water powered car for sale

Cleaner than straight hydrogen fuel. Other links to more Hydro-boosters

You can not patent a simple plate cell design. tells a brief history of most all of the water as fuel inventors 1799 till now. “Just as Prius changed the world nearly 20 years ago, the hydrogen-powered Mirai is ready to make history.

This is FACT not a sales ploy.

Improving the conversion efficiency of the world's motor vehicles by one percent would reduce fuel consumption by one billion gallons per year!

Therefore when it comes to the Energy Dept. 6) Increases horsepower! In China there are 4,000 engineers working on the properties of Brown's gas, cars will be next, no doubt.

just rinse it but don't scrub off this precious layer that causes more hydrogen to be made. that means the Oil Corps would lose 80%! Small lawnmower engines too. I would buy here again. No. Thousands of experimenters are swarming the globe, no joke!!

New compact Hydrogen/Oxygen "B3" Cell from

Go read about SLR9a9ar's Camaro. On Sale now $570.

The process took a long time but that’s because Jamal was alone in the office, other than that, everything went pretty smooth. By far, the simplest, cheapest way to clean up a car's emissions better than any other way. Bob Boyce designed this cell in the 80's.

Very simple project. Make your own Hydrogen Booster on the next page . Bob has the most research knowledge on Hydroxy Gas , 35 years of lab research. 4) Add a FREE 120 octane booster to your air/fuel mix!

Great customer service. They are selling it that way and wont come down on price.

That movie made no sense at all. $125,000 SALE: $110,000. You would think the California Air Resources Board would be into cleaning up our planet, creating a new commerce and excitement about truly going green. Not a myth or a Crime!

I'd rather have you make your own. For over 50 years International Institutions, Universities, Engineering Associations & Independent Testing Labs have compiled documentation and test results proving that small amounts of hydrogen added to the Internal Combustion Engine significantly reduces toxic emissions, increase engine performance & provides a more complete burn of the fuel. 1) They improve gas mileage!

The combo of Hydrogen & oxygen gases mix together burn clean and output a high combustion. I made it myself and I'm no Mechanic, engineer I'm a graphic artist by trade and musician and I made one work.

Car has a check engine light and broken windshield. Some believed Edison was responsible for burned down Tesla's lab in NY. Bob is is into saving a planet for mankind and his grand daughter. Bob worked for the, for jeeps and tanks, trucks, gensets, etc, for real National Security, securing the people from harm. Don't know how long ther rubber or silcone rescur tape will last? More recommend reading

I looked at 4 cars there and the salesman gave me plenty of time to check out each one and pointed out pros and cons on each vehicle. on how to make therefore it does not work. You can easily make one yourself.

Off the subject but not really, a new movie is out : Who Killed the Electric Car?? ; The hydrogen car, although it often incorporates some of the same elements. signer. will never purchase another vehicle from this dealer. The B3 Cell can fit in front of the radiator for a cool ride. and not ONE is being manufactured today! Do not waste your time!!

will keep US in the dark about all this. Our cell puts out the most gas, best MPG savings. Make your ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) last longer. Today we have noble metals, (stainless steel, nickel, molybdenum) We are using massive surface area, we use neutral plates that divide up the voltage and therefore you can send more current to the cell, more amperage, therefore making more hydroxy gas. The reason why most all professors, scientists & physicist teachers, don't study hydroxy gas, is that they always state this line : " The energy that you put into a machine or device, has to be more that what you get out of it.

and courteous. New Zealanders have Water Powered Cars & Motorcycles!

He also offered some useful advice which I intend to use in my next search. No one tried to push anything down on you but yet they did not give you a stand off feeling. Description:  Used 2009 Hyundai Santa Fe 2.7L GLS AWD for sale - $5,800 - 102,612 miles with Popular Equipment Package, Sunroof/Moonroof, Steel Wheels, Premium Package, Color:  Dark Cherry Red Mica.

He went above and beyond for me. © 2020 CarGurus, Inc., All Rights Reserved.

Who do you listen too? 2500.00 for replacement engine and a 2004 Toyota Matrix that is unable to pass Pennsylvania 2/8/11 Explained well on Alex Petty's site. If you are interested in hydrogen boosting ( still got to buy the gasoline or diesel) Below are Hydrogen companies that care and make a great highly engineered & tested products : HydrogenGarage.com & HydrogenJunkie.com & FutureHHO.com & CentralValleyHHO.com & Hydrogen-generators-usa.com. Horrible experience! I was going to 86 this design, becasue there are more effiecent designs out there today.

