The foreign national is the legal spouse of a U.S. citizen.

It was designed to shorten the physical separation between the foreign national and his or her U.S. citizen spouse.

Complete the file with the documents that the US Embassy/Consulate requires for a K3 visa application. Therefore, your spouse needs to have already met the requirements for the initial immigrant visa. A spouse is a legally wedded husband or wife. Vollversammlung der Vereinten Nationen, Wiederverhängung von Sanktionen gegen die Islamische Republik Iran, Vereinigte Staaten ergreifen Maßnahmen gegen Zwangsarbeit in Xinjiang, Webinar-Reihe: Teaching the U.S. Applicants using Form I-134 will need to show that their U.S. sponsor's income is 100 percent of the federal poverty guideline.
Here you can explore health insurance options for LPRs.

RECOMMENDED: K3 Visa Process: Just a Mirage? Wenn also die USCIS sowohl das Formular I-130 als auch das Formular I-129F bearbeitet und an die NVC weiterleitet, wird dem Antragsteller kein K3-Visum erteilt, sondern er sollte stattdessen ein CR-1-Visum beantragen. If your K3 Visa Application is important to you, here are four great reasons why you should speak to Velie Law Firm today. The K3 Visa Application.

The K3 Visa, also known as the spouse visa, allows the spouse of a US Citizen to come to the USA while the Green Card application is pending.
U.S. DEPARTMENT of STATE — BUREAU of CONSULAR AFFAIRS, The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005 (IMBRA), Review Additional U.S. Embassy/Consulate-Specific Instructions, Medical Examination and Vaccination Requirements, Proof of Financial Support and Affidavit of Support forms.

K-3 Visa Process: Just a Mirage for Spouses?

K3 visa: The K3 visa entitles the visa applicant to enter and reside in the U.S. as a nonimmigrant until the immigrant visa petition filed by the petitioner is approved and the visa applicant is able to obtain an immigrant visa status.

In accordance with the above restrictions, it is an advantage for the couple to continue obtaining a CR-1 after the Form I-130 is approved and upgrade the status to an IR-1 visa after two years. Upon approval for Form I-129F, the case is moved to the U.S. embassy or consulate in the foreign national’s country of residence.

If this form is rejected, then your K3 visa will be revoked or not renewed for the next term.

Schwulenaktivist Evan Wolfson im Schwulen Museum in Berlin.

Wenn sie die USA verlassen ohne vorher eine “re-entry permit” erhalten zu haben, benötigen sie ein Einwanderungsvisum für die erneute Einreise. The children must be unmarried and under 21 years old to qualify.

When the form is filed, the US citizen spouse will get Form I-797, Notice of Action from USCIS, which they can use as proof that the Form I-130 is in processing.

Good news! Specifically, it allows the foreign national to enter the United States to await approval of the immigrant visa petition. Even though the CR-1 does not expire, it sets a condition on the marriage of the couple, unlike the IR-1. How long have you known each other? Once your case has been received from NVC by the U.S. Embassy or Consulate that will process it, the length of time varies from case to case according to its circumstances.

Review U.S. Embassy/Consulate-Specific Instructions here, to learn what additional requirements there are, if any. Before making an inquiry, we request that you carefully review this website. You obtain a health insurance policy as a green card holder in the United States through private companies. You won’t pay one penny more. K4 visa: This form will be processed and reviewed by the USCIS and once approved, the form will be forwarded to the National Visa Center (NVC). K1, K3 Visa Processing. To change your status from your immigrant visa to an LPR, you must first have an approved petition from USCIS and the visa, as well as live in the US. After the form is complete, you must submit and get the confirmation page which you will need later. Like the K1 Visa, this application is also made by the United States citizen and will be … Citizenship and Immigration Services, Amerikanisches Generalkonsulat Düsseldorf. Before the issuance of an immigrant or K visa, every applicant, regardless of age, must undergo a medical examination which must be performed by an authorized panel physician. Other than the application form, it is must also for the applicants to attach other supporting documents as below: The NVC will ensure to submit all the necessary documents and will also schedule the interview at the U.S Embassy where an applicant has applied. Eligible children include unmarried sons and daughters under the age of 21.

If your child has a valid K-4 visa and you have already adjusted status to that of permanent resident, your child may still travel on the K-4 visa. US Visas – Informative Guide About US Visas. How do I attach additional information to my I-129F petition? As being considered to be a non-immigrant visa, the K3 visa is only valid for two years. The Consular Officer may request that a Form I-134, Affidavit of Support, be submitted by the U.S. citizen spouse. It should be noted that under U.S. immigration law, a foreign citizen who marries a U.S. citizen outside the U.S. must apply for the K-3 visa in the country where the marriage took place. The care we put into all our applications gives us the highest success rates in the industry. COVID-19 Updates. Be married to a US citizen – the US does not recognize living together as being married. It would take much time for the process if the couple will file for Form I-130 to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) since, at this time, they will be apart. You may present evidence that you are able to financially support yourself or that your U.S. citizen spouse is able to provide support. If the marriage took place in a country that does not have a U.S. Embassy, or the Embassy or Consulate does not issue visas, the NVC will send the petition to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate that normally processes visas for citizens of that country. we still offer it for those who want to try it, though the CR-1 is a better visa choice. If they want to travel later than one year from the date your K-3 visa was issued, they will not be eligible to receive K-4 visas, and separate immigrant visa petitions will be required. Lawful Permanent Residents in the United States are treated similarly to US citizens in terms of healthcare and health insurance. Herzlich willkommen auf der offiziellen Website der US-Botschaft und der US-Konsulate in Deutschland! The K3 visa fees that your US citizen spouse and you will incur are as follows: K3 visa processing time varies from case to case and it takes 5-8 months to process.

There is an option for applying for a non-immigrant visa if only for staying in the country in a short time, but if planning to live in the US as a couple, then the spouse coming from other foreign countries must have one of the visas for spouses. It is important that you do not open the sealed packet. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials have authority to permit or deny admission to the U.S. The children which qualify must be unmarried and under 21 years old. If USCIS processes both Form I-130 and Form I-129F and approves them, sending them to the NVC, then the applicant cannot get a K3 visa, but must apply for a CR-1 visa. The U.S Embassies in different countries typically have different working times, which then meant to might speed up or delay the processing of an applicant’s K-3 visa.


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