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But Valis will really open some eyes with more experimental tracks like the post-psych power pop of "Down Like Rain," the achingly mournful ballad "Hands of Grace," and the misleadingly named "Under Satan's Will," which, with its bubblegum synth lines draped over a surprisingly alternative rock-like descending riff, sounds like the Dandy Warhols on valium. 'Head Full of Pills' is the track you really don't want to throw on after a night out frying your brains. Mudhoney website by M.Anttila. It is the first book in the incomplete VALIS trilogy of novels, followed by The Divine Invasion (1981). Again, this could be Sabbath but no, it's 'Grapevine Earthquake'. his brother Patrick and their friend Matt Vandenberghe have been quietly crafting a musical work entitled “Minds Through Space and Time”. On top of that, Conner’s voice has gotten stronger, which is a good thing for the surprisingly pretty acoustic track Everyone Sun. Van does his best Ozzy on the southern-fried “Daylight In The Swamps” the stoned out mellowness of “Under Satan’s Will” and the bluesy pop romp “Down Like Rain”. And, if a surprise performance is your desire Vali Entertainment bands have been known to feature a vibrant guest- of- honor on guitar, highlight a brilliant bride on lead vocals and even spotlight a jazzy hostess on trumpet. to ?pill rock? VALLIS ALPS. Believe me, this is a shame because Valis is a much more interesting musical entity than his previous band ever was. I love the vocals on this song - somewhat muffled but discernible regardless. Our Orchestra is directed by owner and President, Jimmy Vali himself. The dude can play his ass off, and does not lack in emotion. Not so straight-faced that they came off sounding like Boston, mind you (more like Monster Magnet), but enough to make new songs like "Indian Giver" and "Mealworm" -- with their distinctive, psychedelic guitar licks ? [11], Portuguese double bassist Hugo Carvalhais's 3rd album Grand Valis (Clean Feed Records 2015) is inspired by Dick's book. Big, clanging psych-rock from this Arizona outfit fuses monk-like vocals with slow-winding guitars for songs that feel like strange hymns. Anyways, relax because 'Head Full of Pills' is a more psychedelic based tune, fitting given the topic covered here. Head Full Of Pills is an interactive projection of what is to come: This is not just an album; this is an experience where you are, indeed, The Voyager.Dr. MindOverFour, supported by 7 fans who also own “Champions of Magic”, Yeah, this is fuckin cool. This is not the case with Dark Matter.Dark Matter has been out for a couple weeks now, and I find myself listening to it over and over again- it's got that kind of playability to it and repeat listens reveal things I hadn't heard the previous time.


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