the adderall diaries spoiler

She came across as strong and self-assured -almost cocky at times - not what you would expect from someone reeling from childhood trauma. View production, box office, & company info. I can usually tell if I'll like a film in the first 5 minutes.

Why? I liked Lena and Steven's relationship but she all of a sudden couldn't handle him anymore and was angry at him, which was too abrupt. Use the HTML below.

While talking, he figures out that while Neil made some parenting mistakes, Stephen is falsely remembering his father being downright abusive.

Make yourself a drink and a smoke if you like and watch this one with your dog on a rainy. That's what happens to James Franco on another of his quirky projects playing a writer who does his Adderall like peppermint candy. Cynthia Nixon had what can be described as a thankless role; that of a slavishly loyal agent who still 'believes' in Franco's cosmic talent even after he's caught publicly in a massive lie.

In a parallel story, Elliot gets interested in a murder case (software engineer, played by Christian Slater, "disappears" his wife), and at the trial, Elliot makes the acquaintance of Lana, a NY Times reporter (played by Amber Heard. Those of you who know me might wonder why I chose to rent The Adderall Diaries, since it's completely not my cup of tea. The story-telling way of the movie gives freedom to the audience without applying or imposing one way.

All in all, flawed but still a good movie.

His mother died when he was a child and his father was physically and psychologically abusive. "The Adderall Diaries" (2015 release; running time: 90 min.) To tell you more might spoil your viewing experience, you'll just have to see for yourself how it all plays out.

As a writer stymied by past success, writers block, substance abuse, relationship problems and a serious set of father issues, Elliott's cracked-out chronicle of a bizarre murder trial amounts to less than the sum of its parts. The film is about personal perspective and how far we can delude ourselves about who we are and the events which created us. Even using that analogy shows how much this movie wouldn't be my style. Give acting via characterization a try.

He begins to find inspiration in a court case involving the murder of a woman by her husband. The Adderall Diaries is a 2015 American crime thriller film written and directed by Pamela Romanowsky, based on a "true-crime memoir" book of the same name by Stephen Elliott. This was a pretty good turn for Franco, one of his best attempts at drama in indi cinema.

A slightly dystopian vision of LA, we follow three disaffected teenagers, Jessie, Calvin and Nicky, all victims of extreme childhoods, running supreme hedonistic riot as they try to work out a way in life.

The performances wasn't bad from Franco, Harris and Heard but I have seen better from these experienced actors. Chalamet has only one or two lines but is on screen every now and then for flashbacks for few seconds at a time and shines in his brief appearances. Wealthy Manhattan kids dealing with high school and the drama that comes with it.

As a writer stymied by past success, writers block, substance abuse, relationship problems and a serious set of father issues, Elliott's cracked-out chronicle of a bizarre murder trial amounts to less than the sum of its parts.

You've also got a love story between Stephen, whose an inspiring writer, and Lana Edmond (Amber Heard) who is a reporter for the murder case but that doesn't really go anywhere. Great cast! The film is quite short, at 87 minutes. I would say it is kind of worth the watch. All that said this is a a decent movie but nothing to rush and see. Thought provoking film about personal narrative. Awards Ed Harris rocks the screen, as usual, as the domineering father who haunts his dreams and creates the clouds of his past that he can't see through.The mind is amazing - we can do all sorts of things to protect ourselves.

I didn't really understand what point the director was trying to get across, because the ending was pretty poor and James Franco's character just became uninteresting. We all may storytellers and we like telling the stories how we perceive and/or how we want to see the truth. The Adderall Diaries is a tough film and has several different elements and subplots within the story.

I turn off the player and go watch a real movie, "Chicken With Plums" in this instance. [10], The film received negative reviews from critics. The result is a scattered, self-indulgent romp through the mind of a depressive narcissist obsessed with his insecurities and childhood traumas. External Reviews The trial begins to drag up painful memories of his own past and living with his father Neil (Harris). Can we be unbiased in our memories? All in all the story had such a potential that both the actors and the director failed to develop to make it interesting.The abused kid who transfers his hatred onto any case that seems identical to his past is TOO deja vu. Ah, the tricks our minds can play to protect us.... Great acting and casting really makes this movie better than it could have been. All the actors are excellent.

The result is a scattered, self-indulgent romp through the mind of a depressive narcissist obsessed with his insecurities and childhood traumas.

You have this father and son element between Stephen Elliott (James Franco) and Neil Elliott (Ed Harris), about there troubled relationship mixed with drugs and violence, and then you have this murder case, about Hans Reiser (Christian Slater), who was accused of killing his wife. Harassment by local bullies leads Jace to make some ... See full summary ».

Oh how wrong I was. Very successful direction and James Franco plays perfectly.

