what year was hurricane charley in ireland
As PhD students, we found it difficult to access the research we needed, so we decided to create a new Open Access publisher that levels the playing field for scientists across the world. The summer of 1986 was a real washout of a summer with a thundery June, dullest July in 30 years and August saw a succession of storms according to one record. Two of the Irish fatalities resulted from drowning incidents in the Dublin area and one of the Irish fatalities occurred as a result of drowning on a canoeing trip in Co. Carlow, Rep. of Ireland (Fig 2). Michael Mulrooney demonstrates his unusual talent of being able to balance pints of beer. In detail this chapter will provide a detailed assessment and analysis of these two events. A systematic search of local and regional newspapers across Ireland was used to generate this figure which is higher than any previous published number [17,18,19]. Some of this flooding was associated with the large lakes in the west of Ireland. Much damage was done to walls, sheds and other infrastructure. In addition their intensity may be increased as well leading to greater damage and destruction and the potential for more loss of life and injuries. Hurricane Debbie initially formed as a storm west of Africa on the 7th September 1961 and immediately started moving westwards and intensifying and was given hurricane status on the 11th of September and quickly reached Category 3 intensity with maximum wind speeds of 195 km/h. Hurricane Charley in 1986 was the tail-end of a hurricane when it hit Ireland, but was considered an extra tropical storm no when it passed by the south coast of Ireland. Consideration must also be given to rising sea-surface temperatures in the tropics and how this will gradually enlarge the areas lattitudinally where hurricanes could potentially form. Charley’s greatest impact and intensity came many hundreds of miles outwith the warm waters of tropics. This landslide although much bigger than the other three still only represented 0.14% of the total catchment, the other three barely reaching 0.01% of the catchment [31]. Tree falls or driving into fallen trees were responsible for another eight deaths in eight separate incidents, three of which occurred in Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland with one each in Cos. Donegal, Dublin, Longford, Meath and Offaly all in the Rep. of Ireland. Three fatalities occurred as a result of collapsing walls and roofs, one each in Co. Fermanagh in Northern Ireland and Dublin city and Co. Meath in the Rep. of Ireland. The worst affected plantation was Baronscourt Forest in Co. Tyrone where around 300,000 mature trees were blown down. Many other locations had values near or just exceeding 100mm in a day [16]. Due to ‘baroclinic instability’, Charley weakened as it left the warm Gulf Stream but later re-intensified as a cold core low off SW Ireland. This has huge implications for the potential loss of life and damage in tropical areas and this in turn will also have a potentially significant impact on the frequency of the tail-ends of hurricanes and hurricanes themselves reaching and affecting Ireland and Europe. The information from these sources was analysed according to type of damage and the exact location where they occurred. Virtually no area on the island of Ireland was unaffected by the impact of Hurricane Debbie, but the worst affected areas were Cos. Mayo and Galway (Fig 1). I don’t think we ... Read More, Remembering Charley Of 1986, One Of Ireland’s Worst Storms, Heat and Rain-Free Records Continue To Fall Across Southwest, High Latitude Blocking Kicks Brings Hope(fully) And Begins To Lay Down The White Carpet, Storm Alex Batters France With 116 mph Winds & 3-Month’s Worth of Rain In 1-Day, September 2020 Had Greatest Antarctic Sea Ice Concentration Than Any September Between 1979-1999. For prolonged intense heat, endless summer and lack of rainfall, 2020 has been a year like no other for Southwest ... Read More, The maturing ‘high latitude blocking pattern’ we currently see may be a real tease to the winter weather lover like ... Read More, Drive a powerful jet stream into a trough that’s surrounded by high pressure and you get STORM ALEX. In addition maximum 10 minute mean wind speed records were set for meteorological stations at Claremorris, Mullingar and Shannon Airport and still stand. Particularly badly affected were parts of south Dublin city with 400 houses flooded and Bray Co. Wicklow where over a thousand residents had to be evacuated as flood waters breached the banks of the River Dargle [25]. Both events are very different in terms of their origin and track yet both end up crossing Ireland either as a hurricane or extra tropical storm. Fortunately because of the effects of the River Liffey reservoirs and their effective management, most of Dublin city was unaffected by flooding. Roads and other transport routes were blocked as a result of falling trees and electricity and telephone cables. Contact our London head office or media team here. If models prove correct with late month SSWE, a 1979 or 2010 style January-February is on the table. Loss of life and injuries can be more severe and greater than that of mid-latitude storms and the potential scale of damage and destruction can be very significant whether through wind damage or flooding or a combination of both. Debbie was very much associated with wind damage and set new wind records for Ireland, some of which still stand today whereas Charley was very much a flood damage event due to the exceptional and again record breaking rainfall. The track of Hurricane Debbie over Ireland, September 16th, 1961. MJO expected to enter cold phases as SSWE causes vortex split! There was extensive damage to forestry all across the Ireland. The track of Hurricane Charley over Ireland, 25th August 1986. There was widespread damage to barns, sheds and out-houses and other agricultural buildings. This hurricane formed in the southeastern Gulf of Mexico on the 13th of August then headed northeastwards through Georgia and South Carolina, USA.


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