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The Wondering Years: How Pop Culture Helped Me Answer Life’s Biggest Questions, Atlanta Beyond MLK: How Black Christians Continue a Civil Rights Legacy, White Evangelicals Are Actually for Trump in 2020, Not Just Against His Opponent. Judy ends up reconciling with BJ, who has embraced more control of their relationship, to the betterment of them both. He may be shortsighted and foolish, but he’s also good-hearted and ends up genuinely connecting with Dot, showing her what a dismissive asshole her boyfriend is in the process. In this regard, Gemstones has a considerable amount in common with another HBO show, Succession, a satirical comedy about a dysfunctional family at the helm of a corporation. The fourth episode, “Wicked Lips,” focuses on his attempts to save the soul of Dale Nancy’s rebellious daughter, Dot (Jade Pettyjohn). In a flashback scene where we witness Aimee-Leigh’s final moments in the hospital, Eli quickly turns to prayer and unites his family in the immediate aftermath of her death. Any show taking on such a dense, complex subject as American megachurch culture is bound to be an approximation, but surprisingly enough, Gemstones taps into a faithful dysfunction that is, at times, both sympathetic and satirical. Most importantly, the series also shows how preaching forgiveness is not simply an empty act within American evangelicalism; the characters may be hypocrites in their personal actions, but Jesse’s Easter sermon, which encourages followers to forgive Judas Iscariot and pray for his soul, is not an empty exhortation. The HBO comedy series follows the Gemstones, a family of rich televangelists in the American South played by Danny McBride, Adam DeVine, and Edi Patterson as the adult children, Jesse, Kelvin, and Judy, and John Goodman as the family patriarch, Eli. By the end of season one, it becomes clear that The Righteous Gemstones demonstrates the good of American evangelicalism as well as the bad.

Kelvin is also dedicated to the well-being of Keefe, who is a lost soul in need of saving if there is one on this show. Based in present-day Texas, the Gemstones reside in the most refined world McBride has created, and the one with the most scope. Club hails it as “truly divine.” IndieWire calls the cast “miraculous” while Uproxx notes it is “Danny McBride’s best work yet.”, Season one credits: THE RIGHTEOUS GEMSTONES is created and written by Danny McBride; directed and executive produced by Danny McBride, Jody Hill and David Gordon Green; executive produced by John Carcieri, Jeff Fradley and Brandon James; produced by David Brightbill; co-produced by Justin Bourret and Melissa DeMino; consulting produced by Grant DeKernion, Jared Hess, Kevin Barnett, Chris Pappas and Edi Patterson.”. And for us, The Righteous Gemstones raises issues beyond the television content warnings. For instance, they do not include a shot of one character quietly mocking the prayer, as a joke for the audience. However, the show doesn’t stop at showing the corporate shortcomings of this type of Christianity. And the season of Adam Driver is nearly upon us. But the series also captures some of the smaller, unsettling details that come up among Christians in the spotlight or the megachurch stage. To share this article with your friends, use any of the social share buttons on our site, or simply copy the link below. Is it really okay to watch the body of Christ being played for laughs? That’s how The Righteous Gemstones approaches American evangelicalism as a whole. It proves to be a show that captures both sides of this religious culture in an honest, intimate manner that manages the delicate feat of making fun of a subculture without reducing it to caricature. Reverend Seasons says that he doesn’t want to work for Eli, but Eli corrects him and demonstrates a more proper understanding of authority: Seasons isn’t working for him, but for the “man upstairs.” In the same episode, Kelvin rescues Keefe, as discussed above.
It is farcical, absurd, and sharply critical of the shortcomings of this particular brand of Protestantism, particularly its materialism and selfishness. It also explores some of the ways that the Gemstone’s religious mission can nonetheless help other people and embody some of the fruits of the spirit. THE RIGHTEOUS GEMSTONES marks the third HBO series for the Rough House Pictures team of McBride, Hill and Green, following “Eastbound & Down” and “Vice Principals.” McBride wrote and directed the pilot, with Green and Hill splitting directing duties on the other eight episodes. For her part, Judy is an inveterate abuser of her meek fiance, BJ Barnes (Tim Baltz), ridiculing, emasculating, and emotionally-abusing him at every given opportunity. The Brothers offer up suggested viewing in light of COVID-19. There’s more than a bit of homoerotic tension between Kelvin and Keefe, and Kelvin is not particularly self-reflective about his desire to save Keefe, but he does do the right thing in the end and embrace Keefe as a fellow human being, rescuing him from degradation and dehumanization. In these ways, The Righteous Gemstones captures how American evangelicalism transforms religion into just another capitalist enterprise. Anders and Aren reflect on the passing on Ian Holm, who brought a complexity and professionalism to beloved roles in The Lord of the Rings and Alien. THE RIGHTEOUS GEMSTONES, starring Danny McBride, John Goodman, Edi Patterson and Adam Devine, kicked off its nine-episode season August 18. Well into the second generation of a grand televangelist tradition, the renowned Gemstone family is living proof that worship pays dividends in all sizes, including their megachurch. The show portrays Keefe as something of a dimwitted follower, a person who doesn’t understand the simplest of concepts. Where Succession abandons its characters’ humanity and instead leverages greed and power to propel the story, Gemstones seems to obfuscate its characters’ humanity and faith enough to that you start to doubt whether it actually exists but still hold out hope for them to resurrect it. As the series opens, they’ve just returned from a mission trip to China and they are settling in to the business of expanding their evangelical empire, but alas, for all of the characters, the seeds of struggle are coming to bear, culminating in Jesse Gemstone (McBride) being blackmailed for a tape showing him participating in some very unbiblical behavior.

Recently, though, as our cultural borders are blurring across spheres of society, the separate peace I enjoyed between the church I love and the entertainment I love began to crumble. John Wesley Seasons (Dermot Mulroney), who refuses to glitz up his church presentation (and suffers for it). Jesse and Judy’s shortcomings go further than drugs and embezzlement, however. Sign Up For Our Newsletter

There’s a bit at the beginning of the pilot episode concerning a 24-hour marathon baptism session conducted in a wave pool that is ruined by someone accidentally triggering the wave pool function leading to mini-tsunamis ravaging the gathered faithful. 3 brothers who love film. It is a conflicted song, but it is not simply a joke; there’s real music here. The richness and capability of this satire presents a complicated proposition. It can skewer the hypocrisy and materialism of American Protestantism while also celebrating the worth of family and the healing potential of forgiveness. And the Christianity around me stayed in relative cultural isolation, occasionally creating its own “popular culture” of music, literature, TV, and movies. Growing up surrounded by both Southern Baptist and prosperity gospel principles, I’ve noticed the ethical fluidity that Christians can apply to money and wealth. For the Gemstones, their religion is as materialistic as any other element of modern American life, from their custom gun ranges to their massive cars to the way that family dinner takes place at a local chain restaurant.


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