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and Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here. [15] The album features the songs "Ocean in His Eyes", "Just This One Time", and "Crying in My Sleep". Since 1993, Jimmy Webb has produced five critically acclaimed solo albums: Suspending Disbelief (1993), Ten Easy Pieces (1996), Twilight of the Renegades (2005), Just Across the River (2010), and Still Within the Sound of My Voice (2013). Throughout the 1970s and into the 1980s, Webb's songs continued to be recorded by some of the industry's most successful artists. [8], Webb's career as a singer-songwriter got off to a rough start with the "counterfeit" album Jim Webb Sings Jim Webb, released by Epic Records in 1968. Sloan", and "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress", which had already been recorded by Joe Cocker, Glen Campbell, and Judy Collins. Jimmy Layne Webb (born August 15, 1946) is an American songwriter, composer, and singer. After they married, the couple had four more sons and then a daughter. These songs provided the background for Reunion, the 1974 album where Campbell and Webb reunited for a set of Webb songs. Words and Music that are embedded in the musical soul of our country, and will be played for generations to come. [4] His father, Robert Lee Webb, was a Baptist minister and alumnus of the United States Marine Corps who presided over rural churches in southwestern Oklahoma and west Texas. In 1987, Webb produced the soundtrack for the film The Hanoi Hilton. The first part of a relationship is usually that white-hot centre when all the happy songs come. That’s All I’ve Got to Say  MacArthur Park – Richard Harris, 1968 2020 The Jimmy Webb Music Company. Worst That Could Happen – Brooklyn Bridge, 1969 05. [18], Webb grew up in a religiously conservative family, and his father was a pastor. "Up, Up and Away" and "By the Time I Get to Phoenix" received eight Grammy Awards between them. ...To hear the composer sing and play his songs is always something special, and to hear the songs of Jimmy Webb performed by Jimmy Webb is a momentous experience. The Tree That same year, he composed the soundtrack to all episodes of the TV series Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I've done things I wish I hadn't done. Worst That Could Happen – Brooklyn Bridge, 1969 In 1986, Webb produced a cantata, The Animals' Christmas, with Art Garfunkel, Amy Grant, and the London Symphony Orchestra. The Cat Well, that's not exactly accurate, since Webb never produced or arranged the hits Campbell had in the '60s, and the record isn't entirely written by Webb, since it features Susan Webb's "About the Ocean" and Lowell George's "Roll Um Easy" (here retitled "Roll Me Easy"). Forest Awakens: The Unicorn Forest/The Hunters In 1994, Webb teamed with Nanci Griffith to contribute the song "If These Old Walls Could Speak" to the AIDS benefit album Red Hot + Country produced by the Red Hot Organization. Webb did not mention Sullivan in his memoir The Cake and the Rain.[29]. In the 2000s Webb talked more openly about his return to the Christian faith of his upbringing and the role it has played in his music. 05. Several of these songs later ended up on Webb solo albums. Webb finished up the year by writing, arranging, and producing Thelma Houston's first album, Sunshower. And heavyweights Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and Kris Kristofferson recorded "Highwayman" on the album Highwayman. Sadly I've not always used the gift He's given me—the answered prayer—as best as I could or should have. It was well received by songwriters and performers and became a best-seller. From 1982 to 1992, Webb turned his focus from solo performing to large-scale projects, such as film scores, Broadway musicals, and classical music. Sloan", a "masterpiece [that] could not be improved upon". I don't like it when people try to confine Him. performing his songs. Reunion has a quiet power that grows with repeated listenings since it does indeed showcase Webb at his best as songwriter/arranger and Campbell as an interpretive singer. In 1978, Donna Summer's disco version of "MacArthur Park" became a multi-million selling vinyl single that was number one on the American pop music charts for three weeks. [6][7] In 1964, Webb and his family moved to Southern California, where he attended San Bernardino Valley College studying music. He began to withdraw from the formulaic process in which he worked and began to experiment with his music. In 2009, Webb and his sons collaborated on the album Cottonwood Farm. But this is very much a record for the dedicated, those that are already convinced of the strengths of both men, because it reveals its gifts slowly, and even when they're out in the open, the songs are so delicately, if exquisitely, crafted they're best appreciated by listeners with an eye for detail. 