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[25], 1870 battle during the Franco-Prussian War, This article is about the Battle of Sedan in the Franco-Prussian War. 1849 July: He published Idées Napoléoniennes on the working and middle classes. Hence, he took the greatest pains to study the public opinion and to influence it by means of propaganda. 4 August: The Prussians took Wissembourg. 23-24 May and 6-7 June: Legislative elections. Despite the conclusion of an Anglo-French commercial treaty in 1860, they remained suspicious and apprehensively watched his construction of armoured warships and his colonial and oriental policies. 1823 In order to avoid crossing French territory, he followed the Rhine to Mannheim and rejoined Arenenberg by road. Napoleon III, nephew of Napoleon I, president of the Second Republic of France (1850–52), and then emperor of the French (1852–70). 1833 10 April: Free primary education in the communes. He intensified the extension of French power in Indochina and West Africa. 16 March: Birth of the Prince Imperial, Napoleon Eugene-Louis Jean Joseph. Commanded by Generalfeldmarschall Helmuth von Moltke and accompanied by Prussian King Wilhelm I and Prussian Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, the Fourth Army and the Prussian Third Army encircled MacMahon's army at Sedan in a gigantic battle of annihilation. An increase in the Republican opposition. The treaty of Hue was signed on the 5th of June. Louis-Napoleon rejoined his brother Napoleon-Louis and the revolutionary forces in Florence, before joining those in Bologna.

16 June: Louis-Napoleon resigned his mandate as a member of the Assembly. [18] Douay directed General Jean Auguste Margueritte's cavalry squadrons to open an escape route by launching three desperate attacks on the nearby village of Floing where the Prussian XI Corps was concentrated. [7] The I Royal Bavarian Corps under General Baron von der Tann moved up to Bazeilles and the Bavarian engineers deployed two pontoon bridges across the Meuse to secure their way across. 31 October: Louis-Napoleon obliged Barrot (president of the Council) and his ministers to resign, and proposed a new government, answerable only to the president of the Republic. Around 400 people were killed, 500 wounded.

The Battle of Sedan was fought during the Franco-Prussian War from 1 to 2 September 1870. [10], Napoleon had ordered MacMahon to break out of the encirclement, and the only point where that seemed possible was La Moncelle, whose flank was protected by a fortified town. 23 July: The regency was confided to the Empress Eugenie. 3 November: French troops brought Garibaldi to a halt and entered Rome. 1864 Louis-Napoleon left Arenenberg and moved into the Gottlieben palace, a few kilometres to the south of Lake Constance. [17] By 13:00, the German artillery had destroyed Douay's forces and the German 22nd Division turned Douay's left flank, defeating all counterattacks by French infantry and lancers. 12-13 July: Napoleon III sent a telegram to Wilhelm asking for an assurance that he would never support such a candidature in the future. The force of numbers was unequal, as the French only disposed of 240 000 men, against the Prussians and their German allies with 500 000 men. He retained nonetheless the importance of his popularity, which had allowed him to be elected without canvassing. 1861 was marked by liberal reforms, particularly concerning politics and the organisation of the Press. 1870 [6] MacMahon denied a request from General Félix Douay, commander of 7th Corps, to dig trenches, claiming the army would not remain at Sedan for long. 22 July: Death of Napoleon II, duke of Reichstadt, son of Napoleon I and of Marie-Louise (daughter of the emperor of Austria, Francis I). 28 May: First session of the Legislative Assembly. He had not been able to bring artillery to bear from long range, so he committed his last brigade to storm the town, supported by artillery from the other side of the Meuse. 5 October: Death of Hortense in the arms of Louis-Napoleon. 1831

He wanted to make France a great power once more by breaking up the European system created by the Congress of Vienna of 1815, which, incidentally, had imposed great humiliations on France. In the Middle East the Emperor hoped that a better treatment of the Algerians would have a favourable influence on the Arabs from Tunisia to the Euphrates. 6 July: Napoleon III demanded that the King of Prussia unequivocally condemn the Hohenzollern candidature. 1879 10 August: The Empress-regent charged Cousin-Montauban, count of Palikao, with the formation of a new government. 15 July: He surrendered himself to the English. [1] Emperor Napoleon III, along with Marshal Patrice de MacMahon, formed the new French Army of Châlons on 17 August to march on to Metz to rescue Bazaine. Although promising “reasonable freedom,” for the time being he considered it necessary to use the methods of a police state. January: Nearly 7000 miners went on strike at Creusot, demanding an increase in their pay. 1846 19 June: Maximilian executed by the Mexican Republicans. 15 August: Napoleon III rejoined at Chalons. 26 April: Secret interview between Hortense and King Louis-Philippe. In recognition of the role this battle played in German Unification, many Germans celebrated Sedantag (Day of Sedan) on each 2 September until 1919.

