netflix originals 2018
Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is amazing because there's a very real possibility that your streaming device won't be able to play it! Netflix offered more original content in 2018 than previous years, bringing some of the year's best movies and TV shows. The best Netflix original series of 2018 Don't wait until December to catch up. The awesome thing about Netflix is how they give us things we often don't think or even know we need. —Christine Friar, Anchored in urban India, Netflix’s original anthology series, the realistic and messy Lust Stories, explores contemporary complexities of love, sex, adultery, class hierarchy, and contextual power struggles within four original tales by the country’s frontline directors. The Robinson family was on their way to colonize another planet with other humans, but when the ship comes under attack, the Robinsons hop into an escape craft and become... lost in space. With a tweaked origin story and revamped character design, She-Ra feels fresh and innovative as it dives into the characters’ relationships—and former friends Adora and Catra find themselves on opposite sides of the battlefield. Mike Rougeau said in his Lost in Space review, "What makes Lost in Space a true binge is not the moment-to-moment drama. What sets it far apart from others in its genre is that it lets both sides of this story tell it. The series is dark, twisted, and violent. There are many people who love and hated Maniac Season 1. Switched – Japanese sci-fi series coming on August 1st, 2018; The House of Flowers (La Casa de las Flores) is a new Spanish series coming on August 10th; Ghoul (Indian Zombie series) August 24th; Other Titles Coming in August 2018. It's not for the faint of heart, and their journey is incredibly enthralling. But what sets Terrace House apart from the pack is that it ultimately feels extremely voyeuristic, which is incredibly awkward at first. One can only wonder who will live, who will die, and who will transform in Season 3. A few years prior, Flint had 300 officers, but now, they're down to 98 and only a few patrol cars. While this is happening, a group of comedians, actors, and other famous Japanese people discuss the goings on in the house. While you're spending way too much time searching through Netflix menus, you may be wondering to yourself, "What's new that's worth my time?". Rotten examines problems within the food industry from the rise in peanut allergies and its effect on farmers to the disappearance of bees and the rise in fake honey being imported from overseas. So as we are about to bid 2018 adieu it seems like a good time to go to ground and break down the top 10 Netflix originals of 2018. Season 6 focuses heavily on the fallout of the “Litchfield ten” specifically, who were caught hiding out in an abandoned pool during season 5’s explosive finale. © Watchr Media • All rights reserved, Oprah Is Wrong: Black Panther Doesn't Deserve Best Picture, Obama Reveals His 15 Favorite Movies of 2018, Mad Max: Fury Road Director Insists There Was a Script Despite Rumors to the Contrary, Tom Cruise Awarded Honorary Naval Aviator Certificate for Top Gun, Armie Hammer Reveals Director Taika Waititi's Most Astonishing On Set Talent. The Netflix Original library is now a key component of the total Netflix library list. Here are a few things you need to know about the show before diving in. Stylishly shot and cleverly written, it’s great for teens and adults alike. Given the geopolitical nature of everything in today's 24 hour news cycle, it seems that our elected officials would do themselves a service to screen this film. The second season also introduces Gina Rodriguez as (shocking) Gina, a girl who’s developing faster than her classmates at school and David Thewlis in a part that’s too delicious to spoil. Who knows maybe it will be spur you to check out some of the films listed here? —Michelle Jaworksi, Jessica Jones returns for a second season of Marvel’s gripping, feminist thriller. Or, you might see a kindred spirit who appreciates Netflix's whimsical nature. The first season--which consists of eight episodes--is fantastic, and what makes this a standout series is that each one takes such an in-depth look at individual food items, from Chinese food and American perspectives on the cuisine as a whole, to fried chicken, which delves into its racial history in the US and how the rest of the world prepares it. —Gavia Baker-Whitelaw, Remember all those conservative parents who accused Harry Potter of promoting witchcraft? With a cast that features Liam Neeson (remember, he wasn't always the star of those Taken films), James Franco, and Tim Blake Nelson just to name a few, this is the kind of movie that you simply let happen to you. —, real women’s wrestling league from the ’80s, —finds the “gorgeous ladies of wrestling” grappling in the ring and out to produce a cable TV show while also tackling, is a unique combination of Scandinavian mystery thriller and teen paranormal romance, starring a 16-year-old girl who discovers she has dangerous shapeshifting powers. Here are our guides for the absolute, Need more ideas? Lust Stories accomplishes what relatively few films from the Indian subcontinent, or the world for that matter, do successfully. So, as the year winds down and the world shuts off for a few hours, sit back and enjoy this list. A fleshed-out supporting cast lends the dysfunctional rom-com a greater sense of depth and gives viewers more characters to root for, from Gus’ affable neighbor Chris, who dreams of becoming a professional stuntman, to Mickey’s roommate Bertie, who’s afraid of settling but isn’t quite sure how to take control of her own life. Then along comes this Netflix gem Hannah Gadsby: Nanette and suddenly we get a whole new perspective on this whole politically correct thing. Thankfully they didn't do that and with The Haunting of Hill House they have ventured into American Horror Story territory, but in the irreverent way that only Netflix can. In 2011, after a terrorist attack in Norway, the authorities in charge realize just how large scale of an operation it was. Some of it is incredible, some of it isn't, but when it's good it's great and more often that not that's what Netflix provides. The eight-part series follows a 17-year-old named James who believes that he's a psychopath. Netflix pumps out a ton of original programming geared at children, but most of it is unwatchable for the whole family. One of Netflix’s best. GameSpot's Mike Rougeau said in his Altered Carbon review, "Altered Carbon never shies from examining exactly how an invention like the cortical stack would change our reality, and this future society appears far different from our own. There is no let-up in this film. Somehow though, even as we lost some of the best characters we've ever seen on TV, this Netflix original got better and better. There's an inkling of hope as the series moves forward, but there's always bumps in the road. We got to see monsters, spells and the supernatural take over Netflix for 10 solid episodes of chilling fun. The show revolves around a group of six people--three men and three women--living together in a house for an extended period of time. As usual, the answers don’t come easy, and creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg plumbs the depths of his characters’ misery as they grapple with their past mistakes and slowly inch their way toward a (hopefully) better future.


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