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In his head? He only continues to escalate things from there, even blackmailing Nina into sleeping with him and, after he beats Lou to a major story, sabotaging Joe's van and causing him to get into a debilitating crash (which Lou - of course! Mystique would conceive her second son while masquerading as Raven Wagner, wife of Baron Christian Wagner. Holy shit that's a great theory. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the FanTheories community. 43. (In private, he does allow himself to let off some steam by screaming at and smashing a mirror in one particularly memorable scene.) I can't go any further with this without spoilers so... spoilers. Film Editor (2014-2016). Purely from a storytelling perspective, the thing that makes Nightcrawler so effective is its willingness to acknowledge the problem goes beyond Lou as a person and a profit-driven news media, all the way to the structures that allow them to thrive in the first place. Everything else lies somewhere in the middle. Lou is a terrible person. Suicide Squad Director Felt Guilty About Movie For Years, Nightcrawler’s Ending Explained: What Lou’s Final Scene Really Means, Jake Gyllenhaal's 10 Most Iconic Roles, Ranked, There Will Be Blood Ending Explained: What Daniel Plainview's Milkshake Speech Means, the ending to the Martin Scorsese classic, What Ready or Not is Really Saying About America & Donald Trump, who steal from the upper-class, and not vice versa, The Old Guard Ending & Sequel Setup Explained, Star Wars: Why Palpatine Didn't Have Another Apprentice After Return of the Jedi, Sacha Baron Cohen Lived In-Character With Conspiracy Theorists For Borat 2, Michael B. Jordan Will Produce The Static Shock Movie, Star Wars 9 Means Every Skywalker Died For The Same Reason, The Hidden Meaning Behind Loki's MCU Costume Change, Star Wars Art Shows Yoda, Luke, & Obi-Wan’s Force Ghosts Fighting Palpatine’s Army, Mr. What's important is that people now fully believe he is what he says, and in that respect Lou emerges victorious. He had just filmed himself basically killing his assistant at the scene of a crash involving a police car.

Jake Gyllenhaal and director Dan Gilroy take on the American Dream in the darkly satirical Nightcrawler. There's a specific development towards the end of Nightcrawler that really drives home the movie's points about how the media and general public both portray and perceive the world, particularly when it comes to class. This alludes to a more deeply-rooted ideology in America of the working-class and impoverished being the criminals who steal from the upper-class, and not vice versa. Partly, this theory was motivated by similar ideas people have long held about the ending to the Martin Scorsese classic Taxi Driver, a movie Nightcrawler has been compared to ever since it came out. sensationalized headlines and stories that are reported on not because they're of great importance to the general public, but because they're huge ratings draws, and often reinforce what people want to believe about the world (and/or what those who run the media decide they should believe). This is a place for fans of various creative works to share theories, interpretations and speculation related to that particular creative work.

By the end of the film, he's even hiring interns for his business, which he's dubbed Video Production News, and delivering motivational speeches meant to encourage them to become employees deserving of the "respectability" that comes with the honor. He lies, he cheats, he murders, so why does he get this saccharine sweet happy ending? It may be rambling and stupid, it's 3:47 AM and I'm high, but that's my theory and I'm sticking to it. All in their head theories are lazy and played out. What a brilliant and unique theory!

It's the same reason why Lou and Rick frequent the wealthier parts of L.A. at night, waiting for something terrible to happen (regardless of context). I want to rewatch it with the character traits of a psychopath, because I'm pretty sure he displays most of them. Loves The Usual Suspects. Even if he hadn't died, the real result would have been him in prison.

Related: What Ready or Not is Really Saying About America & Donald Trump. Here's what the movie's ending really means. Press J to jump to the feed. NEXT: Marvel: 10 Things Everyone Forgets About Nightcrawler. This may be a little flimsy, but I'm gonna post it anyway.

Once met the Chuckle Brothers.

Jake Gyllenhaal put in a pretty damn good performance playing Lou, a seriously deranged man. The idea for the film came to writer-director Dan Gilroy in 1988 and was inspired by Naked City, a photo-book by Arthur (Usher) Fellig - better known by his pseudonym, Weegee - that got him interested in making a movie about the criminal side of photojournalism and sensationalized news.

It just goes to show: when Lou closes out the film by telling his interns matter of factly "I will never ask you to do anything that I wouldn't do myself," he means it in the most chilling way possible. Tonally the films are very similar, and they're both about morally ambiguous characters driving at night.