17-20 September: Napoleon III stayed in Algiers. 10 December: Louis-Napoleon was elected president of the Republic by universal (male) suffrage. 1851

1838 10 November: Treaty of Zurich. 3 March: Arrested at Wimbledon shortly before a duel with Count Leon (illegitimate son of Napoleon I and Eleonore Denuelle de la Plaigne). The 130,000 strong French Army of Châlons, commanded by Marshal Patrice de MacMahon and accompanied by Napoleon III, was attempting to lift the Siege of Metz, only to be caught by the Prussian Fourth Army and defeated at the Battle of Beaumont on 30 August. The remains of Napoleon III and the Prince Imperial were moved to Farnborough Abbey. 23 December: Louis-Napoleon named his uncle Jerome Bonaparte, youngest brother of Napoleon I, governor of Les Invalides. 6 August: The Prussians entered French territory. 1835 1837 1810 1 April: Hortense and her son went to Evreux, to the North-East of Paris, to rejoin the Empress Josephine. He gave his country two decades of prosperity under a stable, authoritarian government but finally led it to defeat in the Franco-German War (1870–71).

10 January: Pierre Bonaparte shot the journalist Victor Noir. 21 February: Death of Eugene de Beauharnais. He founded the Second French Empire and was its only emperor until the defeat of the French Army and his capture by P…

15 May: The first “Salon des refusés” authorised by Napoleon III. Historians refer to Napoleon's regime as the First Empire to distinguish it from the restorationist Second Empire (1852–1870) ruled by his nephew Napoleon III. 4-10 of December: Insurrection in Paris, particularly in the Faubourg Saint-Antoine. Autumn: Hortense and Louis-Napoleon returned to Italy, where they remained until summer 1826. June: New struggle between Louis-Napoleon and the National Assembly over the revision of the constitution and the article forbidding the president to serve a second mandate. 11 April: A pension of 400 000 francs was granted to Hortense, with the t… 29 September: The bodies of Louis Bonaparte and of his second son Napoleon-Louis (who died in 1832 at Forli, aged 27) were buried at Saint-Leu, next to Napoleon-Charles (elder brother of Napoleon-Louis and of Louis-Napoleon, who died in childhood, in 1807). [8] Von der Tann sent a brigade across pontoon bridges at 04:00 in the early morning mist, the Bavarians rushing the village and capturing it through surprise. 25 April: A French expeditionary corps moved against the Roman Republic. End of October: He arrived in London, and moved into n°17 Carlton House Terrace. 7-13 August: Demonstrations against the Empire. 9 October: Speech at Bordeaux during which Louis-Napoleon affirmed “L’Empire, c’est la paix” (“The Empire is Peace”). 8 January: Creation of the French branch of the International Association of Workers (Association Internationale des Travailleurs or AIT), founded the year before in London. 27 February: The Second Republic was officially proclaimed. This was a man who cared reply for his nation, a man who tried to revive the legend of his uncle through military grandeur, a man who thought that his flagging regime would be saved by a successful war against Prussia. He was acquitted on the 27 March. Louis-Napoleon and his companions were arrested and imprisoned in the Conciergerie in Paris, pending a trial. 1821 June: The French government demanded that Switzerland expel Louis-Napoleon.

27 May: He arrived in London and moved into the Brunswick Hotel, under the name of Count of Arenenberg. 17 August: Trochu, military governor of Paris, organised a defence committee.

The princess Mathilde broke with her cousin. 9 August: Napoleon I boarded the Northumberland for Saint Helena. 4-12 October: Meeting between Napoleon III and Bismarck at Biarritz. August: State visit of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. 1820 Waiting in vain for a passport for France, he obtained false papers under the name of Robinson. 8 September: Napoleon III escaped another assassination attempt. 25 December: The rules of succession were established, in favour (only) of the descendants of Louis-Napoleon and his uncle Jerome. [26], The capture of the French emperor left the Prussians without an opposing government willing to make a quick peace.


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