qpr gatekeeper
Just like CPR, QPR is an emergency response to someone in crisis and can save lives. Click below to open the resource in a seperate browser window / tab, McHenry County Crisis Program (800/892-8900), National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800/273-8255), Common myths and fact associated with suicide, Methods for persuading suicidal individuals to get help. Volume discounts are offered when an organization, university, or healthcare system desires to train more than one instructor. Suicide and suicide prevention in history, Gatekeeper training; how, why and the research, New and promising approaches to suicide prevention, National and local resources and how to use them, Expanding QPR to other community prevention efforts, Orientation to the national and international QPR network and QPR Institute, Awarding of three year Instructor Certificates, A QPR Instructor’s Manual (download and print). The final exam, and licensing exam, must be passed to receive certification and to be listed among our certified instructors. While a medical, health professional, or mental health background is helpful to teach QPR, it is not a requirement. •By learning QPR, you will come to recognize warning signs, clues, and suicidal communication so you can identify people in trouble and act vigorously to prevent a possible tragedy. For some, this "sale" of booklets and cards is designed to recover the cost of this training program and, if possible, create a profit to help expand suicide prevention programming for the instructor and his or her institution. For more information send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. Certified instructors receive a minimum of eight hours of formal instruction, are certified for 3-year intervals, and are provided technical and web-based support, quarterly newsletters, and free program upgrades. People become trained in a curriculum, practice what they learn, and then receive a certificate. We encourage you to design and produce your own booklet covers, co-brand the material, and create your own referral information for your area or country on the back pages. //--> Each participant has the opportunity for individual rehearsal and practice through downloadable role-plays or with interactions with an online instructor. Thus, for each person you train, you impact five others. QPR stands for Question, Persuade, and Refer—the 3 simple steps anyone can learn to help prevent suicide. Like CPR, QPR uses a “chain of survival” approach in which the gatekeeper learns to recognize early suicide warning signs, Question their meaning to determine suicide intent or desire, Persuade the person to accept or seek help, and Refer the person to appropriate resources. The QPR Institute believes in the "big tent" philosophy that everyone can help prevent suicide. This course is available only to purchasers living outside of the United States and Canada, except as access is granted to currently licensed Certified QPR Instructors. QPR stands for Question, Persuade and Refer, an emergency mental health gatekeeper training intervention that teaches lay and professional gatekeepers to recognize and respond positively to someone exhibiting suicide warning signs and behaviors. var addy_text57804 = 'bquinn' + '@' + 'turbonet' + '.' + 'com'; 3. Upon completion of the Gatekeeper training, a copy of the QPR booklet and a wallet-sized, 3-part folding reminder card will be available for printing. Volume purchases. Suicide rates for QPR courses are US-specific. Participants first learn about the scope of the problem of suicide, the role "Gatekeepers" can play in their communities, and about the nature of suicidal communications, what forms these communications take, and how they may be used as the stimulus for a QPR intervention. Again, if a translation in your language is not available, we will work with you to secure the needed translations. Modularized in a rich mix of text, video, voice-over PowerPoint™ lectures, interactive practice sessions, and other state-of-the-art e-learning technologies, this instructor certification course is self-paced to suit the learner's schedule. 1N5 is a non-profit that serves to increase awareness Thank you for your interest in helping to prevent suicide. QPR Gatekeeper Training QPR stands for Question, Persuade, and Refer — 3 simple steps anyone can learn to help save a life from suicide. This training has been adapted to a teleconference format. and education about mental health in teens and adults. Why? At least in the United States, if a gatekeeper averts a single suicide-related hospital admission, roughly $20,000 is saved. After training, QPR participants should be able to: 1. Large healthcare employers may be interested in our cloud-based Sustainable Systems Approach to Achieving Zero Suicide. QPR Question, Persuade & Refer Take Action to Make A Difference! QPR gatekeepers receive a QPR booklet and wallet card as a review and resource tool that includes local referral resources. We have a saying about gatekeepers, "We must train hundreds to save one, thousands to save hundreds, and millions to save thousands.".


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