maplestory pathfinder stat guide

Adding a third point will increase it to 79 but it takes another 3 points to increase it, by 1%, to 80%. I just started maple a few weeks ago. @Informer: Primary stat for Demon Avenger is HP, so add HP into it instead of STR/DEX.

there is no Att/MAtt hyper stats which exist in MapleSEA. Hyper Physical Guard Then, do u know what server does enable hyper skill? How do you reset Hyper Skill Points? It will cost max 10mil mesos after you read this amount. I have corrected Critical Damage stats.

Example: Assuming you are a Demon Slayer with 100% Stance, distribute the remaining Hyper Skill Point to other Hyper Stat instead of Stance based on the sequence/priority of this build.

Only movement speed. Hii, I would like to ask, will we able to receive hyper skill points after lv200 or in short max out all the hyper at lv250? As of the V patch, It’s now 1% per level. @jowoo2000: How to use this guide is to know your character’s job specialty in stat (example: Demon Slayer has 100% stance, so we do not need to add any HSP/Hyper-Skill-Points into Stance Hyper Stat). If you’re unhappy with your current Hyper Stat Point allocation, you can reset your Hyper Stats for 10 million meso. Still new . @RandomStranger: Hyper Stats for Xenon will focus mainly on Critical Rate, Boss Damage, Minimum Critical Damage, Maximum Critical Damage, PDR (Ignore Defense = 80~86%). The table below is a reference guide for Hyper Stat Build. I dont even have the link skill that ignores enemy defence, i will be getting it now though and finally obtain 100%(IED). (Ex: Lv.140 – 149 you’ll get 3, Lv.150 – 159 you’ll get 4, Lv.160 – 169 you’ll get 5, etc.). follow warrior one?

If you have IED supplied from your scrolled/potential equips, it’s not necessary to add IED Hyper Stats. Might be multiplied by 10 everytime, but it will be kinda fast to reach the maximum costs after 2 resets if that is true. 3. As you level up a Hyper Stat, it starts to require more and more Hyper Stat Points to increase to the next level. Do I level up the stats that have the highest level first? You’re gonna get a lot of requests to update this guide :) There are new hyper skills that make this guide totally outdated.

So 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10. Thief’s primary stat and secondary stat are LUK and DEX.

– (170) Hyper Defense (Reboot World). – Replacing Hyper Magical Guard, having extra 500MD is very little from my base 5k MD, so I choose speed instead of defence. That’s wrong.
Thanks in advance.,,, The hyper stats have been updated. Demon Avenger primary stat and secondary stat are HP and STR. Five points are given per level each time you level up. @Quinny: Thanks for your feedback!

Is putting points into all str luk and dex with it? why do all characters have a +50 DF hyper skill? ayumi,i was wondering what hyperskill stat’s should i add for aran thanks. Only AP (Ability Points) are continuously issued per level up after Level 200. These complimentary hyper stats may or may not be suitable depending on the character’s job skills and equips that might already boost them to 100%. You have it as a pirate having its primary stat as DEX, and its secondary as STR, but a pirates primary and secondary depend on what type it is, bucc type (like shade) being STR, and sair type (like Jett) being DEX. Please consider whitelisting ads here to support this website! So, this build might be a bit awkward, but a thief’s damage output benefits directly from Strength. (Luminous). All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews MapleStory > General Discussions > Topic Details. Hi for Demon Avenger’s hyper stats which would u recommend pumping??? (Bear+Cat). @ayumilove!

(typo) lol. I have an Aran lvl 161, and i havent touched these yet.

Best MapleStory Method to Increase Damage.

What should I do for Kaiser? For every 10 levels after that, you will receive 1 more Hyper Stat Point per level up.
No secondary stat. For MapleStory characters, we have IED (Ignore Enemy Defense) stats that reduces the Monster Defense (PDR = Physical Damage Reduction which only monsters have and not MapleStory players). Basically, the guide is referring to MapleStory Region that has Reboot patch will apply the latest Hyper Stat system, whereas the one that does not have the Reboot Patch will use the old Hyper Stat System.

