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Elizondo worked on the instrumental version of the producer's 1999 solo album 2001, and the pair ended up co-writing and co-producing. Alex da Kid (Executive Producer) Eminem; Mike Elizondo; Mark Batson; Symbolyc One; Jayson DeZuzio; Labrinth; Epikh Pro; Skylar Grey; Studio(s) Grizzly Manor Studios, Park City (Utah) Chronologie Don’t Look Down (2013) Natural Causes — Singleauskopplungen 31. 1 single “Cowboy Casanova,” and 50 Cent’s smash “In Da Club,” which he also co-produced. I've done a lot of sequencing in Logic as well, but I know how to operate the 4000 without thinking. Mike Elizondo has gone from being Dr Dre's right-hand man, co-writing some of the biggest hip-hop hits of recent years, to being an innovative producer in his own right. As a team, Elizondo and Dre were the creative forces behind the music for recent mega-hits like 'The Real Slim Shady' and 'Just Lose It' by Eminem, 'In Da Club' by 50 Cent, 'Let Me Blow Your Mind' by Eve featuring Gwen Stefani, 'Family Affair' by Mary J Blige and several more.

I remember when we got the monitors set up, and I brought up some of my go-to test mixes and favorite albums to listen to, and I just instantly felt like I was immersed in this music. Recording at Phantom Studios is handled by a large Pro Tools rig and an SSL AWS900 controller/mixer.Photo: Eden Bakti'The Real Slim Shady' was released as a single and as part of Eminem's The Marshall Mathers LP (2000). They are very intuitive, you can get a great feel out of them, and it's easier to manipulate things to feel a certain way. You may login with either your assigned username or your e-mail address. TV Shows. I have separated my computers into two separate rigs. "On a good day we'll get anything from 10 to 15 ideas in one session," says the bassist. It was undoubtedly the breakthrough for Elizondo’s career also. With the release and massive sales of Encore, and the success of the single ‘Just Lose It,’ Elizondo is continuing his tremendous run as both a hit writer & producer. I kept on pulling up more records, trying to find some fault with my new Genelec five-way system, but there wasn’t any fault to be found. Re: Mackie 1202 no aux sends on ALT Output.
Furious fans began a campaign for its release, and eventually Apple and her record company started talking again. Web site designed & maintained by PB Associates & SOS. When we used analogue we were more or less obliged to play parts from beginning to end, all the way down. Carol Baskin's In Da Club Cameo Video Goes Viral, Prompting 50 Cent to Respond, Watch Muse Bring Thunderous New Song ‘Pressure’ to ‘Fallon’, Muse Plot ‘Simulation Theory’ 2019 World Tour, Team Sonic Racing - Sonic Jr II and Dora's Journey to the Lost City of Gold (2019, 2020 DLC - Avalanche Software, Raven Software, SHG, Nickelodeon Games, Toys for Bob, Vicarious Visions, Infinity Ward, Sega, WBIE, Paramount Digital Ent.

I like to juxtapose some of the digital harshness with analogue warmth. You can also plug your bass into it, or a Fender Rhodes, anything, and it allows you to record in time to a MIDI clock. Along with Mel-Man and Scott Storch, Mike Elizondo served as a protege to Dr. Dre, beginning with his contributions on bass to the West Coast Don's 1999 album, 2001. It’s a game changer. I learned a lot from watching him and the attention to detail he has — the amount of time he can spend on just getting a snare or a bass drum sound. That song had a lot of sequencing. Some of the rackmount gear at Phantom Studios. "He kept calling me for more sessions, and this evolved into me participating more with songwriting, beginning with Eminem's 'The Real Slim Shady' [2000], and then moving into production. But once Pro Tools stepped up their game in terms of sonic quality with the 192 audio interfaces and HD, we began using that, mainly because of the speed with which you can work. Not to say that Jon's versions were demos, but I get presented with artist's demos to work from as a springboard a lot of the time, and working like this was no different. We were able to come up with 10-13 tracks per day. Now that Apple have come out with laptops with the Intel Core processor you can get the power of a G5 in a laptop.". A lot of these embellishments happen as we are simultaneously mixing. "Dre and I had written 'In Da Club' for a different artist and it sat around for a few months, until 50 Cent came into town and we played it for him. Separately. As for the G5, at the time it was the only Apple machine with a processor powerful enough to allow for extensive layering of sounds without crashing. ‘Getting a record deal was like Music Education 101 for me; I learned a lot about the record business and publishing,’ recalled Elizondo. 8361A SAM™ Studio Monitor, 2 x All rights reserved. ‘But we felt strongly about the track, so we stashed it away until we played it for 50 (Cent). I’m doing what He wants me to be doing.’. "The album was actually recorded before my studio was finished," explains Elizondo.

‘We have a routine for writing and recording. 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