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Suzaku Kururugi, born on July 10, 2000 a.t.b., is the son of Japan's last prime minister, Genbu Kururugi. warhead, under the command of Lelouch's Geass, he abandons this belief and decides to achieve his goals regardless of the means. His lack of tactics and strategies baffles Lelouch, since he fights with instinct instead of thinking or using his mind. Before returning to Area 11, Suzaku continues his activities to conquer E.U. 's powers and her immortality, Suzaku reveals himself as a Regulator, negating Schneizel's ability and then kills him with his sword. Suzaku Kururugi is the deuteragonist of the anime and manga series Code Geass. Charles zi Britannia | Marianne vi Britannia | V.V. Suzaku wollte auch die Verantwortung für seine Taten übernehmen, und sein letztendliches Ziel war es, für die Tötung seines Vaters zu büßen. As Lloyd is signing papers, the Black Knights attempt a rescue mission. warhead in tandem with Lelouch, which contained a program that had to be executed within 0.04 seconds of detonation to have an effect. He suggests to Schneizel that he could assassinate the Emperor. Er täuscht seinen Tod in seinem Kampf mit Kallen vor, taucht unter dem Deckmantel von Zero wieder auf und ersticht Lelouch. He still believes that he can change the system from within. As Lloyd was signing papers, the Black Knights attempt a rescue mission. He used this ability to defeat Bismarck Waldstein and to deploy a countermeasure to the F.L.E.I.J.A. With the new Lancelot Albion, he easily defeats and kills all of them, sparing only Gino's life asking what he should be fighting for. When Suzaku first fought against Lelouch as Zero in his Lancelot Knightmare Frame. Suzaku continues to show hostility towards Julius Kingsley. Suzaku also wished to take responsibility for his actions, and his ultimate goal was to atone for the killing of his father. After ordering the Princess to stop and then ordering the crowd to forget her order, Euphemia's plan to create the Special Zone of Japan succeeds. He was voiced by Takahiro Sakurai in the Japanese version, and Yuri Lowenthal in the English dubbed version. As a reference to the series, McGillis dons a Montag persona similar to Suzaku sporting Zero due to the fact that they have masks that represents them as a Char Clone. As a result, he is also dubbed the "White Reaper" or "White Death". His trademark is a spinning kick first used on Lelouch in the first episode, which he is able to replicate in his Knightmare. Arthur, a stray cat, is later chased throughout the school grounds by the entire student body after wandering into the Lamperouge residence and escaping with Lelouch's Zero mask. He is later seen talking to Nunnally again as Nunnally progresses Area 11's status. In Chapter 13, it is revealed that in this timeline, Suzaku did not kill his father; C.C. She wakes up in his arms without any recollection of being under the control of Lelouch's Geass. As Lloyd has upgraded the Guren far beyond what the Lancelot is capable of, she easily parries his attacks and significantly damages the Lancelot. When Suzaku first fought against Lelouch as Zero in his Lancelot Knightmare Frame, Lelouch noticed that his powers are negated, hinting that Suzaku might have another ability. However, the bullet is stopped by a broken pocket watch belonging to his deceased father. He asks Suzaku to join his cause, but Suzaku refuses. When Suzaku refuses, he is promptly shot in the back. Schneizel praises Suzaku for his efforts, but mentions the event that happened seven years ago, which he shouldn't have known about. While everyone escape to the student council room, Lelouch thought of a plan to defeat the enemy, but requires assistance from the others, to which Suzaku agreed with the plan and went with Kallen. The two arrived at the school's chapel, acting as the Neo-Chinese's HQ, and confronted the leader, but was tricked and their souls were absorbed into mystic item known as the "Thousand-man Silver Vase". After destroying the Tokyo Settlement with the F.L.E.I.J.A. Goals Suzaku is the son of Japan's last prime minister, Genbu Kururugi. R main planet, Eria. He is seen accompanying Julius Kingsley, arriving at St. Petersburg. After the Mark Nemo pilot was captured, Suzaku was approached by Lelouch, who was shocked when he revealed the pilot was Nunnally and had no choice but to help him, and later passed the information to Euphemia. 18 (Season 2) As his final order and punishment, Lelouch tells Suzaku that he is dead from this day on, forced to exist as Zero and sacrifice his happiness for the sake of the world, an order Suzaku accepts. This causes a feud between the higher ups of E.U. The time shift one month later reveals that he became the Knight of Zero under Lelouch vi Britannia, the 99th Emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire. Having lost his original Lancelot, Suzaku deploys the Lancelot Albion against the Emperor's Knights of Rounds (a bunch of immortal zombies). and Kallen, have fought and defeated him, but when Xingke was about to be killed by Bradley, Suzaku had blocked his attack and saved him, leading Xingke to switch sides and defeating Luciano, leading him to his death. [23], Code Geass: The Miraculous Birthday (コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュ キセキの誕生日, Kōdo Giasu: Kiseki no Tanjōbi), Favorite Male Character, 29th Annual Anime Grand Prix, Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, explain the fiction more clearly and provide non-fictional perspective, "Results of Japan's First Ever Seiyuu Awards Announced", "Anime Review: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Box 1", "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Part I", "Code Geass: "The School Festival Declaration" Review", "Code Geass is a Complex Morality Play With Mecha and Super Powers", "Code Geass Leouch of the Rebellion, Pt. Suzaku and his Albion are almost defeated, but are saved by Charles' defeat. Suzaku (Kururugi Suzaku), 17 years of age (18 at R2), is the deuteragonist of the Sunrise anime series, Code Geass. Later, he is shown wearing the guise of Zero protecting Nunnally, with which one can only conclude that Suzaku had truly accepted the fate of Zero and would never lead a normal life as Suzaku Kururugi. Critical reception to Suzaku has been mainly positive. It is revealed that he had killed his father Genbu, but it was done when Suzaku found out that he and the Emperor of Japan were willing to collaborate with Britannia and kill off anti-occupation Japanese officials and civilians. Suzaku also owns his own Ōkatana with a custom Britannian hilt. Suzaku agrees to his request, but only if Lelouch meets him alone at the Kururugi shrine. However Suzaku manage to return to his body with Kallen, with help from Lelouch who used his Zero persona, and used his spinkick on the eunuchs. Suzaku's reaction when Mao tells the truth about his father. However Suzaku manages to return to his body with Kallen, with help from Lelouch who used his Zero persona, and used his spinkick on the eunuchs. His guilt over the incident causes Suzaku to constantly place himself on the frontlines in the hope of atoning for his actions with his death. An example during his battle with Kallen aboard the Damocles, using the power of the command, Suzaku is able to fight on par with Kallen's Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. In episode 16, he manages to destroy a ceiling-mounted remote machine gun while unarmed by running up a wall and kicking it (the gun's motion tracker was said to have a lag time of 0.05 seconds). As the plot progresses, The group later encountered a group of Gareth Knightmare Frames, along with the Knight of Ten, Luciano Bradley, and surprisingly Li Xingke, who have sided with Seasons.


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