sick sensors

Universal cable outlet and common connector versions. Integrated encoder tracking for up to 7 devices without an external controller. Items as small as 2 mm high can be accurately analyzed, increasing efficiency in product streams that contain both flats and packages. Individually programmable switching outputs and analog output. Maintenance report format: CSV and Excel. SICK manufactures the thinnest light curtain (10 mm) around – perfect for packaging safety. Function buttons, aiming laser, optical and audible feedback signal. The reflector returns the light in the exact direction it has been received. Available in different versions (ECO, CAN, fieldbus) for use in almost any application.

Automated switching between measuring points for up to 40 sites.

This pro-active maintenance check allows you to plan maintenance work and to minimize unexpected and uncontrolled emergency stops. The comprehensive range covers the entire application spectrum of modern photoelectric sensor technology. Optimal reading field for intralogistics applications. In 1946, Erwin Sick founded an engineering office that would apply his practical knowledge of electronics to the physics of light and the problems facing industry as it moved into a new era of automation.

The track and trace system based on the line-scan camera ICR88x is the ideal solution for all high-end linear and 2D code reading applications in transport and logistics processes. Dynamic focus adjustment from object to object. This results in a lower total maintenance cost and a higher sorting throughput! High chemical resistance due to seal-free sensor design. 13.56 MHz RFID write/read device for ranges up to 240 mm. Reference capacity of 15 color configurations.

The extensive range of photoelectric sensors is used effectively and efficiently in many automation applications around the world.Small Photoelectric Sensors:i) G10 :Powerful detection, smart installation - down to the last detail. More safety. Two complete and independent receiver systems. Install a SICK light curtain to prevent on-the-job injury! Laser pulses with high angular resolution ensure outstanding image resolution. Function buttons, aiming laser, optical and acoustic feedback signal. Up to 3,072 pixels resolution in color and 1,536 pixels in 3D.

2-stage warning system provides the operator with advance warning of a collision and (stage 2)initiates a response. Versions as stand-alone device or as wall cabinet.

The installation costs could be reduced by up to 50%. Active laser detection and reliable long-range passive / semi-passive identification (UHF). Innovative Technologies Front and rear-end tunnel collision warning. Reliable reading of codes on stationary and on fast moving objects guarantee secure identification and flexible use. High resistance to shock and vibration due to holistic scanning. Adaptation to different system conditions or solutions of complex measuring tasks - we have the answer: in-situ and extractive measuring technology for installation in complete systems. Advanced functions include fixed, floating, and multiple point floating blanking, Presence Sensing Device Initiation (PSDI) and multiple configurable muting controls. Full-range item characteristics in 3D in up to 3 m/s. PinPoint LED with bright and precise light spot. Configuration with SOPAS, the configuration tool for all new SICK products. Complete solution comprising of laser measurement technology, RFID and integrated software. No more wearing out and replacement cycles. Includes the major system components in dual layout. "download": "Downloads", Robust structure for harsh ambient conditions. With the Speetec, Sick is expanding its product range for speed and length measurement of objects moving in a linear path to include technology that measures directly on the material surface. Powerful “object locator” tool, independent of position, rotation and scale. High-end camera system; optimized for short reading distances. A laser beam is bounced against an object to determine its distance. Optimized reading field for intralogistics applications. i) DWS Static:For the complete data capture of volume, weight and bar code information of freight for the courier, freight, and parcel industry as well as for retail and warehousing, SICK developed the DWS510 Static, a new dimensioning weighing scanning system.j) RFGS Pro:RFGS Pro (Radio Frequency Gate System) track and trace system is ideal for optimizing processes in the supply chain process.

