sanctum true story

;), In the caves, my light is my dauther, who is(are) your light(s)? Go $#%& yourself Andrew Wight- you should have died down there(or at least sustained debilitating physical or mental injuries you snake in the grass you). peace <3, (sry for mistakes, english is not my mother language). Why do you have such a good track record?Lots of training, lots of preparation.
Not only did it inspire the new 3-D adventure film Sanctum, it sparked a successful filmmaking career which led to a highly productive friendship with fellow 3-D pioneer James Cameron, the executive producer of the new film. Damn enjoyable movie – the association they claim for its basis is like saying “based on Wednesday 4th of June 1986” because they heard a story about a thing that reminded them of an idea that they couldn’t remember when they came up with. Now, I’m sure, although this obviously was more so a work of fiction than of a true story, something of that nature probably has occurred in the past and has a high possibility of occurring in the future. So glad you enjoyed it. I like the lessons you took from the film very much. One purpose of 3-D is to create the illusion of depth. In Russell's body, the Dark Commander has the potential to not only command the tribes under his leadership should he go public with his true identity, but also the remnants of the Primes' community that are still loyal. This did happend.

Thank you for a GREAT movie x. That’s not what happened in the movie though, right? The danger is seductive, too. 'Sanctum: The Real Story' explores the back story of producer/writer and expedition leader Andrew Wight, who teams up with Hollywood director James Cameron to make a 3-D feature film of a cave diving expedition. Nevertheless, adventure seekers are still trying to explore the mysterious caves that are destined to become a part of modern-day legend. Anyways I saw it before I read this! Ill stick to Bambi By for now.

You didn’t make enough money on your shitty pseudo accurate documentary – keep hunting the money ya dick.

Unfortunately for fans of the movie, the tagline “inspired by true events” is somewhat misleading.

We could drive the ROV back to the submersible, cut the cable, and leave the fiber behind.

We were exploring a cave system on the Nullarbor Plain in Australia. It’ll make you feel sorry for ever wanting to see real people dying in caves. But I appreciate your setting the record straight. At that time, they were some of the longest underground, water-filled caves in the world. I was actually quite disturbed by the final scenes of the movie. That doesn’t mean anyone has the right to attack someone else because they don’t agree with you. Although nobody in the real-life expedition perished, I like how the movie showed what actually COULD happen when mistakes are made in a life or death situation. Unlike the high-tech equipment used by the characters in the film, the Nullarbor cave-divers trapped 80 metres underground had to make do with radio communications. A one-stop shop for all things video games.

I agree that “inspired by” would be more appropriate here given that they changed the characters, purpose, decade, and outcome.

Well based on the movie, he has to kill his father and his father died in his arm..

Purchase a copy to enjoy the bonus features.’ What?! We only get reaction shots of them seeing it. In "Sanctum," there’s a computer animation showing the known parts of the cave, but as the POV whizzes through caverns and tunnels, it achieves only a demonstration of computer animation itself. Without the revenue generated from advertising, we would be unable to provide this great content free of charge. So 3-D, when it’s done well, is an enhancement to the storytelling.

A very well made MOVIE. The middle section of the cave collapsed, trapping 15 of us underground. I clicked on it, wanting to know if the two who left at the beginning made it out, but it said something like ‘This film is for rental purposes and contains the feature film only. maybe lessons that will one day help anyone that finds themselves in a hopeless situation.

Doesn’t sound like the Nullabar incident.

But be aware that “inspired by” is not the same as “based on,” which is not the same as a documentary, which is not the same as real life. The project was produced by James Cameron whose claim to fame included films such as Titanic and Avatar. It’s a difficult thing to manage. But they are out of focus so that the mid-range can look sharp, and 3-D only makes us wonder why the closer objects are less distinct.

Sanctum: The True Story Behind the Epic 3-D Adventure, Or maybe awful. Was a gud movie.

Praise God, in the real story everyone survived! So many times you read comments like this and it ends up in a slanging match. In 1975, he won the Pulitzer Prize for distinguished criticism.

If one of the producer’s real experiences inspired him to write about it/create a movie in which he tried to recreate the intensity of the emotions that one confronts in life and death situations, then he has all of the creative license that he needs.

even for me it was a exciting shocker i should never judge a movie buy its cover ha it was adventurous, yes but i did not 100% Even expect wat would happen to those people. We humans see the world in color through two eyes, in stereo. I wrote about the details of the real story — fortunately, everyone survived.

This movie had nothing to do with the actual story its based on aside from the concept of being trapped in a cave. If you could imagine for a second the pain of having an 8 ton rock smash your pelvis and then being stuck there for weeks being finger fed by a handful of friends who just happened to realize where you were after a week, and then suddenly being cut off from that last sliver of hope by another unforgiving rock slide and starving to death, in the dark, alone… you probably wouldn’t be disappointed now would you? Of course the spaces were mostly f/x, but there you are.


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