utility kilt pattern
You can use buttons instead of snaps, or velcro to fasten the waistband. I'm thinking of using the extra tartan cloth that came with my kilt to add an underapron pocket to my kilt. on Introduction. I wish to do it properly and not be told after the fact that I did it wrong. Being allergic to wool, I ordered the Robertson Modern Red in polyviscose. This is deep enough for the pleats to hold well, and still looks good.You will need to cut the pleated portion of the kilt from your fabric using the calculated numbers from step 2.Once this is cut, fold over both ends 1/2 inch and sew a hem. $69.99 $ 69. Thank you in advance. You will need to have: The instructions below use what’s called fusible web, an iron-on material that is heat activated on _both_ sides (unlike fusible interfacing which is heat activated on. Fold the under apron (on your right) to the center of the kilt. I'll usually remove them once I'm ready to attach the pockets). Also, if you can find it on sale (it can be expensive) you might even try upholstery material. How can I download or print off your fantastic instructions? I made my S.O. Discusses and illustrates the complete range of ancient Highland dress as worn in the Scottish Highlands. Mark with a washable fabric pen where the waistband stops on the right (you may want someone to help with this). Then attach the snaps on the flap. You will have 2 at the edge of the apron and 2 more through the apron to the edge of the under apron. Your welcome. There are two traditional styles of pleats. Did you make this project? Pleated Portion width: Knee Length minus 2 inches Click here to go to part 2. Good luck. A traditional kilt can be a challenge to make, but, with enough time and patience, even a sewing novice can complete the project. Please add on how to measure length for men some people are confuse their height is xyz and what length they preffer for kilt. Reply You will want to press the pleats with an iron after every 2 or 3 folds. They do make a pliers type tool for setting the snaps and it'll work well for most of the snaps on the kilt, but it doesn't work well for the snaps far from the edge of the fabric If your interested in other options keep in mind the purpose of the snaps is simply to keep the front apron from flying open in the wind. To calculate the amount of fabric for the pleated part of the kilt take your waist measurement and divide by 3, then multiply by 8 and add an inch. 10 years ago The difference can be covered by the front and under aprons. Get Traditional Original Modern Kilts and Utility Kilts for Menes, Women Kilts - Baby Kilts, made from High Quality Materials in Tartan, Leather, and Denim & Cotton which includes many types Available Utility Kilt, Tartan Kilt, hybrid Kilts. I have not made one of these but have studied them on men and discussed fabric with a guy who makes them. There are several possibilities you can do in regards to the pattern. (Aprons on traditional Scottish kilts are about 1/2 the length of the waist.) Mike. Our tweed billie skirts are all made in Scotland from 100% wool. A non-traditional American style kilt, like we are making here, has a front apron (the non pleated front part) of about 1/3rd the total waist line. Pin the folded strip about every 3 inches. (This number will be divided by three and used extensively throughout this instrustable so if you want to round your numbers up to make the math easy go ahead. Simple Flying Toilet Paper Ghost Decoration, 2 X DIY Easy Pumpkins | How to Sew Pumpkin Pillow Ornaments, https://kiltandmore.com/how-to-measure-kilt-size/. Choose a tartan by clan.... Brownstown Marketplace LLC features Antique and Vintage Collectibles rescued from Southeast Michigan Estate Sales. Utility kilts are a new breed of this garment, made of cotton twill in solid colors or prints such as camouflage. Make sure as your pleating you measure the top and bottom of each fold to maintain 2 inch pleats. The length of the fabric will need to buy is equal the the length of the pleated part of the kilt plus an inch for seam allowance (go ahead and get it a little longer for good measure). Go to your local fabric store tell the employees what you're doing and have a look around. The will be about 1 inch from either end. I think next I'll try attaching the cargo pockets with grommets and carabiners. place a large towel under the fabric because you will need to iron the pleats every so often. Go a couple inches and then pull out the pin and continue to the next, removing pins as you go. Share it with us! This is both easy and allows the pleats in the kilt to move. Reply In no way is this supposed to be an official kilt. Scissors The fold on top should line up with back of the previous fold underneath. Hope they are being enjoyed. Great instructions! Perhaps you are here…, As part of my highly irregular Fabric Friday series, today I’m going to write about a pattern that we all know & wear – tartan. Sew 1 edge of the waistband to the back of the pleated portion, 1/2 inch from the top, lining up the ends. Turned out great, i did the box pleat in the cargo pocket. I am going to embark on making a kilt for myself. Reply This will hold the flap in the gap down and keep your pocket flat.Now fold the short end over the long, the fold of the crease should be right in the center of the 2 inch gap. Nov 9, 2018 - Explore Jeff Day's board "Utilikilt patterns" on Pinterest. Sewing Machine (Not Pictured) The best way to measure this is to kneel on the floor and measure from your waist line, at your bellybutton, down to the floor.Record these measurementsWaist:1/3rd Waist:Length:For example: my measurements are Waist: 45 Inches1/3rd Waist: 15 inchesLength: 24 inchesNow a few definitions:Front Apron: The non pleated front of the kilt that shows when you wear the kilt.Pleated Length: The heavily pleated length that comprises the back of the kilt.Under Apron: The non pleated portion that wraps underneath the front apron when you wear the kilt.Waist Band: The very top, unpleated portion that runs the length of the kilt. Kilts, those traditional Scottish garments, are usually created entirely by hand out of tartan fabric, resulting in an heirloom quality item worn for special occasions. Please kneel on the ground, place the tape on the floor then measure up to your belly button. 6 years ago 6 years ago I just used snaps for the look on this kilt, so feel free to use your imagination.


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