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In other words, good historians excel at giving a reasoned answer after acknowledging several possibilities. In 1950s, Ray Kroc met Mac and Dick McDonald, who were running a burger operation in Southern California. The previous franchising agent, Bill Tansey, quit due to health issues. When speaking about the film in an interview with Deadline, director John Lee Hancock describes The Founder less as a traditional biopic of a single man (though Kroc does seem to be the focus) but rather as a biopic of McDonald's itself, with the mega-corporation as the main character. It is a good biopic and paints an unflattering picture of its subject, and for that, I give the filmmakers a lot of credit. MOVIE ANALYSIS SAMPLE. Kroc hears about this and envisions a formula he can plug people into—but Hancock films the whole chalk-drawing scene with airy delight, a light, lilting score accompanying his overhead shots of the restaurant rehearsals. The tale the film tells, of an enterprising salesman, Ray Kroc, who grows a small burger stand owned by Dick and Mac McDonald into an empire and makes them into enemies along the way, is largely true, but just how accurate The Founder is is up for debate. 1954. That's because, as the New York Times explains, the makers of The Founder were allowed to use McDonald's iconography as long as it was accurate and did not misrepresent the company. As Money reports, that's all true as well, as is the detail that Kroc was jealous of the McDonald's last name. All rights reserved. The most fundamental elements of an empire are territory and control. It is not enough to possess territory. It’s beautiful, and it’s unsettling—a vision of America’s fast-food future where speed and efficiency will trump restaurant quality. If you are a fan of Michael Keaton, go watch this movie. Nick Offerman and John Carroll Lynch co-star as McDonald's founders Richard and Maurice McDonald. He then, controversially, starts cutting the brothers out of the history of the restaurant and claiming he is the founder. Unlike more straightforward financial satires, however, The Founder presents an alternative. "What are you going to do with a name like Kroc?" And while the film suggests Kroc also gave the brothers the idea of the iconic "golden arches," Business Insider notes that the brothers had architect Stanley Clark Meston design them in 1952. The McDonald brothers presented a golden opportunity Kroc had never conceived: an unprecedented fast-food service experience. It is not a particularly glamorous or easy life nor does it necessarily lead to great wealth. If you are a fan of Michael Keaton, go watch this movie. P.L. From there, The Founder follows Kroc as he franchises McDonald's with wild success and ultimately buys the company and the name McDonald's from the brothers for 2.7 million dollars, though he is not given the rights to the original location. An on the road trip from South to North. We want to hear what you think about this article. Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur Takes Patience and Persistence. When it comes to history and answering the question of why things happened, any historian worth his or her salt will answer in the following way: state the caveats that there are several major factors that need to be considered when answering the question; cite the general scholarly consensus or acknowledge the popular understanding; explain the weaknesses of the popular understanding or general consensus; offer his or her conclusion that may or may not be some combination of any or all of the previously mentioned explanations; conclude by offering several helpful titles to read in order to come to a better understanding of the issue. The story of Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger (Tom Hanks), an American pilot who became a hero after landing his damaged plane on the Hudson River in order to save the flight's passengers and crew. He has come off an excellent run being in the last two Best Picture winners at the Academy Awards as well as his nomination for Best Actor in Birdman (2014). So, production designer Michael Corenblith was meticulous about the set design, using "old photographs, blueprints and other archival material" as well as "under the radar" visits to older McDonald's restaurants to get exact measurements. Overall, The Founder works perfectly well as both an account of the McDonald’s success story and a morality tale on how power, money and greed can corrupt. To paraphrase C.S.

By owning the real estate and leasing the property, those franchises that did not meet the standards required by the corporation could not have their lease renewed or be allowed to potentially purchase another franchise. The Founder.


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