta Sam, I figure... and a couple of the other boys. (pause) They're about the meanest pair o' men I ever knew. Yea...Tyler and Short, too. You been playin' that gittar a long time in that saloon, ain't you, Pendle?

Powerful, free online tools and community for creating beautiful custom content. ANNOUNCER: Around Dodge City and in the territory on West, there's just one way to handle the killers and the spoilers - and that's with a U. S. Marshal and the smell of - GUNSMOKE! Number Shows: 480 shows, 2 auditions, 5 hour tribute Design an impressionable intro for your all your videos today with OFFEO Intro Maker. Matt is forced... 1 3 Ain't ya.

(sighs) Dodge treated Pendle pretty rough. (pause) Ain't that right, Pendle? What do I care about him? (laughter) (louder now) Hey, bartender, three beers! from crowd in background]?then applause and exclamations at the end. Well, Pendle said he's leavin' in a day or two. Just ride around on my mule.

He's a Yankee, Marshal. You're about ready, ain't you.

Yea...I reckon we'd better. Yank? C... + An albino buffalo skin is the clue to the murder of two buffalo hunters, and their father.

What ya hangin' me fer? And a little lonely... Beer hall, clinking of glasses, noisy laughter? Clean outta Dodge! I guess I can't beat the truth out of you. That's right. (long pause) Yea, they liked it just fine. No...this kinda made sense. (laughs) He is funny lookin', all right, and he acts pretty peculiar, too. I tried to stop 'em, but Tyler held me. Why, no. 1987 - Gunsmoke : Return to Dodge1990 - Gunsmoke : The Last Apache1992 - Gunsmoke : To the Last Man1993 - Gunsmoke : The Long Ride1994 - Gunsmoke : One Man's Justice What does intro mean? Intro … Dodge is better off without 'em.

(low, authoritive, semi-gutteral W. Conrad voice) You'll have to kill me, too, Tyler. There's a law against murder. I always do. (pause) They liked his music, didn't they? When I'm in the mood to listen to drama, I go to this show more often than not. What about your guitar?

It ... + Jim Stanley, a slow thinking rancher, is framed by Mingo and accused of stealing from his gamblin... + Jim and Will Thompson are in town to sell a herd of horses...or are they? Let's go now. Why, they musta been asleep when it happened. Yes sir, I will. bvseo-msg: HTTP status code of 404 was returned.

That's what they done. (footsteps walk away), (amid the tavern babble & footsteps, a door opens, footfalls in gravel). The man's beautiful dau... + Greedy Mr. Howard won't let Jack Jackson water his herd during a Kansas drought.

Mister Dillon. I'11 get it and meet ya out back. You're not a Stitcher Premium subscriber yet. 19. Yea, so they was. Oh, oh my goodness! See him? I guess it's Weed Pendle I want now. It's kinda a surprise, Chester. Uh, huh. Eh, well, that's Weed Pendle. Sam gave Weed Pendke a job, sweepin' up the saloon, and let him live in a tiny shack out back. Tell me somethin' else, Pendle. "You don't get a second chance to make a first impression", Impressions do matter. I left my gittar out back. The radio show first aired on April 26, 1952 and ran until June 18, 1961 on the CBS radio network.Read more », Gunsmoke was a long-running old-time radio and television Western drama program set in Dodge City, Kansas during the settlement of the American West. Now you know it's agin the law to hang people around here! …

Go on! © Stitcher 2019, all content is copyright of its owners. Looks kinda empty-like without his guitar, don't he? (approaching) Here now! We didn't hurt Pendle none. Bonus and ad-free content available with Stitcher Premium. You sure ain't. 4 Do you think Short and Tyler'll bother him anymore?

Me and Short been waitin' to tell you how we liked it, too. A real hangin'? Marshal.

'Just long enough to see who was cuttin' his throat probably. We had hard luck and never got to see no real Confederates...just a bunch of ragged-tail bushwackers in South Missouri.

The series featured top-notch acting and well-developed scripts that set it apart from many other shows, not only Westerns; however, it was the sound effects that stood out the most. All right! But I never did see a hangin'.

You've gone far enough! Why, he's lost an ear! Bummer!

Don't you ever 'play'..and take up a collection, or somethin'? Gunsmoke!

Gunsmoke is one of those long-running classic Old-Time Radio shows that everyone knows and remembers. Here I am, ready for anotheur'n. Yea, my rope's on my saddle. "Gunsmoke" is such a superb radio show. I just sent him out back for a bucket o' sawdust. Why, I declare! The little Yankee is gonna play his guitar for us. Just told him how sorry they was. Look at his mule, Chester.

What you talkin* about, Tyier? Pendle, you must have a nickel, at least!

Yea? We all began to think that he probably didn't even know how. (likable, but cynical, full of character) Awww, yes, well you had enough last night, Chester.

Just the start of it. Don't you try to buck me and Short, Chester. Marshal, who cares about Tyler and Short? Well, he can't talk now. No, wait a minute. It began sometime in 1955, transcribed under the Artransa label, and aired Mondays at 7:00 PM on the Macquarie network. + "The Brothers". I sure do thank you for lettin' me sleep in your jail last night, Marshal. ANNOUNCER: GUNSMOKE! They'll think o' somethin'. You know what Weed Pendle told me yesterday, Matt? You know, that's another thing that's wrong with this gittar. Just sit quiet and listen.

Who are the Thompson Bro... + Marshal Dillon is forced to amputate the leg of a settler on the prairie. Well, I've done all I can, Chester. Take your rope off that man's neck, and you do it quick! You tell Sam to let me know if they even start talkin' to him again.

Uh, take him over to Sam's, will ya? Chester...wait for me at the jail.

This is it! A showdown seems inevitable, but Beaudry is found de... + Ord Spicer, who sells rifles to the Cheyenne, kills two cowboys with his new Sharps rifles. Now, who'd dare steal money off a tiger like you, Pendle? chair squeeks, footsteps on hardwood floor. Matt told me you were still asleep at nine o'clock this morning!

Marshal, and the smell of gunsmoke!”, “Gunsmoke!… starring William Conrad… the story of the violence that moved west with young America, and the story of a man who moved with it. Goodnight.

With music streaming on Deezer you can discover more than 56 million tracks, create your own playlists, and share your favourite tracks with your friends. 'Course, you're not gonna get to see all of the hangin', Pendle. Ah, yes. The easiest way to listen to podcasts on your iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, smart speaker — and even in your car. I was asleep. He means some o' the boys who were here, when he came back with his busted guitar. But I only done what they told me to. Who ar... +This was an audition episode of Gunsmoke and starred Rye Billsbury as Marshall Mark Dillon in an ep... +This was an audition episode of Gunsmoke and starred Howard Culver as Marshall Mark Dillon in an ep... + The first show of the series. An' they gave me the ear. Kitty. There gonna be a hangin'? Took my gittar with me.


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