malibu high film

It's definitely a repulsive and utterly tasteless film, what with the glorification of everything that is not done in the life of teenager, but hey … that's exactly what this kind of rancid and exploitative film-making is all about, is it not? This movie also contains the ODDEST music cues ever; one was used on the old SCTV and they also use the song that became "The People's Court" theme.

Trying to get things your way can be a plus or a minus.

FAQ High school student Kim Bentley (Jill Lansing) is having a tough time of things at the moment, she has been dumped by her boyfriend Kevin (Stuart Taylor) for rich girl Annette (Tammy Taylor), her grades are slipping and she has no money, and all her mother (Phyllis Benson) seems to care about is cleaning. The music being used is the same music for the syndicated TV show "The People's Court" opening!

[NSFW] All of the HALLOWEEN Nudity (and more) in One Post! Where did she get that mini skirt from? She graduating in prostitution, and getting involved with drugs, as well as bribing teachers, with her body, to boost up those bad grades. | Malibu High es una película dirigida por Irvin Berwick con Jill Lansing, Stuart Taylor, Katie Johnson, Phyllis Benson, .... Año: 1979. Depressing film that was 20 years out of date at the time it was released!

Not on the street mind you, but in the back of a van! Malibu High is a 1979 American exploitation film directed by Irvin Berwick and starring Jill Lansing. You be the judge of this one. Though the film’s cinematography isn’t amazing, the film still looks great on Blu-Ray with no signs of damage or blemishes. Berwick has a penchant for doing these things in all the wrong places, though, and at the most inappropriate times. I surely recommend it to the grindhouse geeks out there, you won't regret it.

Girl kills pimp. On the surface, Malibu High looks like a generic raunchy sex comedy from the ’70s, and for most of Irvin Berwick’s film, that generalism sticks. [NSFW] All of FRIDAY THE 13TH Nudity in One Post!

For a drive in movie, it wasn't bad. It's about an alienated teenage girl who starts to lose respect for everything when her boyfriend dumps her. Malibu High is a 1979 American exploitation film directed by Irvin Berwick and starring Jill Lansing. One that teachers don't dare to flunk because she's seducing and making love to them. Director: Irvin Berwick Actors: Jill Lansing, Tammy Taylor, Stuart Taylor, Garth Pillsbury Genre: Sex romp/crime Year of Release: 1979/2017 (Blu-Ray). One day she wears a mini- skirt to school and creates quite a stir among students and at least one of her teachers. She begins working for Tony the pimp (Alex Mann) and things start to look good for her, new clothes, new car and good grades.

Come on! Awards

We are introduced to our chain smoking heroine in a not too flattering topless state late for school once again. One of the Best.... No assassination on Wednesday, please, I have a history test. Overall this is a monster of a release for a truly cult film, and fans of these types of movies will certainly want to attend Malibu High. It's not offensive, it just doesn't really suit the movie.

a crown international release,remember them?they churned out classic b movies like the hearse,galaxina(starring the late Dorothy stratton)and blood of Dracula's castle(AL Adamson's classic)check out the disco dancing scene that will tell you its 1979.remember disco,customized vans,CB radios.ill give this little seen gem 8 out of 10. Jill Lansing, the main lead in this grindhouse gave a excellent performance but sadly it was her only movie she played in.

This is 1979! There must have been a full-frontal restriction, however, because she refrains from going fully pantsless. The answer is obvious – become a hooker.

These moments are sobering, especially considering the jaunty music that scores much of the film. Metacritic Reviews. What more of a classic Drive-in masterpiece could this be? He has her doing tricks with older men and cutting her pay. 0. Kim tells her best friend Lucy (Katie Johnson) that the nonsense ends today. Writer, beer drinker, cat lover. The entire "Welcome to the Grindhouse" is essential DVD. Kim just went a little too far there. A simply astonishing disco dance party set piece rates as another uproariously campy highlight.

Comments (-1) Project Green Challenge Grades 6 to 12. ", you may find this movie disappointing. Política de privacidad / condiciones de uso. a calculating high school student(Jill Lansing)turns prostitute to get better grades,and afterwords for money.she turns out to be a sociopath and gets worse.i first seen this on the late late show on television where it was cut up,and later seen the uncut video.its a disturbing movie Jill Lansing's character is pretty and sexy but ugly inside,she does what she has to do to get what she wants,even murder.there was a so called sequel to this called the graduates of Malibu high also known as the young warriors in 1983.but i would call it a sequel in name only. Elizabeth Montgomery changed to mini-skirts on Bewitched in 1970 and that was a freakin' family show!
She lost her father to suicide.

