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GET Contact Sleeprate to learn more about its solutions and personalized program such as sleep tracking app, sleep monitoring and CBT-i. I like the idea of this app- I tried another one, but all it did was track the time I was in bed. Total amount raised across all funding rounds, Total number of current team members an organization has on Crunchbase, Total number of investment firms and individual investors, Descriptive keyword for an Organization (e.g. To get a list of trending players based on add/drop activity: Want to embed this on your app? Where t1 comes from, either winner or loser of the match, Where t2 comes from, either winner or loser of the match, The ID of the draft to retrieve picks for, The ID of the league to retrieve traded picks for. GET This endpoint retrieves the playoff bracket for a league for 4, 6, and 8 team playoffs.

Try again later. My only real feedback I would give right now is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to adjust the volume on my device in regard to the smart alarm feature. The Sleeper API uses the following error codes: # With shell, you can just curl the username or user_id, "", "", "", // can also be "drafting", "in_season", or "complete", "", "", "", // is commissioner (there can be multiple commissioners), "", // total points for team based on league settings, // if commissioner overrides points manually, "", "", "", // roster_ids involved in this transaction, // previous owner's roster id (in this trade), // the new owner of this pick after the trade, // roster_ids of the people who agreed to this transaction, // roster_id 2 sends 55 FAAB dollars to roster_id 3, // could be {'waiver_bid': 44} if it's FAAB waivers, // can contain notes in waivers like why it didn't go through, // player id 1736 dropped from roster_id 1, // the roster_ids who agreed to this transaction, // this used for trades only involving FAAB, "", "", "", "", // this is the user_id to draft slot mapping, // this is the draft slot to roster_id mapping, // leagues have rosters, which have roster_ids, // this means draft slot 1 (column 1) will go to roster 10, slot 2 will go to roster_id 3, etc, "", // user_id this pick will go to (not all leagues have users in every slot, this can be ""), // which column this is on the draftboard, "", "", The ID of the league to retrieve rosters from, The ID of the league to retrieve matchups from. Sleep Coach - personalized sleep insights & advice informed by top sleep experts2. This endpoint retrieves all traded picks in a draft. Bedtime Reminder - reminds you to relax and unwind8.

Sleep History - 7 rolling nights of sleep historyPREMIUM FEATURES1. I really like this feature and I feel it has reduced my grogginess upon waking, but the app seems to have a default volume level for the alarm that is significantly louder than it needs to be, especially considering how close your device is in order to track your sleep! The ID of the league for which you are trying to retrieve drafts. Keep in mind that a league can have multiple drafts, especially dynasty leagues. There are thumbnail and full-size images for each avatar. A general rule is to stay under 1000 API calls per minute, otherwise, you risk being IP-blocked.

This is a feature for Premium members. This endpoint retrieves all drafts for a league. Each object in the list represents one team.

The platform connects fans and people to create a community and friendship that enable users to enjoy a sporting event in a communal way that creates lasting memories.

SleepScore also writes sleep data to the Health app with permission.SUBSCRIPTION PRICING AND TERMS SleepScore is free to download and use. Daily SleepScore - easy to understand score based on the quality of your sleep9.

GET But sticking to therapy can be hard.

I have probably only one problem thus far. Liking this app a lot after about a week and a half of use. Precautions: 1. I want this app to work, so I will keep trying for a few more days - but I am getting discouraged. Please try again later. Explore our sleep sounds and smart alarm features to fall asleep fast and wake feeling your best, and discover more about your sleep cycle in the process.

Sleeper is a sports platform intended for fantasy leagues and eSports. On supported devices, SleepScore reads data from the Health App with your permission to update your activities during the day to provide more personalized advice. This endpoint retrieves a specific league. Slow down! Sleep well! Our sleep tracker technology, more accurate than other non-contact sleep tracker apps, was developed by ResMed, the leaders in sleep science, by studying millions of hours of sleep for over a decade.

