who kills enzo in vampire diaries
Stefan holds Matt from going after Enzo and he tells them that it could've been avoided if Stefan had just told the truth, but then says he'll find out the truth sooner or later. Ivy asks Caroline if Enzo is her boyfriend and she says no and asks if she would date that. In A Bird in a Gilded Cage, he visits Caroline so he can get his phone back and then tells her that her plan was both clever and unsettling. In Atlanta, Georgia, he is in a furniture store and is confronted by Alex. Later, Caroline and Stefan are talking and Enzo arrives, he thanks her for her call and says it's time to go. After Stefan and Damon lock up Lily, Enzo is seen keeping watch and talking to her. Enzo tells her they can find out if they ram through his chest, and they exchange more retorts. In Handle with Care, Dr. Wes Maxfield, under compulsion, reveals to Caroline that the Augustine society has a vampire and that the murder of Megan was covered up because it involved Enzo. Enzo wants to accompany them but Markos tells him that he has to stay. When Bonnie shows up with Mary Louise and Nora in the room, it is revealed that he has taken Rayna's body. She manages to contact Enzo briefly in the dimension with Cade's help and they talk a little bit before she lets go as he tells her not to trust Cade and that he's trying to find Enzo's soul. He later arrives at the safe house, placing his jacket on Bonnie and she tells him she wants to be happy and think of all the times they did do together. Damon and Stefan (who had broken out of his bonds) lunged for Enzo to stop him, but Enzo stabbed Damon in the neck with a bottle and dumped vervain water on Stefan, which injured them to the point that they were too distracted to stop him from vampire-speeding Elena out of the restaurant. He tells Damon that he snuck off and wanted to find him on his own. She gives Enzo the tuning fork and they leave Seline, telling her they'll relay a message to Alaric for her. In Do You Remember the First Time?, Enzo interrogates Tripp along with Stefan and Matt. When Bonnie lets it known that there only two bodies left, Alex gets angry and Enzo exclaims one must have just happened. His casting call name was Elliot before it was changed to Enzo. A shred of faith. When Stefan and Katherine save Jeremy, Enzo leaves with Damon to kill Wes but they walk straight into a trap. He later goes to the Salvatore house and Julian opens the door, and the two exchange mocking retorts. Enzo is the only TVD character that does not appear to be based off any character from the novels. While unconscious she drags his body to the door and uses his hand to open up the lock. In Gods and Monsters, he goes to the mental health center Bonnie had went to. And when I met you... my faith was rewarded. Damon asks Enzo for help in getting Caroline back but Enzo admits to being the one who kidnapped her. They turn toward the monster and see a naked woman instead, with Damon commenting that she finally had enough to eat. He begins to talk to Virginia about Bonnie opening the vault and what is inside it, compelling her in the process. In While You Were Sleeping, Enzo, who had just found out that the Travelers had the two antidotes needed to cure Damon and Elena of the Ripper compound, informed Caroline that the Travelers needed Stefan to come meet them before they would hand it over. By fourteen, he was living out on the streets, fighting for scraps to survive. He apologizes to her repeatedly as she tells him she's never leaving and he's stuck with her. When Caroline says that Enzo doesn't look like Lily he starts joking around with her, trying to lighten her mood. He knocks the gun out of her hands and grabs her. He thought it might bring her some comfort. Both of Enzo's deaths as a vampire were almost identical. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Stefan and Damon find Luke in the shed, they try to help him, but there is gasoline around and Enzo pulls out the lamp which causes a fire. He is hurt by what she did and shouts angrily, walking away. In a flash-forward, he watches over her as she begins packing to travel the world. Enzo was first referenced in The Cell, when Damon described being held in captivity with Enzo by the Augustine Society from 1953-1958 in flashbacks.Enzo was described by Damon as a good friend who encouraged Damon not to resent his brother Stefan for not figuring out that he had been taken captive from their family's boarding house. Our jaws are still on the floor from tonight’s shocking episode of The Vampire Diaries. He tells them that he has everything under control.


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