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GREAT SWL FREQUENCY LISTINGS. Experiment to find what works best for your location. Year after year, we pay tenthousands of EUR for the high quality of our data. . . Great info for the SWL. Good all night in Eastern North America; varies in Western North America. In the summer time, the day bands often are good into the early evening. A shortwave receiver capable of SSB is required, or at least one with a BFO knob. by Ken Jorgustin | Mar 20, 2013 | 4 comments. In short, when you're at home, they are at work. Privacy Policy Smaller than 0535 Khz moves into the Long wave bands. Voice of America, Russia, etc. the next town but they are coming from around the world! 0535 Khz to 1705 Khz are not shortwave frequencies. Two handbooks in one - at a sensational low price! Shortwave signals vary greatly in strength depending upon the time of day, the sun, the ionosphere and interaction with the earth itself. You can usually hear these stations throughout North America. In North America and Europe, many of the major broadcasters have disappeared or minimized their presence. Good results often start about an hour before sunset. Ham Satellites Some European nations have recently begun allowing privately owned shortwave stations on a far more limited scale. KJ4UEA, Your email address will not be published. Most pirate activity takes place on weekends or holidays, Halloween and April Fool's Day being traditional favorites of pirates. )you said the best swl antenna is a horizontal with individual wires for each band.Would this be better for dx than the half square? but sometimes are hampered by summer static as are the nighttime bands. at: GMT (NOW) or: Find stations broadcasting … Frequencies are in kiloHertz (kHz). Actually, shortwave (HF) is 3-30 MHz; medium wave (MF) is 300 kHz to 3 MHz; and long wave (LF) is 30-300 kHz. Click the graphics for download! this list will help a lot. Hi im an english swl listen to hf from oo oo utc on my tecsun pl-66o rx in birmingham england uk recently came across your excellent website but any chance of giving out any addresses on receiving a qsl card etc from aero military stations etc ?

Site Map There is where you find the commercial American AM band. of about two hours after sunrise until about two hours before sunset. Post Reviews  This is the only printed broadcast frequency list worldwide that gives full schedule information as well! The 2020 Shortwave Frequency Guide is the printed version of our extremely popular 2020 Super Frequency List on CD: The only reference book worldwide that includes all the latest 2020 broadcast schedules at the time of publication.

Fading, static, and other interference is expected at times.This information is subject to change without notice. Great Information,it has lot for stuff which is informative.I will share the post with my friends. This is a product for shortwave listeners and radio users, and not for equipment manufacturers or radio stations!

In general, the lower frequency bands, 120 meters thru 40 meters are very prone to thunderstorm static, especially durning the summer months. Direct short-wave transmissions for South America have now ceased, although some frequencies for West Africa can sometimes be received on … 1 - Shortwave Radio Station List-by- RadioShack {Guide to Shortwave Radios} 2 - Shortwave Frequency List-by C Crane English-Language SWL Frequencies Audible In North America -by- Glenn Hauser 3 - Top 1000 HF Frequencies-by- Larry Van Horn Hams experience lots of interference from shortwave broadcasters during the early and nighttime hours.). Most people that have a decent “shortwave” radio (including all amateur HF radios) can go done to 100, or even 30 kHz….

So if you live from about the middle of the U.S eastward to the Atlantic Ocean, then your reception will be better than if you live out west. Follow these links to articles in. Shortwave listening is generally at the worst during the daylight hours. Thank you for sharing. Only the 2020 Shortwave Frequency Guide features a gigantic broadcast frequency list with 4,478 entries, and a superb alphabetical list of stations as well. Humor

Few American pirates are political or controversial in their programming. Good all night in Eastern North America; 49 meters - The best overall nighttime band. (This band is near the 40, meter Ham radio band. Shortwave Receiver Reviews! In general, the bands with frequencies below 13000 KHz (13mhz) are better at night and the bands with frequencies above 13000 KHz (13mhz) are best during the day. google_ad_height = 600; But it’s high-angle on the bands where it’s under half-wave high.

Pirates have tended to cluster in unofficial "pirate bands" based on the current schedules of licensed shortwave stations and the retuning of amateur radio transmitters to operate outside the "ham" radio bands. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-9377297764300878"; will be better than if you live out west. Many of these stations can be heard around the world depending on your location. Marine Radio | VIS | (early mornings), Great Lakes Ore Boats | WLC | Rogers City, MI | Ships on 8270, Air Traffic Control | Pacific | Honolulu, Auckland, Sydney, Nandi, Federal Emergency Management Agency | Primary Day Channel, USAF | NASA Support | Cape Radio | Primary Day Channel, US Navy | Air Operations | Hershey at Key West, FL, Air Traffic Control | Pacific | San Francisco, Honolulu, Air Traffic Control | Pacific | Honolulu, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Marine Ship Calling Ch.

Shortwave Radio Stations targeting North America Start End Country Station Frequencies (kHz) 0000 0030 Egypt R. Cairo 11590 0000 0030 Thailand R. Thailand 13745 0000 0045 U. S. A. WYFR 6085 0000 0100 Bulgaria R. Bulgaria 5900, 7400 0000 0100 Canada CBCNQ 9625 0000 0100 Cuba R. Havana Cuba 5040 0000 0100 U. S. A. Wld Univ Network 13845 To convert kHz to mHz, count 3 digits right to left and add a decimal point.

The new transmitter was spared from flood waters, but the antenna was severely damaged by high winds. Contrary to traditional publications in this field, our business attitude is more customer-oriented. Sometimes extremely good around sunrise and. The North American Shortwave Association has provided information about shortwave radio since 1961. Most privately owned shortwave stations have been religious broadcasters, either wholly owned and programmed by Roman Catholic and evangelical Protestant charities or offering brokered programming consisting primarily of religious broadcasters. It is really helpful. I hear BBC via Kranji (Singapore) transmitter without difficulty most late nights/early AM. We wish to thank more than 70 experienced collaborators and radio monitors worldwide for valuable contributions and updates. Midi Music Legal Stuff Conversion to meter bands: Meters=300000/frequency in kHz. ), it does provide other viewpoints on current events which may be of interest. The WINB schedule shows a mix of brokered religious and non-religious programming. These bands may be extremely good, 31 meters -  Good all night, everywhere.