@Guillermo: It’s always good to have boss damage% and damage% for bossing and training. Hi I would like to know how can I use the reg SP to upgrade the hyper skills, look I have reg SP but I dont know how can I use them as hyper SP? Level 140 : P (Passive Hyper Skill Point).

thx a bunch in advance for your great help. hi ayumi, do u know where can i actually reset my hyperskills if i added it wrongly? The difference between, say, 85% and 95% total IED is substantial. The only thing I would avoid would be the stat bonuses (STR, DEX, INT, LUK), as they are flat and do not stack with % potential. For Demon Slayers, getting extra Demon Fury might be helpful (or Kanna, as the DF Hyper also gives max mana for Kanna). Maplestory Mana ? i dont think its worth it. @Maak: Please refer to the table above on how to add Hyper Stat points as it applies to most jobs. Erm. if u playing SEA, there will be Hyper Skill next time not now coz the patch haven’t come. Therefore, the remaining skill points is distributed into secondary stat.

You will gain Hyper Skill Points (HSP) every 10 levels starting at Level 140 to 200. At the center of the gauge, there is also a special emblem that changes depending on which Hi, maybe if 90% status resistance only worth it but i dont think any class can reach it. 140, you will get 3 Hyper Stat Points per level up. @DaysBreak However, rest assured that it is not a waste. not like anyone will want to wait 5 sec also.

That’s one spot where I disagree with the guide. But str and crit? Able to help me ?

The trios in this guide are sorted according to absolute ideal conditions such that if a character were to only ... Quintuple Star/Shadow Spark /Shadow Bat.

Thanks skxy for sharing your Hyper Skill Build :D I’ll add it to the guide above so others can compare and see which 1 suits them best :), Im IL mage, hyper skill i upped is different from your suggestion, just for sharing All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. And on bosses with PDR (Percent Damage Reduction), not having high IED can severely cripple your damage (that’s another long explanation into how that works). @Kai: It would be best to put points in all 3 stats (STR, LUK and DEX) instead of just distributing the AP (Ability Points) into a single stat.

Hyper Movement

Why is that I ask? Hi Tom, KMS (Korea MapleStory) has Hyper Skills enabled!

Don’t they have 100% stance from 1st and 4th job skills combined? @ayumilove when will the guide be updated ? Thanks for the guide but I am new and I don’t understand a lot of things. Ouch, I seem to have invested quite a lot into Str already.

Particularly looking at Demon Slayer actually. Can you post one for phantoms? For shadower, how to add the hyper stats build @ lvl 200? hey what are the hyper stats for aran? The stat window can be viewed by using the [S] hotkey by default. hi ayu i follow your guides for a very long time and you’r the most accuarate and the most easy to understand , specialy for news players , any way i just wonna ask about bucaneer , i made mine to be my main class , so i just reached 140 and iam newbie with this new hyper stats mode i wonna focus on str/crit/boss dmg , what do you think ? ATT: Shorthand for “attack”, primary stat of non-magic weapons. If you mean a build guide for the job class then may I humbly suggest, Thank you @Eshman, I will check that out ^_^. This guide is meant for reference and should not be followed blindly as you may have equips (potential-ed/scrolled/hammered) or skills (e.g. Open up both your ‘Stat Window’ and ‘Hyper Skill Window’, then add HSP (Hyper Skill Points) to the Hyper Stat below. Your email address will not be published. Ayumilove, I’m pretty sure accuracy no longer does anything. Xenon primary stat are STR, DEX and LUK. Hyper Intelligence Any updated guide for hyper stat? Can you please suggest me what should I do with my Beast Tamer? @Ayumilove How about kinesis hyper stat build>? Dual Blade with 4th Job Skill Shadow Meld = 100% Critical Rate) that boost their stats to 100%, Your email address will not be published.


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