unforgettable movie korean
Please no kissing scene..kim so hyun is still young and D.O cannot kiss anyone unless the one that he truely love.. Berceuse Jun 07 2015 8:48 pm It was tragic and beautiful and adorable. First, My Annoying Brother and now this?!?!?!? If he ends up kissing her then it's already settled and there should be no hate. I really want to watch this drama T.T, sel lin Dec 23 2015 6:17 am Just 4 more dayss!! (TV Movie 2010). You never had any chance to begin with so please stop embarrassing the EXO-L population that are supportive, of whatever their idol chose, with your ignorance. Go Kyungsoo! If you didn’t cry watching this, you deserve an award. Oppa hwaiting!!!! 고은차 Jan 16 2016 9:26 am I hope Kyungsoo would accept it. esta Jan 10 2016 4:27 am I'm feeling that there will be a good chemistry between characters. Joyce Oct 23 2018 11:19 pm The make up artist nailed it on making D.O and the rest look younger (and well some of them look kinda dorky and nerd) and I'm pretty sure they wont be changing actor for the grown up scenes. i dont know much about kim so hyun but i know shes popular and feel like she'll be great for the role! I cried at that time when, Soo Ok found out she can't walk even though with the surgery and that time when Beom Sil kissed the umbrella, and when they found out where Soo Ok was when she was missing. Soo-ok suffers with a leg injury that can't make her walk properly so she is always carried by Boem-sil. afs Apr 17 2016 4:07 am I'm rooting this movie so much! dongsaeng_doro Jan 03 2016 10:32 am Can't wait to watch this! urg and DO *-* .. Czyra May 25 2016 10:56 pm Ms. Park Minhyuk Apr 01 2016 11:51 pm I’ve always loved Kim Sohyun and her dramas and I’ve only ever seen Kyungsoo in the drama ‘It’s okay, it’s love’ and so decided I wanted to give this movie a shot. Lead role!!!! kkk Jan 05 2016 5:47 am Daebak . W4GRB.average_rating[1]=86; I can't wait to watch this movie. asas Nov 24 2015 6:25 pm No!! young ae Jan 17 2016 3:19 am Fan of EXO and admires Kim So Hyun do much, I've seen her in a lot dramas. A lots of disappointed. Lol Jan 05 2016 8:26 pm very sad! i came here bc of squishy kyungsoo yay, AJ/SH Dec 20 2015 11:58 am Jan 08 2016 3:21 am :)) ;;). Well, to be honest i don't even remember when i staryed crying though. I didn't want to but I couldn't help myself in the end T_T ...such an emotional story...to hear the voice of your long-gone but never-forgotten friend is..a true miracle. Exo-lforever Jan 03 2016 3:23 am Those who are still in doubt, don't be and just watch this movie because it deliever good message about friendship. They dont look good together..seriously.. laydeh1412 Jan 05 2016 5:23 am I also recommend you buy yourself a box of tissue before watching this. Great movie <3, Ngohiong Puso Apr 30 2016 6:12 pm best movie I have seen. Yoona Jun 16 2015 6:21 am I don't think that the movie fails. heart_dks Apr 07 2016 7:15 am Ai Sky Apr 04 2015 12:53 pm OTP Jan 06 2016 12:09 am I hope that Kim So Hyun takes on this role, her acting is amazing and she wanted to branch out into the movie franchise for a while plus she gets to be the lead female in a movie. I'll always support you! Instead she was smiling brightly and it seems like she's been waiting for that moment to come. Okay okay. I hope it's not going to be sad T.T. Oh my f***ing god xD im so freaking excited !! i have my fingers crossed for the release of this movie :). You have been forewarned: grab a box of tissues. Nix123EXOsarangaja Feb 26 2016 12:57 am I'm rooting for these two couples! I hope he picks a better project next time. It was a bit slow to start with but i love how it turns out and balling my eyes out from halfway to the end. Yes I I want Kyungsoo and Kim So Hyun to take on the lead roles!!! is acting in a new movie!! It is not cheesy at all. This is the first movie ever that has built so much tears towards the ending. it doesn't make the movie than itself without a kissing scene. Oh and wake up, most of you out there have a bf. You will like it. Doc Jun 23 2017 8:03 pm So, when you put a guy & gal of the same age together, the gal would usually look older. Especially D.O and Kim Soo Hyun acting. Since this is about innocent love i don't think there will be any intense kiss scenes, for fans that are worried. Directed by Freddie Hill. I don't even care about their age gap. W4GRB.query_url=new Array(); Kyungsoo_ahh Jul 31 2015 9:05 am A beautiful, heart-touching story about love and friendships and life. Wooo!! W4GRB.query_url[1]="/index.php?title=Special:W4GRB\x26bid=1\x26pid="+W4GRB.pid[1]+"\x26stamp="+new Date().getTime(); What about in I Miss You? You'll see the purest love in this film. OMG YESH!!!! Billy Jun 15 2015 9:26 am