Copy the code below: You can use this endpoint to get a list of trending players based on adds or drops in the past 24 hours. This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone. My husband is not usually woken up by my alarms but this one is so loud that it has woken him up a few times, and when I try to turn it down on my phone, the app moves the volume level right back up. Contact Email Sleeper is a sports platform intended for fantasy leagues and eSports. You will get a JSON response that looks something like this: We do not perform authentication as our API is read-only and only contains league information. Doctor Report - comprehensive 30-day sleep report and screener results for sleep concerns to share with your doctor 4. However, that’s not the reason for the 3 star rating - for some reason, though the app shows in my health data app, and I have enabled it to talk to each other - my actual sleep data doesn’t transfer/show up in the health app. Number of hours to look back (default is 24) - optional, Number of results you want, (default is 25) - optional.

Maybe this is just a bug that could be fixed? Like other wearables, sleep eye-masks and headbands typically connect to apps to provide insight into your sleep and tips on how to improve it. GET This one uses the sound waves/sonar and the other one tells you how your use of the CPAP went. In 2020, Justin again surveyed the sleep-tracker app offerings for iOS and Android and found that the four apps we tried in 2018 were still the most popular apps … Just a thought.

The two teams with the same matchup_id match up against each other. GET Sleep Sounds - soothing sleep sounds to help you fall asleep faster3. Find answers to frequently asked questions for Fisher-Price and Mattel products.

It can detect and evaluate the user's sports data, sleep quality, heart rate and blood pressure, etc. Requires iOS 10.3 or later. GET Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the iTunes store.

The above command returns JSON structured like this: GET GET, GET The TV may mess with the apps ability to track your sleep accurately, please contact our support team at, and they can provide some helpful tips to eliminate the interference. GET, GET The team at SleepWatch app always welcomes your feedback! SleepScore CheckUp - continuous sleep monitoring, plus access to screeners if we detect signs of a more serious sleep disorder7. San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley), Operating Status of Organization e.g.

For advanced features, SleepScore has auto-renewing monthly & yearly subscription options.If you choose to purchase SleepScore, payment will be charged to your iTunes account. This endpoint retrieves all drafts by a user. Some nights I take off the CPAP without thinking and then it stops tracking my sleep even though I’m still asleep. Ticket refunds and changes 15 Questions ; Train times, delays and disruptions 9 Questions ; Onboard, seating and at the station 13 Questions ; Getting your ticket 15 Questions

The DreamMapper sleep apnea app 1 and desktop tools can help you stay motivated. But I wish that they could make them one app since they both measure different things.

This endpoint retrieves all traded picks in a league, including future picks.

I would definitely recommend this app as it does have a lot of really good features and is a really good learning tool, but it does still have just some general bugs to be worked out.

I tried looking at the FAQ and the the site, and I can’t find anything to explain this problem. If you are already a premium member, all you have to do is allow access to your Apple health, and you will see the information transfer. GET Would be nice to have both wrapped up into one app (set your wake time and have it start tracking your sleep when you start the CPAP) and get both scores with the premium membership included because you bought the machine and continue to buy the supplies. Call 855-351-2274 to receive automated instructions over the phone. If you have any other questions or concerns, please reach out to and a customer service specialist will be in contact. Most leagues should only have one draft.

Each row represents a matchup between 2 teams. Active, Closed, Last funding round type (e.g. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription to SleepScore.Not validated to accurately track sleep with iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone 5s, or iPhone SE.Privacy policy of Service Self help options include product instructions, technical product support, recall/advisory information, Power Wheels service and replacement parts. Hi, I'm sorry about the confusion with the Apple Health Data.

Our experts provide detailed sleep insights and sleep advice, all personalized to improve your sleep through every stage of life. I’m still looking for one place to track my sleep and teach me how to do it better. Sleep Tracker - non-contact, accurate sleep tracker provides a detailed analysis of your sleep cycle2. SaaS, Android, Cloud Computing, Medical Device), Where the organization is headquartered (e.g. It is very convenient to monitor and adjust your daily life. The pharmaceutical giant ordered employees at …

Service Unavailable -- We're temporarily offline for maintenance. Sleep Challenges - participate to change small behaviors for sleep improvement3.


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