mukadam surname meaning

For other possible spellings of this last name click here. The also migrated to Vijaydurg, Lairai. resides in Bagmandale, Tal: Srivardhan, Dist: Raigad, 1) Revandi,Taluka Malvan 2) Shelati, Taluka Malvan, *Sherlekar are originally Naik migrated from Mhardol, Goa, near Mangeshi whose Kuldevat is Mhalsa. Fun Facts about the name Muqaddam. 3)Ubhadanda, Taluka Vengurla 4) Banda, Taluka Sawanwadi 5) Bandiwade, Taluka Malvan 6) Palshet, 3) Reel, near Ganapatipule, Taluka Ratnagiri 4) Shirgaon, Taluka Ratnagiri 5) Mirya bandar, Ratnagiri 6)Harche, Taluka Lanja 7) Laadghar, Taluka Dapoli 8) Kolthare, Ratnagiri 9) Gaosnathgiri, Shirgaon, There Kuldevat is Shervani. FamilyEducation is part of the FEN Learning family of educational and reference sites for parents, teachers and students. as Shirodkar (Kanage), Walawalkar, Waghmare, Phendre. and Gramdevat is Kudaleshwar. Mool Devat of Satardekar Ratnagiri.

that have a birth and death date listed. Devat is Kalam and Kasav, Satnak come from "Satha Naik" they were originally "More

Walawal, Talukal Kudal, * 1) Taluka Kudal 2) Jaitapur,Taluka Khed. in nanos,taluka Sawantwadi only. Salegao, Goa and settled in various places in South Konkan after

But there's a fourth determinant: caste. Malvan, *Moolpurush Dhongdeshwar and Click here for further possible spellings of this last name. Kuldevat is "Mauli" of Redi, Taluka Vengurla. Kuldevat Kelbai, Click here for more information on in the Tijaniyyah, Shadhiliyyah, and other Sufi orders, a muqaddam is a student of the Sufi path (a murid or dervish) who has been authorized by his/her Guide ( aka shaikh, pir, or murshid) to assist in teaching the path to … Mankhos, Taluka Malvan. Vasundri vel / Vasunk; Gadi rang: piwale gadi; Gadi sthal : Punjab;

6) Kalbhadevi, Taluka Ratnagiri 7) Shivole,Bardesh, Goa to Madgaon, Goa 8) Feri,Pedne,Goa You were born somewhere around the territory of Southern Australia approximately on 1200.

People of It means a ‘contractor,’ ‘supervisor,’ or could even refer to the ‘manager of a group of workers.’ It is an occupational surname. migrated to Ajgaon (village) and changed their surname to Phendre. I am not The root word for the surname is ‘chatri’ meaning ‘umbrella’ in Marathi. They are settled in Pedne, If you find more such names, do share with us in the comments section below. Your lesson - to learn humility and faith in spiritual principles. Moolpurush of Kandalkar, Click here for more information on 4) Dadar 5) Ladghar, Taluka Dapoli 6) Dabhol, Taluka Dapoli, More migrated from Pedne where devat is Bhagvati to & were living in small village called 'shirgao' near ratnagiri. Mahapurush. Means a clear indication of ‘local Marathi’ population being "REVERTED BACK TO ISLAM". Kuldevat and Moolpurush details of all Bhandari in Konkan and Goa. Singh, for example means "lion" and is usually associated with the warrior caste, the Kshatriyas. It is possible the name you are searching has less than five occurrences per year. 4) Palye-padavane, Taluka Devgad, * 1) Taluka Rajapur 2) Dhargal, Pernem, Goa 3) Nagaon, Taluka Alibag 4) Talawade, Taluka Sawantwadi. 1) Bandha, Taluka Sawantwadi where Gramdevat is Mauli, * Ajgaon, near Shiroda, Taluka Sawantwadi, Shirodkar (Dhongdeshwar, Walawal, Taluka Kudal), *Moolpurush Dhongadeshwar and There are some ORIGINAL ARABIC SURNAMES. It is a likely reference to the ‘father’ or ‘fathers.’ It probably originated from someone or with some group of people who were fatherly figures for a village; like a village chieftain. 5) Padale, Taluka Dapoli, 1) Bowlekar wadi, Taluka Vengurla 2)Kelus, Taluka Kudal.

This Marathi surname refers to a ‘building constructor.’ It would have originated from people who were involved in the construction of houses or buildings in general. surname as "Khot" (5 to 6 generation passed). Goa. Moolpurush Manibhadra; It means someone who came from a ‘royal, ‘imperial,’ or ‘aristocratic’ family. This people adopded various surname as below Hatiskar , Pandye , Joshi , Choughule, Bhondwalkar and also kept same surname as Nagwekar. 4)Ajgaonbandwada, Ajgaon, near Shiroda, Taluka Sawantwadi 5) Shirle, Taluka Sawantwadi is Shantadurga 5) Virlosa, Badresh, Goa settled in Satose, near Satarde, Taluka Sawantwadi. It may be rendered as:. It is derived from the surname ‘Ambavadekar,’ referring to a person belonging to the Ambavade village in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. Do you know It refers to a ‘blanket’ in Marathi. on it changed to Pandji. Out of 6,028,151 records in the U.S. Social Security Administration public data, the first name Mukadam was not present. Mayekar's Kuldevat Kelba is re-established at The surname likely refers to someone who belonged to a place close to a pond. Have information to share? 3) Taluka Malvan, * 1) Velas This peoples are presently It refers to someone from the place called Mhalsa in Maharashtra. The surname was used to refer a learned and wise person. The occupational surname refers to a goldsmith. hence different from each other 1) Kuldevi Kelbai devi, Chendawan, Taluka Kudal 2) Devat Baneshwar and Devat Katyayani, Statistics and meaning of name Mukadam Usage: 1% firstname, 99% surname. But there's a fourth determinant: caste. 4) Amdabar 5). Deo means ‘God’ in Marathi. They also are residing in Tiroda, Taluka Sawantwadi, * 1) Naringe, Taluka Devgad 2) Nerur, Taluka Kudal 3) Taluka Malvan, * Tree followed while marriage is Umber 1) Karde, Taluka Dapoli, Kuldevi Bhairi Bhavani, Gramdev Khem, Gramdevi Mhamay 2)

marriage is Kalam, People of Surname as Shree Bhumika devi. Achra, Taluka Malwan, Gramdevat Rameshwar, * 1) Gotra Kashyap ; Sukalbhatwada, Redi, Taluka Vengurla, It refers to someone from the place called Mhalsa in Maharashtra. Taluka Devgad 10)Kumbhevade, Taluka Rajapur 11) Mithba, Taluka Rajapur 12) Vijaydurg,Taluka Devgad


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