sausage party characters

Marshmallow - Seen running around without an arm (Debatable). When we told him about this project, he flipped and became obsessed with it. GeroniMentos Tube - Opened himself to deploy his individual Mentos inside. 30 essential albums from the last 30 years. Voiced by: Scott Underwood, Carlo Vázquez (Mexican Spanish dub). He gets pulled into the situation by Brenda when they fall out of the cart, and is with the group as their Woody Allen-y companion. He dies by having all the juice sucked out of him by Douche before having his entire carton ripped in half. Goldberg: Much to our complete amazement, she said yes! Murders and consumes other liquid products to restore and empower himself, Douche, which is the means by which Douche manipulates him like a human puppet. Tomato Soup - Shot by Darren under Douche's control. When they fall off the cart, they go through the Mexican aisle, and they have an encounter with Teresa, who promises them they will help them get back to their aisles. His eyes are still open when Camille slices him in half. Potatoes - Served to a human, one has been cut into half. Unlike the foods that have been chosen, he doesn't need to worry about being eaten by Camille Toh and is actually looking forward to being used. The twin cookies are a reference to both Oreos and Girl Scout cookies. drank grape juice and vodka, then shoved himself up Darren's ass.
He wanted to do the character, and he wanted to do the character so well that people thought it was Woody Allen, and not him. Krinkler's Chips - Torn open and eaten by the Druggie. are about to escape the house, Camille kills him. The Seth Rogen that is portrayed at the end of the movie, in the smoke, could be the Seth Rogen of This is The End. Flour - Likely died when he fell off the cart, resulting in the fog effect. The Potato Chip Bag is labeled as "Krinkler's Potato Chips". Carl was a sausage who was in the same package with Frank and Barry. An injured grape juice box who was abandoned in the employee room and is on the cusp of dying. He kills himself by accident when he bumps his head, and set off a chain reaction which ends with a decorative axe falling and chopping his head off. Like Frank, he has a large chin and slightly larger eyes. Move over, Pixar!
Carl - Stabbed in the midsection, and then sliced in half by Camile Toh. Honey Mustard - Shattered when he fell off the cart. when the truth is revealed about the Great Beyond, Carl decides to make a run for it, but not before stopping to help Barry. Oh I really needed that douche...", Voiced by: Lauren Miller-Rogen, Magdalena Tenorio (Mexican Spanish dub). He's very bun-focused. Carl was one of the main characters in Sausage Party. Toilet paper roll - Laying on the druggie's roll dispenser. He has a very tumultuous history with Sammy Bagel, Jr. and his side of the aisle, and feels as though they are occupying an aisle that is rightfully his. Cookie - Back fell off from the trauma of the crash. Goldberg: This is a launch for the next movie, where we start a religion. Not only did he fail, he ended up causing the cart he was in to collide with another cart. Barry is the first character to kill a human (albeit unintentionally since he didn't plan for the axe to drop on The Druggie and decapitate him). Jelly Jar - Shattered on the floor when she was knocked out of a cart. Diet Cola Bottle - Emptied his soda into the fat man's mouth to blow him up. Toilet Paper - Shot and unraveled by Darren. How he dies. Buns, Ketchup, and Mustard - Likely to have the patties placed inside them and eaten. 1 Welcome to the Sausage Party Recipe Book Wiki 2 Sausage Party 2.1 Movie Plot 3 Latest activity Your perfect guide to learning about the delicious characters in the 2016 animated movie Sausage Party! The toaster pastry with pink frosting is supposed to resemble a Pop Tart. The Sausages. Rogen: He encompasses the whole-hearted belief-system. Bavarian Sausage - Thrown into a trash can by Darren. He is a hot dog who has been led to believe he'll get to go inside of a bun finally. I think they learn a lot. Ticklish Licorice - Torn open by a customer, with pieces of licorice still alive (with animal-level intellect). Frank's a little different from the other hot dogs. Lettuce - Eyes gouged out and then head torn in two, by Camile Toh.


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