paul rosenberg and eminem

TLC has a long list of iconic records, yet this one holds a special place in my heart.". This is why I’ve created companies outside of music. “Def Jam is the greatest hip-hop label that has ever existed -- I don’t think there’s much argument against that,” he says. One of the well-known spots in Detroit, The Hip-hop Shop, saw Eminem in the making. As Em's manager and attorney, Rosenberg stuck with him through thick and thin, including when Em suffered from deteriorating physical health and addiction from 2005 to 2008. I am particularly fond of the Deadpool-esque logo done of Skam’s mummy from SSLP, with the bandages forming an XX. First call with Madeline, she’s like I’ve been listening to this album all day. I rapped and I got a good reaction, and from that point I just started writing again. That ode to Brown and Black people around the world comes in the form of his latest album CLRD, a short ride of modern fresh production and lyrics which celebrate the Black experience. [Skit: Paul Rosenberg] Hey Em, It's Paul. Paul Rosenberg, co-founder of Shady Records and longtime manager of Eminem, has been a constant presence in the legendary rapper's career. That's how it started; I was his music attorney.Eminem: And then I would make trips back and forth with friends to New York.Rosenberg: Yeah, and that's how the friendship started to grow. Honestly, I don’t care about selling barbecue like that. I figured it was inspired by Maya’s poem, but I love that you didn’t make a direct reference. The rapper sold the tape from door to door, but barely sold 1,000 copies. A fresh take on sports: the biggest news and most entertaining lists. By using this site, you agree to our: T.I. [12], February 21st, 2020, Paul Rosenberg stepped down on his position as president in Def Jam [14][15] and announced the formation of Goliath Records, a joint venture label with Universal Music Group. After all, the Shady Records lineup has changed drastically, with Slaughterhouse, Yelawolf, and D12 no longer active.

Get the hottest music, news and videos delivered directly to your inbox. [11], On August 1, 2017, he was appointed Chairman and CEO of Def Jam Recordings, succeeding the current CEO, Steve Bartels. "The Motown 'Who’s Lovin’ You' acapella intro, the James Brown 'The Payback' sample, the bassline, the harmonies...This song might be one of the coolest records ever made. Mix that with the most flawless harmonic voices, this song will always be in a category of its own. RELATED: 10 Things Eminem’s Employees Have Said About Working For Him. I was gang banging all my life and selling dope at 16. One day [Eminem’s close friend, the late Detroit rapper] Proof pulled me aside and said, “Hey, I want you to stay after open mic today so you can check out my man.” Proof wanted me to check him out because he knew that my goal in law school was to become a music lawyer, and he looked at me as somebody who might be able to help artists in the local community be able to make connections after I had graduated and started a career.

Sadly, I had never before heard of Madeline Nelson.


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