westworld season 3 episode 6

Sadly for Hale all that went to waste.

Maeve gets inside her enemy’s head, and William gets out of his own head in solidly written and performed scenes for all parties involved.

Really? Tuxedo William is the smooth, classy, sophisticated billionaire spreading his wealth around to good causes, a veritable Boy Scout in a bow tie who does much more good for the world than bad, and besides, hosts aren’t real people anyway so what do they matter?

Also try Mirror 2 & 3 Servers. The child version of him is the classic, too on-the-nose version of an abused child cowering in fear from his alcoholic father, when the reality is decidedly different from that when it is finally revealed. Westworld recap: season 3, episode 6 – Hale can't have it all Maeve schemes and William undergoes some much-needed therapy as we build towards a thrilling finale . So when her getaway car was blown sky high with Clonelette, her son, and her ex inside, it felt, at first, like “Westworld” pulled the wrong rip-cord. Stream in HD Watch Now ( Click For 1080p Quality Video. ) We know her family is utterly screwed the moment she declares, “I can keep you safe!” Serac blows up their car, and for a moment, I legitimately worried that we just lost Halorus right when her storyline was taking off. This review contains spoilers for Westworld Season 3, episode 6, titled "Decoherence." At first, we’re told she’s on her way to yet another Delos board/bored meeting to stop the takeover of a company, and we don’t really care if it gets taken over or not. In a reworking of all those interrogations Bernard used to make of big D in season one, Maeve quizzes a version of Dolores as to what she would do – just hypothetically speaking you understand – if she was determined to wage war on all humanity. ", "Something that is truly free would need to be able to question its fundamental drives," his subconscious replied. His death affected her greatly, and now she's taken his lesson out into the real world. Subscribe to our daily newsletter to get more of it. But Sunday’s sixth episode of season 3, "Decoherence," had two legitimately great Westworld-ian sequences. See you next week! If Chalores was the one who arranged to have him taken away, and then the Connells-copy of Dolores knew about the Inner Journeys facility, then why did they need to track his blood? PTSD - Patient appears to be suffering from Survivor Syndrome, Narcissistic Personality Disorder.".

Available for everyone, funded by readers. But Sunday’s sixth episode of season 3, "Decoherence," had two legitimately great Westworld-ian sequences.

Keep reading to see what you may have missed from "Westworld" season three, episode six, "Decoherence.". Clonelette has genuine internal conflict more than a simple directive, and all her wants played out to a chaotic crescendo in Episode 6. Her daughter. Clearly, she’s not strictly adhering to Dolores’ wishes, even though she is Dolores, which may not make a lot of sense, but does make her all the more surprising as continues to gain confidence and agency. – William beats all his variant selves to death with his bare hands.

Serac and Dolores are leaders of their species willing to pay any price for what they see as the greater good. She returns to Warworld with some zingers about the necessity of foreplay and a lust for robot Nazi blood, before rallying poor deluded Hector and limping Lee Sizemore to her cause.

For Charlotte, it gives her just enough cover to try to sneak the information on creating hosts out of Delos and into the hands of Dolores, even as it puts her family at risk.

As always, we took a closer look at the scenes and dialogue to find the best details you might not have noticed upon a first viewing of the episode.

She made him more ruthless, and less empathetic.

When Chalores is walking with Nathan, they pass people in an alleyway.

With season three so heavily focused on determinism and the idea that people have no control over their own lives and paths, this is a very interesting scene to revisit. How to Watch the Vice Presidential Debate Between Kamala Harris, Mike Pence. But judging by the smile on Maeve’s mush, whatever’s coming out of that host bath promises some useful help; whether it’s a Teddy or a Clementine or maybe that Rebus dude whose muttonchops will stay with me till the grave. Looks like many of the humans are trying to keep themselves centered right now — not just the hosts. So a white "G" seems like a positive listing, likely meaning he's "good" and approved for things like children and higher-paying jobs.

