henry of champagne

"The Court of Champagne as a Literary Center".

He was the eldest son of Count Thibaut II of Champagne (who was also Count Thibaut IV of Blois) and his wife, Matilda of Carinthia.. Henry took part in the Second Crusade under the leadership of Louis VII of France. He was 31 years old and very much in the prime of his life. Thus it was imperative to marry her to nobleman capable of defending the kingdom in its perilous state. This was a wise precaution as an estimated one third of all noble crusaders were either killed outright or fell victim to disease and illness while on crusade. He is said to have been a member of the group involved in the abduction of Queen Isabella I of Jerusalem, to get her to consent to a divorce from Humphrey IV of Toron so that she could be married to Conrad of Montferrat. Meeting now as equals, the two men were reconciled, and to symbolize their new friendship (and secure the future of their houses) they agreed that Aimery’s three sons should be betrothed to Henri’s three daughters by Isabella of Jerusalem. On September 10, 1197 Henry of Champagne accidentally fell from a window into a courtyard of the royal palace at Acre and broke his neck. This would have led to a union of his dominions with English Gascony, but it came to nothing.

Unlike most nobles who went crusading and died of pestilence, dysentery or a defender’s sword, Henry was put forward as a candidate for the new king of Jerusalem when the sitting king was murdered. When she married Philip II of France instead, his father, aunt and other members of his family were angered. Since he had never returned from the Holy Land, his brother Theobold laid claim to the County of Champagne and his sons after him, but Henri’s surviving daughters, Alice and Philippa, challenged their cousins claim. The queen through whom the crown was derived, however, was still alive, albeit a pregnant widow.

In 1181 he had succeeded his father as duke of Champagne (becoming Henry II) before heeding the call to arms and joining the Third Crusade in 1190. Henry I (December 1127 – March 16, 1181), known as the Liberal,[1] was count of Champagne from 1152 to 1181. Henri of Champagne was one of the most ardent French crusaders to join the Third Crusade. and give Cyprus to Henri too (some Richard had already given to Guy de Lusignan). Henry I (December 1127 – March 16, 1181), known as the Liberal, was count of Champagne from 1152 to 1181. [3] Henry's father died in 1181, and his mother ruled, as regent, until 1187. He was buried there, as was his son Theobald III, but most of his descendants were buried elsewhere.[9]. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. Henry was the elder son of Count Henry I of Champagne and Marie, daughter of King Louis VII of France and Duchess Eleanor of Aquitaine. Another version suggests that Henry had been watching a parade from the window, when a party of Pisan envoys entered the room. On his father's death, Henry chose to take Champagne, leaving the family's older holdings (including Blois, Chartres, Sancerre, and Châteaudun) to his younger brothers. To demonstrate his authority, the grand master of the Hashshashin beckoned to two adherents, who immediately flung themselves from the ramparts to their deaths. The Hashshashin then offered to commit a murder for Henry, as an honour to their guest. [7] The ransom was paid by the Byzantine Emperor. Turning to greet them, he stepped backwards and overbalanced. Whether this was state-piracy or instigated by the still-embittered deposed-King Guy de Lusignan is not clear. Almost immediately after Richard’s departure, the Pisans started attacking shipping going to Acre. The eldest son of Henry I “the Liberal,” count of Champagne, Henry (II) succeeded to his father’s lands in 1181. Early life. Kings were not elected by “popular acclaim” in the Kingdom of Jerusalem. Henri was not left cold by this crusading fever. He ordered Aimery de Lusignan arrested for treason. Henry II of Champagne (or Henry I of Jerusalem) (29 July 1166 – 10 September 1197) was count of Champagne from 1181 to 1197, and king of Jerusalem from 1192 to 1197 by virtue of his marriage to Queen Isabella I of Jerusalem. Henry I, byname Henry The Fat, Spanish Enrique El Gordo, French Henri Le Gros, (born c. 1210—died July 22, 1274, Pamplona, Navarre), king of Navarre (1270–74) and count (as Henry III) of Champagne. Another says he leaned out of the window and the railing gave way. In 1190 he arrived at Acre (mod.


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