serendipity examples in business

Note that these examples were only from within the enterprise – I have not yet fully experienced such transparency beyond the organization’s borders. Serendipity is your There are fantastic examples of physical design techniques that encourage causal, serendipitous conversations.

The accidental discovery of post-it-notes is the living proof that innovative ideas are not always intentional, sometimes you come across them when trying to figure out a solution to the problem, and find that the idea in itself can be a solution to another problem.

leveraging it to your For instance, on a backpacking trip through Mexico, he accidentally stumbled upon a major archeological find—talk about serendipity!

“But in Friendship, being free of all that, we think we have chosen our peers.

"Visit a different department inside your company. by The study specifically explores how serendipity happens and the pattern of its occurrence. Creative Empowerment: The 7 Steps to a New Management Style, 4 Tips to Become a Values-based Leader For Your Tribe, 10 Ways We Use to Improve your Employee Experience. The “emotional shift” helps creating an environment that encourages people to be more receptive to each other’s new ideas. Tom Kelley

1) Being laid off from a corporate job and having to start a business on my own, forcing the question of how to survive and support a family without a regular salary, benefits, or anything to rely on but myself. One of the best reads is John Hagel & John Seely Brown’s book, The Power of Pull. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. Three Components of Serendipity. That was our last correspondence for nearly a year.

The goal is to have all content visible for everyone, and it is enough to have a wide variety of people actually see the content, who can then either act on it or who might know someone else who can contribute and will be able to forward the information to them. Notice how disruptive people use or treat In one case, a claim from the USA received a response from our service team in Germany, and then another one from India. If an event becomes a fiasco, it is a complete and embarrassing failure. by This paper aims to investigate the distinctive role of serendipity in opportunity exploration. The error was difficult to ultimately diagnose as well, but because we had convincing data that there was something wrong, we were able to persevere, find the problem, and fix all the affected systems, including ones that had yet to suffer any downtime.
Start with this list of techniques compiled … These are ideas of value to anyone in business. Click for an interactive map of this word, There’s so much of modern life that makes it preferable to the vaunted good old days — better hygiene products and power steering leap to mind — but in these disposable days of now and the future, the concept of. Required fields are marked *. Jul 24, 2012. creating In reality, a few years' difference in the dates of our births, a few more miles between certain houses, the choice of one university instead of another, posting to different regiments, the accident of a topic being raised or not raised at a first meeting—any of these chances might have kept us apart.
A cataclysm is a violent, sudden event that causes great change and/or harm. now. serendipity to happen,

© 2020 Forbes Media LLC. That’s a lot of pressure. If you do something in an unwitting fashion, you didn’t know that you were doing it; therefore, it was unintentional on your part. This is called planned serendipity. When analysis is being made, for example on variable-speed drives or different mechanical load handling devices, people from all over the organization comment and give feedback – both technological and customer-related. Photo: A Little Luck by JD Hancock @ Flickr (CC), I run my own consultancy business, so if you find the ideas on this blog intriguing, contact me at or call me at +358 50 588 5043 and we can discuss how I can help you solve your business problems. The inventor of the Coca-Cola wasn't a shrewd businessman, a seller of sweets, or a dreamer looking to strike it rich in the beverage business. Thoughts on Lean, communication, and social media. How do you get new clients? I’ll explain the phenomena in this post with a number of real-life examples I have personally witnessed at work. With our history dotted with depression, recession and financial crisis, it’s easy to assume that innovation is less likely to take place due to lack of resources and funding. → Jun 26, 2012. The next day, an electrical engineer posted a comment on the blog suggesting that an application of ultimatum games from game theory could be useful in solving one of my problems. as a


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