This movie is journey about coming to terms with who you are and how you became that person. It's a blend of different genres that calls back to many different films from the past however, it's unfocused execution and narrative ultimately leaves you bewildered rather than intrigued. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Along the way, he meets the beautiful Amber Heard. The father and son duel goes on and we in the audience are not sure who to believe about things that happened in Stephen's life as each makes a lot of sense. To make matters worse, he realizes that he also slept through the jury announcing their verdict on Hans Reiser, finding him guilty of murder.

Elliott, caught up in the film-ready twist and his tenuous connection to Sturgeon (they share a BDSM social circle), makes a record of the proceedings. The underlying true crime is the Hans Reiser murder case. Not long into the 2007 trial of programmer Hans Reiser, accused of murdering his wife, the defendant's friend Sean Sturgeon obliquely confessed to several murders (though not the murder of Reiser's wife). The ability to alter our memories is only one tool of many. I surrender. It was no fault of Heard's - her character was just badly written. All you will end up seeing is a cascade of drug use, bad sex scenes and meaningless script (that's ironic for a movie about a writer). Angry family?

[11] Metacritic reports a 42 out of 100 rating based on 16 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews". But, in order to see it through, he has to learn to trust his attractive corporate counterpart. The Adderall Diaries I personally lost interest very early in the film because the plot was all over the place and the director concentrated on trivia matters. When Jake (Richard Tanne) is injured in a car accident, the only person willing to... See full summary », In a small desert town, decimated by the economic recession, two teenagers (Jace and Derek) try to get by working as Sign Spinners.

There is no real plot or even a narrative and I can't for the life of me understand why this gets placed under the Thriller genre. Mr Franco, you don't have the restraint, judgment or charm of Grant or Clooney. In despair, he gets high, goes to a club, and sleeps with a random person. If you want that to change make some effing happy endings and stop breaking people in half. [5], Principal photography began on May 16, 2014 in Brooklyn. The catalysts and personal revelations were believable, and I found the pacing exactly right for this type of film. There appears to be much happening, and although it is well acted, it does not feel forced in any way. No need to say how Ed Harris has been a shiny masterpiece. Amber Heard does a solid job playing Franco's love interest. 14 of 20 people found this review helpful. WORST FRIENDS is the story of two childhood friends who are forced to re-think their friendship as adults. Aside from the impersonal and bad improvising-like script, Amber Heard gave such an apathetic performance, through which all I could think about was GET YOUR DAMN HAIR OFF YOUR FACE. On Rotten Tomatoes, it currently holds a 21% score based on 34 reviews, with an average rating of 4.42/10. The intertwined stories of four generations of Coopers unfold right before the annual family reunion on Christmas Eve. When Neil once again shows up Stephen begins to spiral and it effects every aspect of his life. Being a movie lover, I NEVER stop a movie before it's over, no matter how bad it is.

The movie perfectly depicts this by keeping another well-created family story in the background. With James Franco, Ed Harris, Amber Heard, Jim Parrack.

[12], Stephen Elliott reviewed the film negatively, stating that the final result had little in common with his memoir and wondering "why calling the character Stephen Elliott was necessary. A group of high school teenagers and their parents attempt to navigate the many ways the Internet has changed their relationships, their communications, their self-images, and their love lives. FAQ Thank to all. The Adderall Diaries, Stephen's (James Franco) first book is called A" Part" but while it bears a different title, it's clearly just a substitute for "A Life Without Consequences", and it's those details that dismantle and nearly destroy Stephen, riding high on his success, when their lack of veracity is revealed. A heart-broken teacher chaperones a group of high schoolers to a state drama competition. He has shown the cops where her body is buried in exchange for a lesser sentence. Even the most brutally frank of memoirs there is always |

This is a tale about a guy that hates himself and was raised by a parent that also hated himself thus the vicious cycle of self hate and low self esteem.

Poor Ms. Heard, seemingly a naif, is to be believed to be a crime reporter for the NY Times? An ensemble comedy about the meaning of matrimony. However, since it was James Franco's time as Star of the Week on Hot Toasty Rag, I thought I'd give it a chance. This isn't the best movie but it isn't a waste of time. Metacritic Reviews. Director Pamela Romanowsky met James Franco at New York University while attending the MFA Film Program. Not every movie ends like a fantasy that is personally gratifying.

Franco does a great job playing the tortured soul, Heard is great as the confused girlfriend and Harris, as always, steals the movie and plays his part so perfect that you aren't sure if he is really as bad as Elliott portrays him. I give this a B-. Despite the good performances of James Franco, Ed Harris, Amber Heard, and others, "The Adderall Diaries" is disappointing as a drama that seeks to probe into dysfunctional family systems in America.


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