But “Decoherence” isn’t so much about real William as it is William’s virtual personalities, and his mirrored relationship with Maeve. There are some beautiful shots in this particular episode, starting from the very beginning, when Maeve’s (Thandie Newton) bucolic vision of prairie life with her daughter is ruined by Serac (Vincent Cassel). Was it somehow planted by Ford or Arnold? Her daughter? "Is this the inevitable end?" Harris is game, and each version of William feels different from the others without feeling false, and Jennifer Getzinger does a brilliant job of pasting over the seams of having multiple Ed Harrises all in the same shot beautifully. There’s a child version, detailing his sob story about being raised by an abusive alcoholic; fresh-faced William (Simpson) playing the hero; the tuxedo-clad philanthropist William who uses his Delos billions to do wonders for the world, and the Man In Black, terror of Sweetwater and the bane of Dolores’s existence.

Westworld got off to a refreshingly slow start this season. "Westworld" season three continued Sunday night with episode six, "Decoherence," as the Dolores-copy of Charlotte Hale (aka Chalores) fought against Serac at the Delos headquarters and William underwent a traumatic therapy session at Inner Journeys.

William comes to the conclusion that he's "free" now, right before Bernard and Stubbs interrupt the AR therapy at the end of the episode.

Directed by Jennifer Getzinger from a script by Suzanne Wrubel and Lisa Joy, Westworld Season 3 Episode 6 will premiere on HBO Sunday, April 19 at 9 p.m. Here we get some of that, but it’s primarily a showcase for Ed Harris to just Ed Harris the hell out of these scenes. Looking for smart ways to get more from life?

The last shot of the episode is Chalores crawling out from her burning car, hair and clothes singed and disintegrated, with her synthetic skin bubbled and cracked from the heat. All rights reserved. The therapy sequence also had some much-needed humor that’s sometimes tough to find on Westworld. One of them is spray-painting a version of the maze pattern. Farfalle is the Italian word for "butterflies" or "bow ties" (which is why the bow-tie pasta shape is called that).

Given the most active role, the most compassionate arc, and handling the action sequences with arresting tenacity and style, Clonelette’s development from a confused host, to Dolores’ clone, to a loving family member has been one of the more curious storylines to track. The challenges facing the 21st-century career woman, those that existed before recent events at least, have been documented in newspapers and magazines, books, TV and film. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. Youngest William is simply a fiction, crafted by William to cover up for his own secret violent urges brought forth fully in the persona of the Man In Black.

Westworld (TV Series 2016– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

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Unfortunately, for every sage decision the “Westworld” team makes for Clonelette, they make an equally terrible one for Maeve — even when they’re of a similar vein.

Speaking of the grave, William’s still dodging it.

That marker was on Caleb's Incite profile, too. Polar opposites, but with a common enemy, and a common mission, and both with limited options until outside forces come to their rescue.

.cls-2{mix-blend-mode:screen}.cls-3{fill:none;stroke:red;stroke-miterlimit:10;stroke-width:4px}.cls-4{fill:red}. To think they're in control, when they're really just...". Always a brilliant performer, he does bonus work by acting as various versions of the same character, showing the different faces people wear for different audiences. Then she goes toe-to-toe with a guard in an enclosed space, with Thompson going off and director Jennifer Getzinger finding just the right framings to elevate the action. The sequence must have been a nightmare to film, but somebody was having fun with this idea, which concluded with William literally beating his inner child to death.

Account active They're just algorithms, designed to survive at all costs, but sophisticated enough to think they're calling the shots. Again? On the one hand there’s the inward-looking fulfilment to be found through work (this is not my opinion, by the way, I’m just summarising the literature). the AR version of James Delos asks William during the group therapy.

The circle, which can be drawn either closed or open in an enso painting, represents "wholeness and completion," or the "cyclical nature of existence.".

Staffel von Westworld für Dich zusammen. Serac meanwhile is beaming holographic versions of himself into any number of boardrooms as he looks to reassert control over the future of us all and put an end to these pesky hosts.

An orphan from a destroyed culture Serac might be, but he’s also ruthless and dangerous and willing to do anything to wrest control of Sector 16 from Dolores, even if it means killing innocents in the process. Last season, Maeve sacrificed herself so that her host-daughter and many others were able to enter the Valley Beyond.


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