gotta see that movie RIGHT NOW q-q aku menunggu drama ini !I cant wait <3 Do and sohyun <3. GenWyatt Jan 11 2016 2:48 pm riley Oct 18 2015 6:07 am I hope it'll be released in the first half of 2016.. Kyung-hyun couple fighting..!!! Wow...I love it! Hit daebak, kyungsoo and sohyun. omg this is one of the most saddest korean movie .. T-T Why haven't I thought of that base on the angling in the trailer? KyungSoo oppa and SoHyun fit perfectly together ♥. João Nov 13 2016 4:36 am with kim so hyun, she's so young compared to him! It's umbrella kissing scene. I think Kim So-hyun is a terrific young actress. Kim So-Hyun hwaiting!!! Idk why i want some kiss scenes hehe, im sure there must be a lot of skinship. @a.j LOL why are u so sensitive, actors do kissing scenes imao example like kim soo hyun, he kissed suzy,jjy + more your so dumb. very well built movie the concept is just awesome. You could just have said your opinion and didn't have to be rude... joke Jun 09 2015 3:20 am Overall, i was moved and deeply touched. I'm fans of D.O. It makes me want to reminisce the times when i was younger. W4GRB.user_rating[1]=0; I cried a lot  :( . Damn.. Omo!!! @elsa felicia this is a movie not a drama. I'm fans of Kyungsoo. fans Jul 18 2015 6:35 am !D.O.and i wnt 2 say sori to hyunkim.it just a joke.hahahaktuih.sori.hihihi.all the best and always keep smile bubye... Ha ha Jun 07 2015 9:45 am Dechen Cheki Yezer Sep 30 2017 10:45 pm It was so good. an Jan 06 2016 2:43 am d.o.ily Jul 08 2015 5:24 pm Where can I watch this?? The movie was so tragic and beautiful and adorable. so when will we be able to watch? Lol are these comments below from the same person? This FAQ is empty. Im a really big fan of D.O.. so I badly want to watch this. updatebox(1,W4GRB.average_rating[1]); wookyungie Jun 02 2015 3:53 am REALLY AMAZING!!!!! I hope kyungsoo keep choosing good script not mainstream one. cant wait for this movie,my squishy oppa...do the best oppa! meghan taylor Jul 13 2015 11:44 pm Himanshu Nov 15 2016 12:08 am query2page(W4GRB.query_url[1],"w4g_rb_area-1",2,1); I can't wait this movie to watch !??? Waaaaa I woke up early and watched this movie... and shit happens... tears just kept flowing from my eyes... :( just sad! Haha. miara Jul 04 2016 12:45 am Looking forward to the drama not just because of the cast but the plot sounds nice. <3 I love DO kyungsoo. i love the way they express there feelings in the story :). Hahaha Time!!!! Kim So Hyun and Kyungsoo accepted the roles! i don't think a lot of people would watch this movie (just saying) is there's a kissing scene. Awww...Do Kyungsoo is a good actor and singer.I hope he do better in this drama.I want to see this drama as soon as posibble! Kim so hyun? Dont care about kim sae ron and the infinite..the most i care is about kim so hyun and d.o... Have been waiting for KSH kiss scene for years now as well. Miro Bico Sep 25 2018 11:53 pm I don't find the story as original as I've watched a similar one, but I'm still giving this a perfect 10 because even then, It still has its own personality and overall, I find the movie wonderful. Hanee1 Jun 23 2015 5:05 am are you that clueless how radio stations work??? :( I imagined myself being in the same position they were. However, the story is not that unique. Such a worth wait for this movie. The girl is the same age as iam?! @saya Sohyun didn't kiss Yeo jin goo in Missing you drama. Through the letter, the first love and friendships of five friends are revealed. 안녕 Jun 23 2017 12:48 am helloooo everyone we must see this movie!!! Omgomg! I saw the trailer and I was really surprised about the D.O. It's normal for an older guy to date/marry a younger girl, but it's a bit abnormal if it was the other way around coz the society would think you as the older one pursued him, begging for his love like a desperado which is uncool for a girl. Really emotional.. I honestly want a kissing scene from D.O since I'm curious how it'll turn out..,I'm a big fan of both D.O and Kim So Hyun which is also why I want a kissing scene. Also, anybody else notice that Gil Ja and Gae dook are in laws now? Mawi Apr 20 2016 12:08 pm It was amazing!!!!!! >///<. Why are people complaining about So Hyun having a kiss scene in this movie? Oi! YOU SHOULD WATCH THE TRAILER BECAUSE ITS AWESOME. No matter what he does, I understand him. Fighting!! W4GRB.pid=new Array(); But towards the ending, I couldnt stop crying. Couples with over 15 year age gaps also. I cried when she got into a fight with Gae Duk about who's fault it was that soo ok killed herself. I was born May 30 and she was born June 4, my birthday is really close to hers..damn. marsha young Jan 17 2016 3:21 am


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