We are part of that system; whatever is being fed to us, and we consume it like fast food, keeps coming because we seem to demand it." Delivering passionate and comprehensive entertainment coverage to millions of users world-wide each month. Once met the Chuckle Brothers.

A crazy person, yes, but that does not absolve of his crimes. What Does The Ending Of Nightcrawler Really Mean? NEXT: The Old Guard Ending & Sequel Setup Explained. The film brings its setting to life with a stark, documentary-esque sense of realism in the early going and carries the approach on through to its dark conclusion, thusly cementing that everything we were shown took place in the same version of reality. I know California is broke, but I'm pretty sure LA has more than 2 squad cars.

The ending of "Nightcrawler" is all in Lou's head This may be a little flimsy, but I'm gonna post it anyway. Far from an experienced photojournalist and reputable professional, he's nothing more than a common criminal with no qualms about doing what it takes to get ahead.

He eventually made his directorial debut on Nightcrawler in 2014, with Jake Gyllenhaal and Rene Russo (who is married to Gilroy) starring opposite then lesser-known Riz Ahmed and the late Bill Paxton. Over time, and through sheer perseverance, Lou establishes an unscrupulous, yet mutually beneficial, working relationship with KWLA 6's morning news director Nina Romina (Russo), selling her exclusive footage of violent incidents in predominantly white, upper-class L.A. neighborhoods. As the film demonstrates, the American Dream is all about attaining power in whatever form it comes in, money and fame especially, and being willing to step over others as you race to the top (or bottom, depending on how you look at it). Related: Jake Gyllenhaal's 10 Most Iconic Roles, Ranked. I believe the last moment that actually takes place in the real world is before the assistant is shot. All in his bloody head?! Seen on Sky News; featured in The Guardian, NY Times, The Independent and more. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Wonder what this sub has to say about that kind of thinking? For years, there's been a fan theory arguing the ending of Nightcrawler takes place in Lou's mind, beginning with him tricking Rick (who, by that point, has threatened to turn Lou over to the police for his criminal behavior unless he pays him more for their latest job) into getting shot and killed by a wounded gunman the pair had been tracking since their involvement in a triple-homicide home invasion earlier in the film. With this film it takes away from the character's manipulative genius which is the driving focus and scariest aspect of the film. For years, there's been a fan theory arguing the ending of Nightcrawler takes place in Lou's mind, beginning with him tricking Rick (who, by that point, has threatened to turn Lou over to the police for his criminal behavior unless he pays him more for their latest job) into getting shot and killed by a wounded gunman the pair had been tracking since their involvement in a triple-homicide home … A la Taxi Driver, I believe that these were merely the dreams of a dying crazy person, as he is shot multiple times by the man in the car.

What a brilliant and unique theory! 10 Rick And Morty Fan Theories That Change Everything, 10 Bizarre And Shocking Things That Happened On Film & TV Sets, 15 Insane Movies That Shouldn't Have Worked, 6 Bizarrely Specific Movie Moments UK Censors Banned, 10 Banned Movies Now Considered Masterpieces, 10 Movie Mysteries That Should NEVER Have Been Answered, 12 Insane Movie Details You Definitely Missed, Harry Potter: You’ll Never Get 100% On This Gryffindor Quiz, 7 Strangest Things Actors Had To Do To Win Movie Roles, 8 Supporting Actors Who Were Paid SIGNIFICANTLY More Than The Main Star.

- then records footage of and sells for profit). It's all part of her plan to make certain the story has the desired impact, as far as its ability to draw heavy viewership goes.

In that regard, Nightcrawler has less in common with the likes of Taxi Driver and Network (as much as it immediately brings those films to mind) and more with something like Bong Joon-ho's Best Picture Oscar-winner Parasite. The whole thing is built on capitalism, a system that determines success by how far you get ahead, with little to no concern for the morality of your actions and the effect it has on those less fortunate. In any case, pretty bonkers. Whereas the latter critiques capitalism through the lens of a story about characters trying to improve their financial standing, Gilroy's movie does so by turning its attention to modern news media and the feedback loop between what they sell to the masses and what their audiences come to demand in return. Furthermore, there aren't any clear visual cues or indicators that signal something's off about Nightcrawler's final minutes (even something subtle, like the way Travis reacts after looking in his cab's review mirror in the final shot of Taxi Driver). When the KWLA 6 news team learns the home invasion that drives much of the action during the film's second half was actually about the criminals responsible trying to steal some cocaine the homeowners were hiding, Nina refuses to include those details as part of the story and withholds footage of the incident from the police. Welcome to /r/FanTheories!


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