A drunk and stoned Kim discusses her plans at a new approach to life (by which she means hooking for money) and then has a dream sequence about when she found her father hanging from the ceiling; a drug purchase gets rapey fast. "Malibu High" is a very strange film to watch even if you're a well-experienced and very tolerant fan of exploitation cinema. This movie is a drive-in classic for the 1970's. Original theatrical trailer 8. She’s flunking out of all of her classes, she lost her lover Kevin to another girl, and she’s got no money to buy weed or a car to get around town. Selfish, always focused on what she desires, not considering those damaged by her actions. What's Kim Bentley to do?

It's like the American dream in reverse, with drugs, prostitution, parents' suicide, jealousy, attempted rape and even homicide! Following the dreary Kim (Jill Lansing), the film features frequent tonal shifts from lighthearted shtick – like Kim’s insecure feuds with Annette (Tammy Taylor) or the soundtrack’s weird sitcom-esque synth stings whenever Kim acts like a brat – to more sinister scenarios at every turn. Bad acting, unbelievable plotting make this is a "MUST OWN" for connoisseurs of bad cinema. The film is far more serious than I thought it'd be, with a rather sordid atmosphere and unpleasant characters.. perfect 70's Drive-in fare certain to appeal to trash lovers everywhere.

One especially great scene has Kim give elderly high school principal Mr. Elmhurst (doddery John Harmon) a fatal massive heart attack by exposing her breasts in front of him. It sounds like what you used to hear at the supermarket. His handling of the tame nudity is amateurish and – dare I say – boring, but the crime aspects of Kim’s life once she begins to get into the seedy underbelly of prostitution and drug use add an interesting layer to Malibu High. The film led to a quasi-sequel, The Graduates of Malibu High.[1]. Production still gallery 9. Things get even better for the seriously ruthless and amoral sociopath Kim when she leaves Tony and hooks up with smooth crime kingpin Lance (the ingratiating Garth Howard). At the time the audience for this film must have been in their 40s and up. • This classic drive in favorite took it’s cues from the classic Marquis de Sade tale, ”Juliette, or Vice Amply Rewarded”. She remains topless for about 55% of the film, and she does get down to her undies a fair portion as well. Lawrence Foldes gives the longest at about 26 minutes, discussing his work on the film and interaction with Berwick as well as providing a sleazy anecdote about casting. Malibu High is a 1979 American exploitation film directed by Irvin Berwick and starring Jill Lansing.

Bought this dvd collection called "drive-in classics" from, I think amazon, and was impressed. And drags it does. Her race down the road to ruin begins when she's dumped by her scrawny feather-haired boyfriend, and transpires over the course of a single school semester.
You do feel a smidgen sorry for her. email Rachel Stowell. It is nice to see this version of Mustang caught on film forever without rust and holes all over it, which these cars were known for. "You can screw the teachers, but you can't screw the school!". Basically, Malibu High is all about showing off the Jill Lansing goodies. Fans looking for a great picture image for Malibu High will not need to look any further than what Vinegar Syndrome has offered with this Blu-Ray. She confronted Tony, and terminates him. OK, this is a B movie. This is the best film of its type there is. and a must, must see for anyone seeking a horribly awesome movie. It feels as if the makers absolutely didn't have a clue regarding the seriousness of some of the topics featuring here!

And Kim does gives the breast, sorry, best she can.

But Tony, is a jipper. This deliciously contumelious soap-opera centers around Kim, an embittered and mean-spirited high school senior.

I was always a fan of exploitation cinema,Malibu high is a real bottom of the barrel thriller that has no well known stars but it is a thriller.Jill Lansing plays a high school senior who turns out to be a sociopathic is unsettling at times but it is a pretty good b movie made by crown international,a sort of rival of American international pictures.i actually first seen this on commercial television where it was cut up.the next time i saw it i rented it from the local video rental store.yeah the old VHS.i saw all the parts they had cut out you know the nudity the language some kill scenes.its very dated now since it was made in the 70s,during the disco era.Jill Lansing was fairly attractive,too bad she never made any more movies that i know of,oh there's an abusive pimp who works in a customized van,brothel on wheels.and yes there's disco music,pot smoking and creeps a plenty,i really don't give spoilers,so i don't want to start now but i enjoyed Malibu high,and its sort of sequel the graduates of Malibu high(aka;the young warriors)too bad crown international went under during the late 1980s,they turned out some pretty good b movies,Malibu high gets b plus grades,7 out of 10.

The rest of the cast is better-than-average for a movie of this ilk, and I laughed out loud several times at the bizarre going ons and what I was suppose(perhaps not) to take seriously.

Malibu High has a large number of dead bodies for what one presupposes is simply a high school comedy. It's no wonder that the Drive-ins were drug, booze and party havens in the '70s with this type of fare being shown! A laureate masterstroke of unblushing disrepute. But sex for money is just the first step for this high school student.


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