the legend of sleepy hollow analysis

Katrina Van Tassel, the only important female character, is commoditized as a young, pretty, and rich coquette, and that is about as much description as the reader gets, although her future possessions, or future husband’s possessions, are rapturously described in detail. Its strong centers were Germany and England from where Irving got his inspiration to introduce this movement into America. Brom Bones is a representation of masculinity and known for his heroic attempts in the sleepy hollow.

The better story is the more legendary and romantic one, and that is good enough for the people. He is the first professional fiction writer in the history of American literature. As in “Rip Van Winkle,” the primary tone in “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” is irony.
Ichabod was a school teacher who fell in love with Katrina who was the only daughter of wealthy Dutchman. He decides he must have her. With the passage of time, historical truth becomes more malleable, since fewer and fewer people can truly remember it, and it is easy to embellish the story. Thus Ichabod’s powerful imagination renders him impotent in reality. He puts on his only suit, borrows a horse from the farmer he is staying with, and heads to the Van Tassels’ farm. The story unwillingly accepts the naive side of the female character in the Sleepy Hollow. Copying content is not allowed on this website, Ask a professional writer to help you with your text, Give us your email and we'll send you the essay you need, Please indicate where to send you the sample. Once, Ichabod had a tour of Katrina’s farm and he realizes how rich and wealthy they are. There were no other witnesses. In this glen, the land and its people all seem to exhibit a quality of dreamy drowsiness.

This passage emphasizes the characteristic youth and continual flux of most American neighborhoods. This passage also emphasizes a way that legends and stories are built. The Headless Horseman easily keeps pace, however, and when they reach the road to Sleepy Hollow, the frenzied Gunpowder veers off in the opposite direction, toward the infamous church. Sleepy Hollow is an old town inhabited mostly by descendants of its original settlers. Hoffman, Daniel G. “Irving’s Use of American Folklore in’ The Legend of Sleepy Hollow“,PMLA, Vol.68, No.3, June 1953, 425-435, JSTOR, Irving, Washington, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” Elegant eBook,, Laura, Plummer, and Michael Nelson.
Indeed, even once Brom starts to play pranks on Ichabod, we never see Ichabod react at all—he is too busy fantasizing about being master of the Van Tassel farm to deal with the realities of obtaining his objective. He met Katrina Van Tassel who was a beautiful and flirtatious daughter of a rich Dutchman. On the other hand, when it comes to Ichabod Crane, he is more of the knowledgeable type of man. The women create the stories as a manner by which to demonstrate their social worth, but the men overpower the female characteristics by manipulating the stories.

Brom Bones, a neighborhood hero, is also in love with Katrina, and he has a tendency to play pranks on others, which will come to haunt Ichabod soon enough. Bones represents masculinity and a war hero. “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” borders between them, being a largely unreliable history that is still closer to the truth than any of the accounts of it told in the town. Even so, he looks absurd on the broken-down horse he rides, for which his legs are much too long. The townspeople blame Ichabod’s disappearance on the headless horseman, but Brom seems to know something more. As the enraptured Ichabod fancied all this, and as he rolled his great green eyes over the fat meadow lands, the rich fields of wheat, of rye, of buckwheat, and Indian corn, and the orchards burthened with ruddy fruit, which surrounded the warm tenement of Van Tassel, his heart yearned after the damsel who was to inherit these domains, and his imagination expanded with the idea, how they might be readily turned into cash, and the money invested in immense tracts of wild land, and shingle palaces in the wilderness. Most of the humorous sallies of the Sleepy Hollow boys are in the vein of good-natured ribbing, but Brom’s practical jokes are somewhat more serious because of the rather unequal rivalry between Brom and Ichabod for the hand of Katrina Van Tassel. This is more of a unique money issue than a general class issue. The tale thus brings a love story and a ghost story together, but most of all it is a comic tale. Because he gets so much joy out of this fantasy, he forgets that he has to put forth an effort to make it into a reality, so he does not. Ichabod wanted to marry Katrina to improve his status as a wealthy man and his intention towards her were less than honorable. There was something extremely provoking in this obstinately pacific system; it left Brom no alternative but to draw upon the funds of rustic waggery in his disposition, and to play off boorish practical jokes upon his rival. After the dance ends Ichabod goes over to where some of the older men are smoking and telling war stories—all of which are far enough in the past to be safely exaggerated. Ichabod Crane is an outsider, a Yankee schoolmaster among the canny Dutch farmers. “Girls Can Take Care of Themselves’: Gender In reality, Brom Bones has all the social and athletic success. Finally, folklore about supernatural beings often focuses on ways that they can be controlled by natural things. This point emphasizes how unimportant the literal truth is in a story, from a literary rather than a historical point of view. He is also the singing master of Sleepy Hollow, for which he makes some extra money, and the local women like his skills, so he gets by quite well. The mysterious event caused much speculation at the Church on the following Sunday. He is most likely the one in disguise as the Headless Horseman. He gives rise to two main types of literature in American history, the historical novels and legendary regional ends. Thus, by divers little make-shifts in that ingenious way which is commonly denominated “by hook and by crook,” the worthy pedagogue got on tolerably enough, and was thought, by all who understood nothing of the labor of headwork, to have a wonderfully easy life of it.


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