06. So, it's not entirely surprising that the record didn't make much of an impression, certainly nothing close to their big hits of the '60s, but rather that it's become a cult item, with some fans regarding it among Campbell's best work. Webb is quoted as saying he had a crush on Mary Wilson when he wrote and produced "I Keep It Hid" featuring her on lead vocals. When that's gone it can be devastating, and that's when the sorrowful songs come. Following the death of his mother in 1965, his father made plans to return to Oklahoma. [1] Webb grew up in a conservative religious home where his father restricted radio listening to country music and white gospel. MacArthur Park – Donna Summer, 1978 Up, Up And Away – The Fifth Dimension, 1967 Red Soup Honey Come Back – Glen Campbell, 1970 One of the songs, "MacArthur Park", was a long, complex piece with multiple movements that was originally rejected by the group The Association. Webb's success as a new songwriter underscored what became the central dilemma in his career. During the late 1950s, Webb began applying his creativity to the music he was playing at his father's church, frequently improvising and rearranging the hymns. [3] That year, the string of successful Webb songs continued with the 5th Dimension's "Paper Cup" and "Carpet Man" reaching the Top 40, Glen Campbell's "Wichita Lineman" selling over a million copies, and Johnny Maestro & the Brooklyn Bridge scoring a gold record with "The Worst That Could Happen", a song originally recorded by the 5th Dimension. And though my strong Baptist background broke down to a certain degree, it was always inside me. MacArthur Park – Richard Harris, 1968 04. [19] One book reviewer described it as "a companion every serious songwriter should read, and read again, and keep handy for referral".[20]. The cantata tells the Christmas story from the perspective of animals. In 1990, John Denver recorded "Postcard from Paris" on the album The Flower That Shattered the Stone. I have great memories of our times together and great respect for Sally, so much respect that I didn’t write about her in my book because I didn’t want to tarnish her Gidget image with our stories of drugs and sex. . [3] Webb is the only artist ever to have received Grammy Awards for music, lyrics, and orchestration.[3]. In an October 2007 interview with Nigel Bovey, editor of The Salvation Army newspaper The War Cry, Webb was quite explicit about his renewed faith. [8] The following year, Webb met singer and producer Johnny Rivers, who signed him to a publishing deal and recorded his song "By the Time I Get to Phoenix" on his 1966 album Changes. Up, Up And Away – The Fifth Dimension, 1967 07. Sources say their age difference at the time caused a lot of criticism from the press due to Sullivan's young age. MacArthur Park – Donna Summer, 1978 02. The musical contained new songs that he and others would later record, including "What Does a Woman See in a Man", "I Don't Know How to Love You Anymore", and "Is There Love After You". [13] Also in 1971, the Three Degrees are featured in the movie The French Connection giving a rendition of Webb's song "Everybody Gets To Go To The Moon", originally recorded in 1969 by Thelma Houston. In addition to his cantata, The Animals' Christmas, he has always included religious songs in his albums—"Psalm One-Five-O", "Jerusalem", and "I Will Arise" are a few examples—and his lyrics have included biblical verses and allusions. The group's follow-up album, The Magic Garden, was also released in 1967 and featured eleven additional Webb songs, including "The Worst That Could Happen". I've made mistakes. . But eventually all the hype caught up with me."[18]. © 2020 The Jimmy Webb Music Company. In 1988, Toto recorded "Home of the Brave" on the album The Seventh One. [5], Jimmy Webb was raised in Laverne, Oklahoma. "[32], Webb gave up alcohol a few years after his divorce from Patsy, and revived his performing career. Haggard’s Unicorns Wichita Lineman – Glen Campbell, 1969 03. [17] A decade would pass before Webb released his next solo album. Apart from "Scissors Cut" and "In Cars", which were previously recorded by Art Garfunkel, the album offered few high points, despite its polished production. Sure, I could hack out hackneyed phrases and clichés, but to write anything meaningful I have to be in tune with God. On Frank Sinatra's acclaimed 1969 album My Way, the singer dove deeper into Webb's songbook with a version of "Didn't We?" [15] While Webb continued to improve as a singer, he "still hadn't found an identity as a solo artist". All I Know – Art Garfunkel, 1973 08. Like its predecessor, the album drew upon the talents of top Los Angeles session musicians to produce a classic West Coast pop sound, enhanced by guest vocal harmonies by Gerry Beckley, Michael McDonald, Graham Nash, Kenny Loggins, Daryl Hall, and Stephen Bishop. Webb was drawn to the singer's distinctive voice. Webb's 1972 album Letters, which features his own rendition of "Galveston", met with similar praise. Seeing that his son was determined, however, he gave him $40, saying, "It's not much, but it's all I have. [16] El Mirage also features the songs "If You See Me Getting Smaller I'm Leaving", a newly arranged version of "P.F. When you read it in the press a hundred times a year, you tend to believe it. Other singers had big hits with Webb's songs and Campbell made tremendous music with other people's songs, but there was something special about their collaboration that was evident on their big hits of the '60s: "By the Time I Get to Phoenix," "Wichita Lineman," "Galveston," "Where's the Playground, Suzie?." [17] Unlike his previous solo albums, however, Angel Heart lacked the quality material usually associated with the composer. After 22 years of marriage, Sullivan and Webb separated and later divorced. He also wrote music for the films How Sweet It Is! [16] William Ruhlmann observed, "These were lush tracks full of tasty playing and warm string charts on which Webb's thin tenor was buoyed by numerous background vocalists, the whole an excellent example of the style known as 'West Coast pop'. . Webb grew up in a conservative religious home where his father restricted radio li… [23], Decades after he sold his first song, Webb's influence on his fellow musicians is ongoing. The album A Tramp Shining stayed on the charts for almost a year.


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