Check out the SICK USA Blog for application success stories, engineering tips, and much more! All Rights Reserved, Parker High Pressure Compressed Air Filters, Filter Regulator Lubricator - FRL Combinations, Hi-Flow Modular 2-Unit Mist FRL Combo - P3NCA Series, Hi-Flow Modular 3-Unit Mist FRL Combo - P3NCB Series, Global Hi-Flow Modular FRL Combo - P3YCA Series, Compact Modular 3-Unit Mist FRL Combo - 06B Series, PARKER Fixed Displacement Bent Axis Truck Pumps & Motors, PARKER Small Frame Variable Displacement Bent Axis Motor, PARKER Fixed Displacement Bent Axis Truck Pump & Motor, PARKER Variable Displacement Axial Piston Pump, Global Hi-Flow Modular FRL Combo - P3YCB Series, PARKER High Pressure Industrial Piston Pump, Cast Iron High Pressure Pumps - Model 610. The company is active in the areas of factory and logistics automation and process automation. ★★★★★Rated by 2 Buyers LMS reads the profiles of cars whizzing down the autobahn at 70 mph. Low-cost M18 housing sensor on the market. Snip snip! Available in three different resolutions from fast VGA (0.3 MP) to high-resolution UXGA (1.9 MP). SICK's offering of pressure sensors & transmitters is tailored for a wide variety of factory automation solutions. An increasingly automated world requires sensors for computerized systems to interact with the physical world. Highest class "C" with environmental class II or IVa. No moving parts: No mechanical wear, fatigue-proof, maintenance-free. Because it can provide information for navigating a physical environment, laser scanning has sensor solutions in robotics and self-driving vehicles. A new dimension in the world of sensors. Having problems with high accuracy position and motion control? Integrated logic for accumulating roller conveyors (fit also for motorized driven rollers). SICK ‘sensor intelligence’ is a pathway for the future, where you can continuously optimise your factory automation processes and adapt your productivity accordingly, in all sectors of manufacturing industry. SICK sensors provides a wide variety of quality solutions for reliable liquid level and fluid level sensing measurement. More safety. 4.5/5 Extractive measurement of gases in coal mines. Extremely resistant against vibrations and effects of shocks.

The system can be supplemented with additional products such as volume measurement systems, when appropriate for the application.c) OPS400:The OPS400 offers simple operation for omni-directional reading for logistics processes. The right solution for every application: Discover our range of products. Full functional operation across speed range (0...vmax). "searchTerm": "Search suggestions", Simple step-by-step configuration in PC including emulator. Protection of mine site equipment, infrastructure and personnel is a highly sophisticated task and presents great demands on collision awareness solutions. Capacitive Proximity sensors from SICK are ideal for industrial applications that require level and feed monitoring. SICK is a world-leading sensor technology company which is dedicated to developing ‘intelligent sensors’. Continuous innovations have reduced cost, reduced wiring and reduced size. Even small objects of any particular colour are detected in all positions in the container. "searchTerm": "Search suggestions",

SICK is a technology and market leader in Factory and Logistics Automation as …

Moving materials isn't the issue – accurately sorting, tracking and identifying them is!

Completely configured system with sampling, gas cooler and integrated gas pump. Suitable for high traverse speeds of up to 10 m/s. Direction-independent object contours with radius up to 20 mm. Intelligent sensors for all industries. Scanners, Light Curtains, Relays, Safety Switches. -  Register for our next Tech Tuesdays session- An educational series tailored to the process automation industry. Motor feedback systems for the basic performance range.

The smallest photoelectric proximity sensor in the world. Complete product family of photoelectric sensors in a tried-and-tested sensor design. Concerned about safety seals on food packaging? Multi-linear: RGB + Monochrome (w / + w/o IR). Having registration problems? Always wanted to have X-ray vision like Superman? Long sensing distances: 100 mm, 400 mm, 800 mm (proximity sensor), 300 mm (proximity sensor with BGS), 6 m (retro-reflective sensor) and 20 m (through-beam sensor).

As a complete, optimized system for identifying bar codes on goods and freight, it is ideal for state-of-the-art logistics demands. Protect a very flexible area. ConVer is a turnkey system for quality control during packing processes. SICK's VMS410/510 volume measurement system family offers quick installation and simple alignment and commissioning. PROFINET IO with integrated switch (Dual Port). Multifaceted mounting options including dovetail mounting. Think Safety! Tired of spilling liquids on the packaging line because a simple cap is missing? M18 front mount using plastic nut or snap ring, side assembly with 24.1 mm through holes. The LMS signals web travel as it moves out of spec. Flush mounting possible using the snap ring.

Vision-based system for sorter inspections. And accurately tells you the model of every car by its profile. SICK offers devices for every level of safety to protect human bodies for accidents – Type 2, 3 and 4. Integrated LED bar graph with pushbuttons. Absolute, non-contact, wear-free length measurement system for linear motors . FFU flow sensor - non-contact flow measurement : b) TCT - compact, rugged tough, precise temperature measurement : c) Efficient and space saving temperature measurement - Temperature sensor TSP : Sensor with background suppression and without any significant black/white shift. More efficiency: Sustainably increase the productivity of your industrial systems. The system’s sensors are capable of detecting persons and vehicles in motion, i.e., while maintaining the flow of material, recording and identifying them with the help of coded transponder cards. Rapid image and data transfer via Ethernet. Integrated version and stand-alone design.


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