Learn all you can at the Water Car Forums! Having spoken with some many customers you become an expert in the filed of home garage hydrogen cell building. Didn’t take

(4-2-07). When a company says THE BEST, a red flag goes up. Thanks. This vehicle did not work out, but hoping to work with them in the future. Example, you can build an electrolyzer that will put out 1,000 Liters per hour. Brand New Vehicle with all the 2017 Upgrades.Powered by 3.7 Honda … Talk about Hydrogen The egas (Hydrogen/Oxygen or Hydroxy Gas or electrolysis gas) produced acts like a catalysis to your fuel.

If the average car today gets 20 MPG, imagine 100 MPG! The main rule is no spark outside of the water in your cell, don't touch your wire connections as the unit is running, it may cause a spark and a leaking egas hose will ignite! me it was sold on arrival. Fuel from WATER! GO listen to some of the, New compact Hydrogen/Oxygen "B3" Cell from, Experience the real world auto shopping, visit multiple brand showrooms, try the. The rear bumper was semi detached as it was parked in front of a pole it had been backed in to, also, driver's side front floor had the beginnings of a hole in it. After all our research and been selling hydrogen kits since 4/07, we have found alot of disinformation on cells out there. Recently released video of the Water Powered Car and Stan Meyer explaining the technology to a Dutch Group in 1992 , be sure to download a copy. Do your part, add a HO booster to your car or truck.

Herman P Anderson had his car running on water, his car made deuterium gas. (photo from 2002). We need desperately to break away from an Energy Admin.

A vehicle flooded with salt water can experience corrosion, especially regarding inner wires and connections, and may or may not be drivable. that will exceed the performance of ANY known commercial electrolyze. Dealer was helpful.

I would stay away from anyone making statements like that. You can buy good plans online for $20.00 from George Wisemen at Eagle-Research get the book called "HyZor Technology, Brown's Gas Book II (2004). etc. Michael A Peavey Actually combusts better with diesel! NOT SO, we make "ortho hydrogen." Do they tell the car manufactures on what they can make? 1 • 2 • 3.

The EIFE the O2 & What To Do About My Newly Added Hydrogen & Oxygen

If I could leave no stars I would!

Bought a really nice Mercedes Sprinter from him. Bob wealth of knowledge is amazing. Break through's are happening on a grass root level. Description:  Used 2008 Buick Lucerne CX FWD for sale - $2,999 - 124,989 miles with Navigation System, Alloy Wheels.

I asked dealer could they replace vehicle since I just purchased it and they refused. Do the math.

Called HHO gas or egas.

Thanks, Description:  Used 2011 Nissan Versa 1.8 SL Hatchback for sale - $3,499 - 115,639 miles with Navigation System, Alloy Wheels. Only make enough gas as you need. the time to find out what cars I would be

Secert Socites When I told them I have my own financing, they stopped all forms of communication. I read Silicone Valley may be the new Detroit. We have many links and water car forums for you to learn. Meyer claimed that an automobile retrofitted with the device could use water as fuel instead of gasoline. In fact so clean you will NOT pass the SMOG test.

This cell puts out a good amount of hydroxy gas for it's size! The added hydrogen gas from simple homemade hydro-boosters enhances the flame properties of the air-fuel mix & catalyzes the combustion of the hydrocarbon fuel.

Great people to deal with.

Terrick is a great salesperson.

He was professional and candid about the prospective sale without the normal used-car salesmanship. Does it all make sense? Should offer Zero stars! The added hydrogen gas from simple homemade hydro-boosters enhances the flame properties of the air-fuel mix & catalyzes the combustion of the hydrocarbon fuel. 8/06 It would bankrupt America if water cars were out on the streets. They completely dropped the ball and show absolutely no interest in my buying the car. Don’t waste your time here, plus car Doing so create less 12 voltage leakage and also runs cooler temperature!! 90% of all the hydrogen cell plates kits that are for sale today (2010) are copies of Bob's cell design that he gave away to the public. Research on Hydro-Boosters This book ($24) Silver Gray Panther - Trade In. Omar was extremely unprofessional and avoided all my calls. Methods range from electrolysis of water using renewable power to the reforming of biogas, a renewable resource. Our design is a proven design for 35 years, still working great! I purchased 2 vehicles from this location a 2009 Honda Pilot the engine blew out I had to pay


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